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The Ever-Green Gift Wrap Box


Gifts make anyone feel extraordinary. Because you are increasing the perceived value of your product, you can absorb the extra costs by raising your prices. They show you care about them a lot. Perhaps that is why the practice of giving and receiving gifts has persevered throughout the ages and history of human nature. The best gift wrap box has the prospect to make gift-giving magical and make the other person elated with joy. Filled with an assortment of themed items, the gift box can deliver more joy than the sum of each constituent. In fact, some surveys suggest memorable gift boxes have the strongest capability and tendency to strengthen all sorts of relationships. Perhaps that is why gift boxes demonstrate that you know and care about someone enough to find multiple items that speak to their personalities, interests, and needs. Many aspects of the buying experience are expensive to revamp. Because you are snowballing the perceived value of your product, you can absorb the extra costs by raising your prices. But, custom gift boxes add your mark and story to materials you already have to buy. After all, you obviously cannot ship or deliver your products without a durable and beautiful box.


When to Use a Gift Wrap Box:

Every Christmas, birthday, anniversary, and special event, we prudently choose and offer gifts to our loved ones. It is something we do naturally and most of us do not think about its deeper implications. Yet, the gift we choose and how we present it says so much about us, our relationships, and the complex social structures within our community. Behind every perfect present lie social, psychological, and emotional currents. As gifting plays such an important role in our social fabric, we give gifts for many, sometimes conflicting, reasons. And, with us now offering immediate gift box delivery, it has been quite stress-free to send one a gift without even leaving your comfort zone. So make your favorite people feel special and valued. Send a gift box to make employees or friends feel valued, celebrate their birthdays, or even welcome them to a new home. Gift boxes are also used for delivering work motivation, inspiration, and pure professional joy. Just one box could give employees the extra boost they need to relish every work day and feel unquestionably valued. These gift boxes are a heavy-duty and stylish choice for all those peeps who want to desire custom gift boxes.


Why Should You Choose Geoto Box?

With our more than 7500 square meters of production and warehouse space and over 100 skilled and expert workers, we use innovative technology which is being applied to our Gift wrap box, which in turn improves the manufacturing efficiency, quality, and Eco-Friendliness of all of our products. Our skilled workers, standard process (IOS 9001 Audit), and committed attitude leads to outstanding quality products that you will love the most right after your first ever purchase. Even though sometimes our shipping cost is high than the local suppliers, so for that matter please combine box and shipping cost together, you will still get a good economical price. It will be better if you choose sea or train delivery. We also offer excellent after-sales service, so your every inquiry will be taken care of by our team, from communication, mockup, sample, bulk, and shipping to your feedback. Try us one first time and you will like us forever.



Customize Your Gift Wrap Box as Per Your Own Preferences:

At geoto box we also offer lots of customization choices in gift wrap box, currently, we have five customization options, that is, you can place an order online, debossing, foil stamping (one color), screen printing (one color), and digital printing (multi-color), transparent window (PET sheet). Other than that we also offer custom insert, which includes paper insert, wrapping paper, cloth lining, PET tray, EVA & sponge tray, cloth bag, etc. For paper filler and shred, there are twelve beautiful colors, from which you can pick your favorite color and place the order online. Other than that there are 25 different sizes of gift boxes in our stock ranging from the smallest size to the largest size. And more than that if you do not find the size you need, you can also request a free custom gift box with a lid. There are 17 different box colors available on our website (different sizes of boxes may vary). These colors mainly include white, matte black, pink, kraft, navy blue, red, ivory, baby blue, silver, rose gold, golden, grey, holographic, copper, marble, orange, and glossy black. Besides, we also have Mailing cartons available in 25 different sizes to fit 25 gift boxes sizes. And handbags made up of A5, A4, and A3 sizes of paper gift bags with white, black, and kraft color.

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About the Company:

Geoto Box ambitions to deliver professional packaging & printing service to our respected customers across the world. We are devoted to paper wrapping, mainly in the paper gift wrapping industry. Our dedicated and expert team has more than sixteen years of knowledge in the Packaging & Printing industry. Our company also possesses the capability to provide virtually any paper packaging artifact, besides that and we have already provided many packaging solutions to famous countless international and domestic brands. Our main products are magnetic folding gift boxes, gift wrap box, shape boxes, drawer boxes, and other gift boxes. We can also provide professional packaging solutions to various industries. Environmental-friendly packaging is the motto of our packing company, we have passed FSC, Sedex SMETA, ISO 9001:2015, and SC food contact certificate. Most of our packaging products are based on paper material with the attribute of being recyclable and eco-friendly.







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