Custom Inserts&Sleeves for Gift Boxes

We can accept many styles of custom design for your boxes, this is our custom box design page for your reference, whenever you want to custom your gift boxes or want to order some other related paper gift packaging products, please feel free to create a custom quote.

  • Custom printing, we can provide many box printing styles and surface finishing methods that could make your boxes stunning.
  • Custom ribbon, there are many ribbon styles you can choose from us.
  • Box styles and structures, we insist to box structure research and development to match your multiple needs.
  • Decorations, we can provide different box decorations.
  • Inserts, if you need packaging for specific food, cosmetics, fragile products, and other related items, we can offer different solutions.

Paper Insert

Card divider for gift box
Custom cardboard divider insert for magnetic gift box
Custom grey foldable gift box with card insert
White magnetic gift box with card insert
Magnetic closure gift box with card divider
Card divider in kraft gift box
Wine bottle packaging gift box with card holder

Wrapping Paper

Custom wrapping paper
Wrapping papers
Custom wrapping papers
Wrapping papers
Multi-color wrapping papers
Wrapping papers
Different color of wrapping papers
Different colors of wrapping paper

Cloth Lining

Satin lined hair packaging box

PET Tray

Custom PET tray in a gift box
PET tray for gift box
Custom PET tray
PET tray for gift box

EVA&Sponge Tray

Custom EVA insert for gift box
EVA and sponge insert
EVA insert for gift box
Sponge and EVA insert

Cloth Bags

Cloth bag

Cotton Bag

Cloth bag

Gunny Bag

Cloth bag

Non-woven bag

White gift box with cloth bag
Purse gift box with cloth bag
Shoe box with cloth bag


You can submit a custom quote below and we will provide you a quickly view and estimate.

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