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Custom Rigid Boxes

Buy Wholesale Custom Rigid Boxes Online

Buy Wholesale Custom Rigid Boxes Online

Custom Rigid Boxes have turned out to be a new trend for the packaging of gifts and business supplies. Having a strong structure, the cardboard-made rigid boxes add great value to your product. They do not only ensure the protection of the product but also enhance its value and appearance. Replacing plastic packing, rigid box packaging has also played a significant role in encouraging consumers for using environment-friendly and sustainable packaging.

If you are looking for the packaging for your business products, we have discussed here how you can buy wholesale custom rigid boxes online. No matter where you operate your business, the wholesale supplier can deliver packaging for your products to your location. We are talking about the leading packaging supplier based in China – Geoto. The company has its head office in Shanghai but it also delivers its packaging boxes all over the world. Moreover, the supplier has warehouses in English counties including Australia, England, and America. You can also receive the delivery of the custom rigid boxes in another country by placing an online order through the website of Geoto.

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What are Custom Rigid Boxes?

The boxes used for the packing of luxury products are an example of rigid boxes. These boxes are made of cardboard and greyboard. The strong structure and a strongly fitted lid of the box are designed from a security perspective. Another example of rigid boxes is the packing of imported perfumes. The beautiful packaging box ensures the safety of the perfume bottle and also enhances the value of the fragrance. The custom rigid boxes are the boxes designed for customers keeping their requirements in consideration. If you want to buy a packaging box different than the packaging boxes available in stock, you can provide guidelines to the manufacturer to let them craft a unique box for you.

You may provide the size details, color, shape, and size of the box to prepare distinctive personalized packaging for your business products. Geoto is a reliable supplier of custom rigid boxes. It has thousands of customers worldwide that use the packaging manufactured by the wholesaler for their products. It has packaging available for food items, clothing, footwear, makeup products, grooming products, corporate gifts, promotional gift items, tea and coffee hampers, glassware, bakery items, gourmet food items, and more. The supplier provides high-quality custom boxes at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a wholesale supplier for custom rigid boxes, you must check out the service and rigid box collection of Geoto. You may easily find the perfect packaging for your business products.

Advantages of Rigid Boxes

There are innumerable perks of choosing rigid boxes for the packaging of your gift items and business products. From product safety to the luxurious appearance of gifts, there are several factors that emphasize getting rigid boxes for your products. We have discussed here a few perks of buying custom rigid boxes for the packaging of your business products. Read them if you are unaware of the advantages of rigid boxes.

Enhanced Protection

The first and foremost advantage of a rigid box is the protection of your product. Unlike paper and plastic packing, rigid boxes can strongly hold the product. They can also bear pressure without having an impact on their physical appearance and shape. The rigid gift boxes are designed for delicate and luxury gift items to carry them safely. The rigid packaging boxes can safely hold the weighty products and transport them safely from one place to another. Geoto manufactures magnetic-lock rigid boxes that have strong magnets hidden inside for closure. The magnetic lock keeps the box closed and protects the product from damage.

Add Value to Gift

Have you noticed that the packing of the gift puts an impression on the recipient of the gift? Many people try to guess the value of the gift from its packing. A piece of clothing packed in a luxury gift box seems expensive than a clothing gift packed with an ordinary gift wrap. The rigid boxes add value to your gift. Understanding this concept, the clothing businesses and several other businesses have started packing their products in custom rigid boxes.

If you also want to impress someone with a gift, pick rigid boxes for the packaging of the gift. There is no need to wrap the rigid gift box in gift paper. They look great the way they are crafted. The wholesale supplier also brings beautiful rigid gift boxes with bows that enhance the value of the gift. Put your gift item in the box with a ribbon bow and present it confidently to the recipient.


The rigid boxes can be used again and again because of their strong structure and durability. Their appearance remains unaffected even after multiple uses. The rigid boxes usually have lamination that protects the box from scratches. If you have received a rigid gift box from someone, you can use it again by putting a gift in it for someone else. Contrary to plastic and paper packing, the cardboard-made rigid box packing is hard-wearing. You can also keep the box secure for years without having a change in the box appearance and functionality. The reusability of the box also increases the value of the packaging. If you have paid comparatively higher for a rigid box than a plastic packing, you can use the box frequently to take advantage of the price paid for the packaging.

Environment Friendly

People have started preferring sustainable and environment-friendly products more than unsustainable products. They are ready to pay higher for organic products that do not cause harm to human health and the environment. Businesses have also started focusing on providing sustainable products to their customers. The companies that produce sustainable products are considered socially responsible. The rigid boxes are also environment-friendly and sustainable products. These are manufactured with cardboard, greyboard, and paper. Contrary to plastic packing, rigid boxes can be decomposed easily. They do not cause harm to the environment and human health. If you are running a business, using environment-friendly rigid packaging is crucial for you. It can also encourage your customers to prefer sustainable and environment-friendly products.

Where to Buy Custom Rigid Boxes

If you are looking for a reliable online platform for buying custom rigid boxes, we recommend Geoto. It is a wholesale supplier of packaging having head office in Shanghai, China. It also has warehouses in different countries. You can directly visit the warehouses or factory of the packaging supplier for the purchase of custom rigid boxes. The supplier also has a website and receives online orders for the boxes available in stock and custom rigid boxes. You can visit the website of the supplier to buy your packaging.

If you have selected a product from the stock, you can get delivery of the product by adding it to the cart and making payment online. For custom boxes, you can provide your requirements to the manufacturer and can get delivery of the custom rigid boxes. You can also contact customer support to know more about the custom boxes and the price detail of these boxes.

Why Choose Geoto for Custom Rigid Boxes

There are many convincing factors that stand Geoto out in the packaging industry. It is a leading supplier of packaging all around the world having a vast selection of gift boxes and relevant accessories. It provides high-quality packaging at a very reasonable price. The wholesale seller has a minimum order limit of 25rigid boxes but it also accepts orders below that limit. It enables small businesses to buy wholesale rigid boxes from the supplier at an affordable price. The following pluses of buying packaging boxes from Geoto can better explain why you must choose this company for the packaging of your products and gifts.

Reasonable Price

The rock-bottom price offered by the wholesale seller of packaging boxes is the biggest advantage of buying from this company. You can buy high-quality rigid boxes at wholesale price. Moreover, the manufacturer from China also offers an additional price cut on placing large orders. The unit price of the custom rigid box decrease with an increase in the order quantity. Furthermore, the company offers discounts and coupons for its customers on several occasions. Keep visiting the website of the supplier to enjoy such discounts. The company also uses affordable shipping methods, so you could save your money and get delivery of the packaging boxes affordably.

Extensive Box Collection

The wholesale supplier has a gigantic collection of gift boxes. It has demonstrated innumerable designs, sizes, and colors for rigid boxes on its website. You can pick up from the selection of rigid boxes and can also let the manufacturer know your requirements to get custom rigid boxes. The supplier provides custom sizes and custom colors for each box available in stock and demonstrated on the website. The supplier can also provide a different design to let the manufacturer prepare an absolutely different packaging box for their products. They can also print different designs on the box lid to make it distinguishable.

RoHS Compliance Material

Geoto aims to provide high-quality packaging to its customers and, therefore, uses RoHS compliance for the manufacturing of these boxes. It uses high-quality cardboard and greyboard for crafting rigid boxes. These boxes are coated with paper and lamination that improves the appearance of the boxes and also protects them from scratches and spots. These rigid boxes are sustainable and can be used again and again. From the manufacturing process to the use and decomposing, these rigid boxes do not cause harm to human health and the environment. In addition to it, these boxes undergo third-party quality tests that are the indicators that these boxes are of great quality.

Custom Printing

As well as providing affordable and high-quality packaging boxes, Geoto also offers innumerable services including custom printing. This facility is beneficial for businesses as they can print their corporate logo and necessary text on the packaging of their products. They can also use custom boxes with custom printing for the packaging of promotional gifts. You can choose different styles for custom printing. Check out the custom printing options and designs from the website of the supplier to pick up an appropriate printing style for your custom rigid boxes.

Minimum Order Quantity

The wholesale seller of packaging has the potential of serving large businesses, small businesses, and consumers as well. The company can provide a continuous and unrestricted supply of packaging for large orders. It also accepts small orders from consumers and small businesses and lets them enjoy wholesale prices. The minimum order quantity for rigid boxes available in stock is 25 pieces. However, if you buy custom boxes, the minimum order quantity for these boxes is 500 pieces.

Worldwide Delivery

Geoto is a Chinese manufacturer and wholesale supplier of packaging rigid boxes. However, it delivers its custom rigid boxes all over the world. It uses different shipping methods to deliver the packaging to customers. The company uses affordable shipping methods like railway shipping and sea shipping. For fast delivery of your custom rigid boxes, you can also choose air shipping that is a bit expensive than other shipping methods. The residents of China, England, America, Australia, and Germany can visit the warehouses of Geoto to get local delivery.

Return Policy

The wholesale supplier also has a return and refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the packaging or the order you received is partially or fully damaged, you can inform the supplier about the issue and can claim a return or refund. The supplier gives 30 days starting from the delivery date to inspect the delivered order and request a return or refund. The company prefers refunds because returning delivered orders can generate additional costs. You can read the return policy of Geoto to know more about it.

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The Bottom Line

The custom rigid boxes are more secure, luxurious-looking, sustainable, and environment-friendly than the vintage plastic and paper packing. Geoto brings a vast variety of standard folded rigid gift boxes and custom rigid boxes to provide businesses and consumers with quality and affordable packaging for their products. The company delivers worldwide and also has a return and refund policy.

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