Wholesale Decorative Gift Boxes that Are Worth Buying in 2022
Decorative Gift Boxes

Wholesale Decorative Gift Boxes that Are Worth Buying in 2022

Wholesale Decorative Gift Boxes that Are Worth Buying in 2022

Celebrate this New Year by expressing your love and affection for your family, friends, and loved ones. Take some time out for the people that hold a special place in your life. Make them feel special by giving them Decorative Gift Boxes. You absolutely do not need heaps of money to please everyone and share some memorable gifts with them. Not only this but you just need to know about the suppliers that provide affordable gift items and decorative gift boxes at wholesale prices. You can find out several online suppliers for wholesale decorative gift boxes but picking up reliable vendors is the key. Let the search engine find wholesale suppliers of decorative boxes in your area. Check out their products, prices, and customer feedback, so you could make a wise decision.

Decorative Gift Boxes

If you do not have time for doing all the research and finding reliable packaging suppliers in your locality, simply visit the website of Geoto. It is a leading supplier of wholesale decorative boxes delivering quality packaging to your doorstep at a reasonable price. The supplier has a return and refund policy, so you could sort out if there is any problem with the delivered product. You can buy from this trusted supplier without any doubt. Just check out the collection of decorative boxes and pick up the perfect packaging for your perfect gifts. Read on to know more about the supplier and its products. Also, know how you can buy decorative gift boxes online at wholesale price.

What are Decorative Gift Boxes?

The decorative gift boxes are a bit different from the commonly used gift boxes. These boxes are more decorative and creative as compared to simple gift boxes. The decorative gift boxes are usually used for promotional packaging. So, if you are looking for something unusual and artistic for personal or commercial purposes, try out the decorative gift boxes. The decorative packaging box is also called a snuff box. You can put anything in a decorative gift box including cosmetics, fashion accessories, photo albums, jewelry, clothing, glassware, or a decoration piece.

How Decorative Gift Boxes Are Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of the decorative gift boxes is similar to the crafting of luxury rigid boxes. These boxes can be made of cardboard or greyboard. However, the process to decorate these boxes with different patterns and designs is an interesting procedure. These boxes are coated with high-quality paper and an extra layer of lamination is set on them. The manufacturing process of decorative boxes at Geoto is very interesting. The professionals and skillful persons at Geoto pick up the high-quality material for the crafting of these boxes. They use RoHS compliance paper, cardboard, and greyboard for the manufacturing of the snuff boxes. After the manufacturing, each gift box undergoes different quality tests. These tests are performed to make certain that these boxes remain unaffected in extreme weather and could carry specific weight.

Specifications of Decorative Gift Boxes

Geoto aims to provide the best quality decorative gift boxes to its valued customers. It has a team of skillful persons that prepare the box design and complete the manufacturing of the box keeping the safety standards in consideration. Once these decorative gift boxes pass the third-party quality tests, they are moved to the warehouses from where they are delivered to customers. Read on to know more about the specification of decorative gift boxes manufactured and supplied by Geoto.

RoHS Compliance Material

The wholesale packaging supplier provides quality gift boxes to its customers. It uses RoHS compliance material for the manufacturing of decorative gift boxes and other packaging boxes manufactured and supplied by the company. The paper, greyboard, and cardboard used in the manufacturing of the luxury rigid boxes are of high quality. The entire manufacturing process is designed following safety standards.

Multiple Standard and Custom Sizes

Geoto is a leading wholesale supplier of packaging boxes and has a vast variety of decorative gift boxes, mailing cartons, and rigid boxes. You can find here hundreds of box designs. Each box is available in multiple sizes including small, medium, large, square, shallow, deep, cube, A5, A6, A4, and A3. These sizes are designed for different gift items. If you need a different box size than the standard gift box sizes, you can provide the length and width detail of the box to the supplier to get a custom size box. Choose a box design that you like and let the supplier provide this box to you in your required size at a reasonable price.

Wholesale Price

Geoto is a Chinese-based packaging manufacturer and provides the most affordable decorative gift boxes. The company sells in large quantities at wholesale price. The unit price of a decorative gift box depends on the order quantity. For small orders, the unit price is different than the price for large orders. For instance, you can get 25 pieces of decorative gift boxes at a unit price of $2. However, if you place an order for 500 boxes, the unit price reduces to $1. Moreover, you can get additional discounts on purchasing up to a certain limit. Visit the website or contact customer support to get price details of decorative gift boxes.

Custom Printing

Do you want your decorative gift boxes to have your company logo, a design, or any text? The boxes manufactured and delivered by the wholesale seller have custom printing. You can choose different printing designs and styles to make your box more special and artistic. The supplier provides custom printing at a reasonable price. Visit the custom printing webpage of the supplier to know more about the printing styles and charges.


The decorative gift boxes manufactured by Geoto have magnetic-lock. A strong magnet is attached to the box that keeps the box closed. This magnet is hidden and does not appear on the outer surface of the box. Contrary to the button lock gift boxes, the magnetic-lock decorative gift boxes seem luxurious and creative.

Vast Selection of Colors and Patterns

The supplier does not only focus on the box designs but also brings the most attractive and eye-catching colors and patterns for making the decorative gift boxes distinctive. You can find here boxes in black, white, pink, blue, red, pearl golden, ivory, kraft, grey, and glossy black color. Moreover, the supplier provides custom colors. Customers can request the supplier to provide a decorative gift box in a specific color that is not available in stock. Furthermore, the decorative gift boxes also have different patterns to choose from.

How to Buy Decorative Gift Boxes Online

Geoto has its warehouses in the UK, America, Germany, Australia, and China. You can visit the nearby warehouse and buy decorative gift boxes at the most affordable price. The supplier also takes online orders and delivers decorative gift boxes to the doorstep of customers from different regions of the world. Online buying is far easier than offline shopping. Sitting in your comfortable environment, you just place an order and get delivery of the product from a different country within a few days. If you have never purchased gift boxes online, the following procedure of placing an online order to Geoto for decorative boxes can be very helpful for you.

Pick up Box Style

The first step is the selection of the decorative box. There are various box designs available that can be checked out on the website of the wholesale vendor. If you are sure about the size of the box, you can filter results and can see all box designs available in that particular size. Once you find a perfect box and size for your gift, add it to the cart.

Choose Order Quantity

The order quantity is another important aspect that you need to understand. The wholesale vendors have certain limits or order quantities for selling their products. The customers are required to make minimum orders up to that specific limit. For instance, Geoto has a minimum order limit of 25 pieces. You can buy 25 pieces or more from the supplier at wholesale price. The order quantity also impacts the unit price. If you purchase more, you pay less unit price. After picking up your box style, choose the order quantity. If you want a single box, you get sample boxes. Geoto is the only wholesale supplier that also sells below the minimum order quantity.

Choose Shipping Method

Another factor influencing your payment is the shipping of the order. If you place an online order to get delivery of the decorative gift boxes, you will need to choose from the shipping methods used by the supplier. If you need fast delivery, you can choose air shipping. However, the air freight is higher than the other shipping methods. If you want an affordable shipping method, you can choose from sea shipping or railway shipping. Provide your country name or delivery location to check out the shipping charges. The shipping charges are also calculated as per the weight of the products.

Make Payment

You may need to provide your email address and some other necessary information to create an account on the website. When you log into the website of an online seller, you need to sign up. Create an online account to place your order, if you are a new customer. There is no need to repeat the signup process for the next time you buy from the wholesale supplier. You can simply log in to place an order. The final step is making payment. You will have the detail of payment including decorative gift box price and shipping charges. Additionally, You can make a payment by using your credit card or debit card. You can also make payment by direct bank transfer. All these payment methods are secure.

Get Delivery

Once you place online order to the supplier for decorative gift boxes, the company sends a confirmation email to your email address. You are required to provide a verified email address during the signup process. The email sent to this email address contains the detail of the order including order product, order quantity, billing information, and order number. You can use the order number to check the status of your order. After order placement, you are expected to get the delivery of the decorative gift boxes within 5 to 10 business days. The delivery period depends on your location, order type, and shipping method.

Return Policy

Online shopping has some risks attached to it. For example, an accident may happen during the shipment that can cause damage to the ordered product. You can also receive a wrong or incomplete order. To tackle such situations and to save its customers from any problem, Geoto has designed a very effective return and refund policy. If your delivered decorative gift box is faulty, damaged, or unsatisfactory, you can inform the supplier about the issue and can request a return or refund. Customers need to claim a return within 30 days of the delivery date. The customer is also required to keep the packaging of the order safe. The supplier takes a few days to inspect the problem and provides the customer with exchanged decorative gift boxes within a few days. The company prefers refunds to product returns because the process of returning products and delivering exchanged products is costly.

The Bottom Line

Create some unforgettable moments with your friends and family by exchanging loveable gift items packed in decorative boxes. Place online order to Geoto to get delivery of the most affordable decorative boxes. The supplier offers wholesale prices and also provides customization options to let you have boxes in custom colors and custom sizes. You can also add custom printing to these decorative boxes. These boxes are available for commercial and private use in different order quantities. Geoto has the potential of fulfilling large orders and also delivering small orders to consumers and small businesses. Moreover, the return and refund policy of the supplier is another plus point. The supplier also has a customer support team to answer customer queries.

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