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How to Make a Paper Gift Box

How to Make a Paper Gift Box?

One of the most fun aspects of the holidays is giving gifts. People enjoy showing their friends and family how much they appreciate their friendship and adore them. Paper Gift Box are a great way to give gifts.

It’s incredible to have the option to offer a present to someone you’ve never met before! You may always load it with candies or chocolates and give it to children or family members on any occasion. Giving a present in one of these adorable paper boxes makes it more memorable.

How to Make a Paper Gift Box

DIY Paper Gift Box

With this DIY gift box, you’ll be a present-giving maestro. You’ll learn how to construct a lovely DIY gift box with a ribbon on the lid in this post. You’ll need

  • Two colored
  • A4 sheets
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • A ruler
  • Pencil

This paper box is ideal for use as DIY presents, favor boxes, or a thank-you gift. You may also use this lovely paper gift box to store small goods such as jewelry or chocolates.

Step no. 1: Cut out your design using the free paper gift box template.

First and foremost, there is paper. I used two types of 12′′ x 12′′ paper: *fragile scrapbook paper (thickness similar to printer paper) and thicker specialty paper (consistency identical to cardstock). The thicker paper worked much better. Because it was double-sided, it also looked nicer. But if you’re in a pinch, make do with what you’ve got!

Users of the Silhouette program should note that the base of this paper present box is around 2.75′′ x 2.75′′ and it stands about 2.75′′ tall; however, you can adjust it as required. Make sure you conduct a test cut to ensure your blade settings are accurate.

Instructions for printing

The 2.2′′ x 2.2′′ base fits neatly on one 8.5′′ x 11′′ page. Print it (along the written lines on the inside of the paper present box) and cut it out using scissors. The more significant 2.75′′ × 2.75′′ dimension is printed in two halves on an 8.5′′ x 11′′ sheet. All you have to do now is cut them out and paste them together as a stencil to trace onto a more significant piece of paper. That’s when a knife comes in handy.

Step no. 2: Fold four of the paper present box’s edges.

Fold up the four bottom sides of the paper present box, ensuring the folds are appropriately aligned with the cut edge to avoid gaps.

Step no. 3: Conceal your box with four walls.

Use your hands to softly curl and tuck the two opposing walls inside at the exact moment. It will assist your paper gift box in settling into its comfortable curved posture. If you’re using thinner paper, you might find that folding the two edges on the floral tab sides halfway up helps.

Step no. 4: Place your gift item in the paper gift box’s foundation.

It would also be great to use the confetti-style filling!

Step no. 5: Put the lid on your paper gift box.

Grab the flower tabs and bring them together in the center. Then carefully slip the slits over the flowers to close the paper gift box one side at a time. And there you have it: your flower-tab paper gift boxes are ready to go! You may even tie a tag in the center of the flower to identify who owns which paper gift box!

How to Make a Paper Gift Box

Hexagonal Pearl Embellish Paper Gift Box

What You’ll Require
  • Color Paper Scissors Printed Paper
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue for crafts
  • Pearls for Decoration

Step 1: To build the paper box

Print the supplied template on A4-sized colored paper and cut out the outside marks.

To make folding easier, carefully run the cutter over the cutout sheet. Do not make any cut.

Step 2: To make a box, paste the edges together.

To fasten the upper flap, cut a tiny section of the box at the front.

Step 4: Let’s Stick the Printed Paper in Place

Let’s get the printed paper pasted! Take a printed piece of paper and draw a 5*5 cm hexagon on each side. This hexagon form should be cut off.

Now glue the printed form on the box’s opening flap.

Cut a 1.5 cm strip from the printed paper and mark a 5 cm longitudinal distance. Apply this strip to the box’s sidewalls.

Step 5: Decorate the box!

Let’s get started on the box! Now, use ornamental pearls to embellish the present paper box.

Your adorable paper gift box is now complete!

Origami Paper Gift Box Paper

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to offer someone an immediate present but don’t have a box or gift bag on hand. There’s no reason to be concerned! This handy origami box is simple to create, attractive, and adaptable.

Two sheets of any square paper will suffice. Although people like cardstock or scrapbook paper, you can obtain beautiful results with wrapping paper, kraft paper, butcher wrap, parchment paper, or even newspaper. Construction does not necessitate the use of glue or tape. You’ll be able to construct valuable containers in a matter of minutes!

The origami boxes were built with 12 × 12 scrapbook paper, resulting in a 4.25″ x 4.25″ box. To change the size of the box and lid, use a smaller or more significant piece.

Folding the top and bottom sections of the present box takes less than five minutes. A charming ribbon, a purchased or homemade package topper, and a gift tag complete the package. When it comes to gift wrapping, you’ll never be short of supplies. So simple! It’s adorable!

Tools / Equipment

  • Bone divider
  • Gift topper (store-bought or made-by-hand) (optional)
  • Two 12×12-inch scrapbook or cardstock sheets
  • A sash of ribbon (optional)
  • Tags for gifts (optional)

Create a Gift Box

Begin with a sheet of paper measuring 12 inches by 12 inches. Fold the paper in half, then again in half. Could you fold the paper in half and lay it flat?

Ninety degrees clockwise rotation of the folded square in the center, there should be an ‘X.’ The right edge should be folded toward the center. Fold the left edge of the paper toward the middle. Flatten the piece by unfolding the folds.

  • Turn the paper over so that a corner is on top. Open the top corner flap by pulling it open. Open the bottom flap by pulling it open.
  • Pinch the top right and left corners together to make the box’s top and sidewalls.
  • Fold the cover back and into the box’s middle.
  • Carry on with the bottom corner in the same manner.
  • Make the Top of the Gift Box
  • The top of the box is constructed similarly to the bottom. When folding, leave 1/8″ on both sides. The top of the box should rest comfortably on the bottom of the box.

It’s usually difficult for some people to figure out the bottom. So, allow yourself to demonstrate how it’s done. There are two tabs that are opposite each other and two are similar to each other.

Complete the look by adding the finishing touches.

The top and bottom sections are now complete. Fill the box with your present and some accessories. Gift tags, homemade or store-bought paper flowers, and ribbon can be added. Use your imagination! Your present box will be just as lovely on the exterior as it is within!

You’ll love these little boxes so much that you’ll want to create a few more to have on hand when you need to give someone a modest gesture. This activity is a great way to use up all those odd scraps of paper leftover from earlier projects. It is a great way to use your scraps!

Pyramid Paper Gift Box

They are pretty simple to construct.

Step 1

Print the template on the interior of an 8.5 by 11 sheet of card stock.

Step 2

Cut out the shape and score along the inner lines with a sharp knife.

Make sure you don’t cut the paper all the way through. Each triangle should have a little hole punched in it.

Step 3

Fold all of the pieces in half and knot them together with a narrow ribbon. There is no need for glue or tape. The small box is in fantastic condition.

These small boxes are simple to open and seal, and they’d be ideal for a small Mother’s Day present, such as earrings or a necklace. They’re simple to repurpose and handy to have on hand for last-minute gifts.

How to Make a Paper Gift Box

How to Make a Folded Paper Gift Box

Depending on the size of the paper you choose, you can change the size of the box. When measured from corner to corner, the final package will always be a quarter of the size of the initial paper square.

These boxes are perfect for tiny presents and party treats. They can be personalized for holidays or match the recipient’s taste by using rubber stamps and other decorations to decorate the paper.

Equipment Required

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • A bone folder is a hand tool with a dull edge that is used to fold and crease crafting materials (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive (optional)
  • Rubber stamps and other decorative items (optional)

Make a mark in the middle of the paper. Start with the lid, then go on to the base of the box by repeating the technique with a little smaller piece of paper.

Begin with one square piece of paper. Use your pencil and ruler to draw two diagonal lines from corner to corner. It will make a considerable X, indicating the square’s center. Don’t worry about scribbling on the paper; the markings will be hidden on the inside.

Follow these:

  • Fold the First Layers
  • Fold each corner into the square’s center. Use a bone folder tool if you have one to help you produce a clean fold. It will result in a high-quality finished product. Otherwise, fold the creases tightly by hand. The paper should then be unfolded.
  • Fold the second time.
  • Fold each corner to the other side of the line you created by folding the intersection diagonally. Then unfold the paper again.
  • Fold the third time.
  • The numerous folds should have generated a sequence of squares at this stage. You’ll now complete the folds with one more series of folds.
  • Each corner should be folded to meet the fold line nearest to it. The paper should then be unfolded once more.
  • Make cuts on the paper and decorate it.
  • Make four cuts, as shown in the diagram below. It doesn’t matter which pair of corners you cut as long as they’re on the diagonal.
  • If you want to add stamps or other artwork to the paper, this is an excellent time to do it while it’s still flat. Allow the ink to dry before folding the box if you’re using it.
  • Without Cutting, Fold in the Corners
  • Your paper gift box is now ready to fold. A dab of glue can keep the folds in place, but it’s not required.
  • First, fold the two corners towards the middle without making any incisions.
  • Fold the 2 Sides
  • To make the sides of the box, fold the very edges of the corners you just folded up along the following fold line.
  • Fold the cut ends inwards.
  • To construct the opposite sides, fold in the cut ends.

Your DIY Paper Box is ready!


DIY gift box craft idea that is lovely and simple to make. This present box may be made using our gift box template, which we will walk you through step by step. This paper box is ideal for use as DIY presents, favor boxes, or a thank-you gift. You may also use this lovely paper flower gift box to store small goods such as jewelry or chocolates. Geotobox is not only providing a simple gift box but here you can find an amazing black gift box, gift boxes for weddings, gift boxes in larger sizes, gift boxes in bulk, luxury present boxes too. 






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