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Best Wholesale Custom Gift Box to Buy Right Away

Best Wholesale Custom Gift Box to Buy Right Away

Exchanging gifts with your loved ones can be the best thing you can do at any moment. You do not need to wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to appreciate your parents’ efforts and the struggle they made to bring you up. Similarly, parents do not need to wait for birthdays to shower their love. Your friends would love to have a gift from you other than Friendship day. Giving and receiving gifts from those we love is a wonderful feeling. You do not need to spend dollars to make your friends and family cherish. A small gift packed with love and affection can be enough to tell someone what place they have in your life. The importance of gifts cannot be denied. It can help to start a relationship. Giving a gift to your relations can be the best trick to strengthen your bonding.

If you are planning to give a surprise present to your loved one, look for the stuff the recipient likes. As well as picking up a good gift also get a decent packaging for that present. Packaging keeps your gift item secure and puts a good impression on the receiver. If you have purchased multiple small gift items like cosmetics, accessories, or eatables, put all these things in a gift box. You can easily get a fine-looking gift box from the market. However, if you are planning to send gift boxes to your friends and family on a special occasion like Christmas, look for wholesale gift boxes. If you need to buy in bulk, the wholesale suppliers can provide good quality gift boxes at a reasonable price. Read on to know more about wholesale custom gift boxes.

Bulk Gift Boxes

What is Custom Gift Box?

You would be familiar with simple gift boxes and packaging commonly available in the market. However, if you want to have something unique, go for a custom gift box. The wholesale suppliers let their customers have distinctive gift boxes designed differently. If you want your gift box to be in a special color, design, or size, you can provide guidelines to the supplier. The gift box manufacturer makes boxes keeping your instructions in mind. Also, you can get these boxes at a reasonable price from the wholesale supplier.

Custom Gift Box Ideas

Christmas is around the corner. Everyone has started planning Christmas Eve gifts. If you have not planned anything, the following gift box ideas can be very helpful for you. From standard folding gift boxes to shape boxes and many other creative custom gift boxes, we have rounded up here the best custom gift box ideas. Check them out and get your favorite custom gift box from the best wholesale supplier.

Shape Gift Box

If you are planning a gift for your kids, the custom shape boxes can be an amazing idea to execute. You can get gift boxes designed in different shapes. For example, for Christmas, you can have gift boxes designed in the shape of a Christmas tree. If you are a music lover kid, have a guitar-shaped gift box. For a hockey, football, or cricket lover, you can get a box designed in the shape of hockey, football, bat, or any other sports equipment. If you are looking for something adorable, you can choose a heart shape or cartoon shape. Whatever shape you like you can have the gift boxes in that shape. These small gift boxes would look amazing when you would set them around the Christmas tree. Also, your kids would like to receive their gifts in a different style.

Folding Gift Box

The standard folding gift boxes would be a great choice to put in Christmas Eve gifts for adults. Using the basic gift box structure, the manufacturers prepare custom gift boxes in different colors and sizes. The size of the box depends on the gift item. If you have something huge to present, you would need a large packaging for it. However, if you have a small gift like a ring, you would not put it in a gigantic gift box. There are certain standard gift sizes designed for different gift items. For example, you can get boxes for perfume, clothing, footwear, glasses, or jewelry. However, if your gift is not common, you can get custom gift boxes in different sizes. Let the supplier know what the nature of the gift item is. You can also mention a particular size describing the width and height of the box. As well as providing instructions about the box size, you can also provide details about the color and design of the box. Whether you want a decent black color or funky mustard, you can get your box designed the way you like.

Magnetic Lock Gift Box

The gift boxes are not just to carry the gift item but they are also to ensure that the product put in it is protected. Many clothing brands and boutiques use magnetic lock boxes to put in costly branded and designer clothes. The magnetic lock attached to the box ensures that the product stays in the box safely. The hidden lock keeps the product from falling out. As well as ensuring the safety of the gift item, the magnetic lock gift boxes also look elegant. Contrary to button locks, the magnetic lock looks good. Check out the collection of magnetic lock gift boxes of Geoto to get brilliant ideas for custom boxes. In addition to stunning magnetic lock boxes, you can get here some affordable gift boxes customized for different occasions. Whether it is Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, birthday, or any important day, you can get here inexpensive and creatively crafted gift boxes at the wholesale price.

Book Box

Here comes another creative custom box idea. Get a book shape box to present a wonderful gift to your son or daughter on getting academic success or completing graduation. A book itself can be a great gift for a friend or family member. However, a gift box shaped in book style can be something unusual for the recipient. Fill this box with an amazing gift. We are sure this combination will never let the recipient forget such a wonderful gift for their whole life. When you want to put a great impression on someone, you have to do a little more effort for this. Therefore, giving a gift to someone is not enough to create a bond. Make a plan for a wonderful gift that can bring a smile to the face of the receiver, and present it with style by putting it in an amazing custom gift box. This little effort from your side would definitely create a great impact on the receiver.

Triangle Bag-Style Box

Looking for a stylish and unusual custom gift box? The triangle bag-style box can be all you need. This box has a luxurious appearance and is highly recommended. If you want to give a gift to your spouse, fiancée, girlfriend, or BFF, this triangle bag-style box would be a great choice. Choose a vibrant color and pick up an appropriate size for the box. This box looks like a shopping bag and has a ribbon lock. The box comes in folded form. You need to unfold it to make use of it. Once you unfold this beautiful box, it turns into a shopping bag. You can put the gift item in the bag and can lock it with the ribbon attached to the box. There is no need for extra wrapping stuff because this box looks amazing the way it is. The ribbon attached to it creates a beautiful bow and makes your gift ready to deliver.

Hexagon Gift Box

If you are looking for something different than the usual rectangle boxes, the hexagon gift box can be a good option. You can select any size for this box. This box comes with a lid that can be separated from the bottom. The hexagon gift box is suitable for gifts that are bigger and need more space to fit in. For example, if you want to put in cosmetics like perfume, body spray, or makeup products occupying more space, this custom box is suitable for such gifts. You can also fill this box with other multiple gift items to let the recipient have most of their favorite stuff.

Best Wholesale Supplier of Custom Gift Boxes

If you are searching for a wholesale supplier to get custom gift boxes in bulk, we recommend Geoto. It is a reliable wholesale supplier of boxes. Having a wide collection of spectacular gift boxes in different designs, colors, and shapes, the wholesale supplier delivers the best stuff. The boxes manufactured by the wholesaler consist of greyboard, cardboard, and paper. These boxes have lamination that increases their protection and durability. We have shared here the characteristics of custom gift boxes manufactured by Geoto. Read on to know what stands this box manufacturer out.

Reasonably Priced Custom Boxes

The biggest perk of buying from a wholesale supplier is low prices. Geoto provides good quality custom gift boxes at a reasonable price. This is a great advantage for the businesses because they can get packaging at the wholesale rate. It minimizes their cost and increases their profit. Check out the website of the box manufacturer; choose a box of your choice; get a quotation from the supplier, and make an order right away to get high-quality packaging at the lowest price.

Wide Collection of Boxes

The box manufacturer provides hundreds of box designs to let customers choose from a wide collection. From magnetic boxes to folded, triangle, hexagon, and shape boxes, there is diversity in box designs. You can choose any color, shape, or size to manufacture an amazing custom gift box. As well as providing standard and custom boxes, the supplier also provides accessories like mailing boxes, paper bags, paper filer, and inserts.

Easy to Carry Folded Custom Boxes

You can also get folded boxes that can easily be carried from one place to another. You can unfold the box to make it ready for use. The unfolding is very simple. There are video tutorials available on the website. You can take help from these tutorials if there is any problem. In other situations, you can contact customer service to get help.

Get Samples

The company also provides samples to let the customer have a clear idea about the box design and quality. You can visit the manufacturing unit or can request samples direct from the website of the supplier.

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity for custom gift boxes is 500 pieces. This enables small-scale businesses, boutiques, and retailers to get high-quality gift boxes, custom boxes, and mailboxes at wholesale prices. The minimum order quantity for standard magnetic folding boxes is 25 pieces. This enables individuals to buy amazing gift boxes for Christmas and other occasions at wholesale prices.

Fast and Secure Delivery

The supplier uses secure and quick delivery services and delivers goods by air and sea. The residents of the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia can get their orders delivered by sea shipping. The shipping time varies with the shipping method and the recipient’s location. However, the company makes shipment within 7 days after receiving the order and getting payment.

Return Policy

If you do not receive the right order or the delivered goods are completely or partially damaged, you can request a return or refund. The company accepts returns and pays back. The customers can get the boxes returned but they must inform the company about the return within 7 days of the delivery date.

The Bottom Line

Get the best custom gift boxes at the wholesale price from a reliable box manufacturer and wholesale distributor. Choose the design, color, and size you like, and create an amazing reasonably priced custom gift box for your business, friends, and family.

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