A Complete Guide on Buying Bulk Gift Boxes Online
Bulk gift boxes with different colors and sizes

A Complete Guide on Buying Bulk Gift Boxes Online

Bulk gift boxes with different colors and sizes

The exchange of gifts is very common in our culture. Whether it is Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day, a birthday, or a wedding celebration, we exchange gifts with our loved ones. These gifts strengthen our relationship and let the receiver know how special he/she is for you. The importance of exchanging gifts does not need any explanation. Everyone knows how a gift can help express gratitude to someone and expressing affection. It is also an amazing way to say sorry to someone.

We share a gift with someone that possesses an important place in our lives and we do not want to lose that person. Also, a present can be the best way to start a new relationship. For example, if you like someone, you can express your feelings to that person by giving a beautiful present. If you want to be a friend of someone in your school, college or workplace, you can give a present to that person. This is another discussion that what gift can be the most appreciable. What you give is important but how you give is more considerable. In this article, we have discussed how you can use gift boxes to present a gift most distinctively and elegantly.

Bulk Gift Boxes for Your Loved Ones

The occasions like Christmas, New Year, and Friendship days are when you exchange gifts with several individuals. For example, on friendship day, you would not like to miss any of your close friends who have made your life beautiful with their presence. Similarly, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, and similar celebrations are incomplete without the exchange of gifts.

Whatever the occasion is and whosoever is going to receive a gift, the bulk gift boxes play a pivotal role in this regard. You definitely need some packaging to wrap up your gift and deliver it safely to the concerned individual. The rigid gift boxes made of paper and cardboard are the most secure to enclose a delicate gift. Also, these boxes are helpful when you are confused about the gift item you should give to your loved ones. You can pick multiple gift items and can put them into a gift box to give a more special gift to your close friends.

When you have more than one recipient, you need bulk gift boxes to deliver presents to all of them. Buying in bulk is helpful because it reduces your cost. The more you save on buying bulk boxes, the more you can spend on gifts. Picking up a beautifully designed gift box can also help you to reduce the cost of packing. These boxes look so great that you do not need extra packing material like gift paper or cards etc. Just put the gift in the box and hand over it to the concerned person. As well as the luxurious appearance, these boxes are also secure. You can use them to exchange delicate gifts. If you are going to send a gift through courier service or mail, this is the best idea to pack it into the rigid gift box. It would ensure that the gift reaches the recipient safely.

Find Reliable Bulk Gift Boxes Suppliers

Are you looking for bulk gift boxes? Before you buy either from online or offline platforms, you must know about certain things. The gift box you choose must have a decent and fine appearance. The gift boxes are different from the usual rough brown-colored boxes. Such boxes have a luxurious appearance. For example, you might have noticed the packaging of imported perfumes. These are packed in beautiful rigid boxes. Also, the boxes having branded dresses and accessories are an example of rigid gift boxes.

bulk gift boxes

Once you recognize the gift boxes, the next step is buying. Several online and offline platforms provide bulk gift boxes. If you have not bought such boxes before, you can take help from your fellows. If there is someone who can tell you about reliable suppliers of bulk gift boxes, do not hesitate to get suggestions from them. You can also take help from the internet and let the search engines tell you about the bulk gift box suppliers in your area. Whether it is words of mouth referral or a query answered by search engines, you need to collect more information about the supplier before choosing anyone.

If your fellows have suggested a supplier of gift boxes, you can ask them to give the contact information of that supplier. Call that service provider and get further information like price, box quality, box material, and location of their showroom. Similarly, if you have learned about some box suppliers from the internet, get the contact information of the supplier. It might be in form of an email address or a contact number. Use this information to contact the supplier and get additional helpful information. Once you get enough information about the products and price of the box providers, you can make a better decision on where you should get the gift boxes.

As well as comparing the price and quality of the gift boxes, also keep an eye on the reviews and comments received by these suppliers. If you follow the social media pages of these suppliers, you can easily find out what type of reviews and comments these suppliers have received. If the comments and reviews made by the customers are satisfactory, you can deal with that supplier. However, if you find negative comments about the product and service of the supplier, do not take risk of buying from such service providers. They are more likely to be scammers and dishonest middlemen.

Why Prefer Online Suppliers for Bulk Gift Boxes

You can find dozens of online and offline suppliers of bulk gift boxes in your area. However, it can be challenging to decide which platform is better to get your required stuff. Since the pandemic of COVID-19 has reformed our lifestyle and way of shopping, the trend of buying online has risen. The biggest perk of buying online is that you do not need to move shop to shop to get your thing. In online shopping, you visit the social media page or website of the supplier, choose your desired product, and create an order. You get your order delivered to your place within a few days.

The shopping process has reduced from hours and days to a few minutes. The time has gone when people had to visit every shop and store to find out the needed product. Now they can easily find out what they need just by sitting in their rooms. Your mobile phone connected with the internet lets you visit the shopping platforms without going anywhere. Even if you are at your workplace, you can buy anything from your smartphone. It has definitely saved your time and effort. Read on to know why you should prefer online platforms to buy bulk gift boxes.

Saves Time & Money

If you think that online buying is costly, think again. Many believe that online shopping saves your time and money as well. You do not need to take leave from your work or other routines to shop for what you want. Wherever you are and whatsoever you are doing, you can use your smartphone and create an order to buy what you like. This is has become possible only because of online shopping platforms. Moreover, online shopping saves your traveling expenses. In offline shopping, you spend traveling expenses and may come with empty hands if you didn’t find your required item. On the other hand, online shopping generates delivery charges only if you buy something. You do not need to spend anything on window shopping or scrolling on the shopping websites.

bulk gift boxes

Another amazing thing about online shopping is discounts and deals that let you get high-quality stuff at a rock-bottom price. Several platforms offer discounted and wholesale prices to customers on buying certain products or buying on particular occasions. The big events like Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Father’s, Friend’s, and Mother’s day bring big discounts. Such deals and discounts are uncommon in offline shopping from retailers or brick-and-mortar stores.

You can Get Samples

If you avoid online shopping only because you cannot inspect the product physically before buying, you need to read this. If you want to buy bulk gift boxes, the suppliers let you inspect the boxes before buying or creating an order. You can go to the website of the supplier and ask for samples. They will provide you with samples of gift boxes. You can carefully inspect the material, crafting, design, and appearance of the gift boxes. For those who are still suspicious, let us tell you that what you see in samples is exactly what you get in the delivered products. The trusted wholesale suppliers produce the samples and original orders in the same way. So, do not worry about the manufacturing and quality of bulk gift boxes ordered from the websites.

If you like the samples, you would definitely like the delivery as well. However, if you find the sample box unsatisfactory, you may consider another wholesale supplier to deal with. If you are in search of a reliable wholesale supplier of bulk gift boxes, you can check out Geotobox. It provides high-quality gift boxes manufactured with the finest paper and cardboard. They also provide samples to let the customers inspect their products before making an order. You can send a request for samples direct from the website of the supplier or can visit the sale unit of the supplier to get and inspect their boxes.

Easy Selection of Products

Online shopping has made selecting products easier as compared to offline shopping. In conventional shopping, you visit a shop and ask the shopkeeper to show you some good stuff. The shopkeeper shows certain items that he/she thinks are appropriate as per your requirements. The shopkeepers do not show you everything they have in their store because it is almost impossible to show every customer the whole stuff they have. If you do not find your desired stuff, you hear towards another shop. This process goes on and on. You move from store to store to look for your needed product. You may end up having your desired product or compromising on another product. This entire procedure of looking for your required stuff can be hectic and time-consuming.

On the other hand, online shopping saves you from the struggle of visiting shops and malls to find your stuff. You visit a shopping website and scroll down to see all of their items relevant to your search. For example, if you want to buy a gift box, you can visit the website of wholesale gift box suppliers and can see all the boxes showcased there. You see photos of every box and can get detail about the material, prize, size, and color of each gift box. On the website, there is nothing hidden from you. You can see the whole stuff and get all details. This is almost impossible in conventional offline shopping. When you have everything in front of you, it is easy to make a selection. Pick your desired gift box and create an order right away. Isn’t it simple and quick?

Customized Sizes

If you have ever bought gift boxes, you might be familiar with the sizing of these boxes. These boxes come in different sizes. What size you pick up depends on the product you want to put in it. For example, the box for perfume would be different in size from the box for an outfit or a piece of jewelry. Before you choose a box, consider what you are going to put in this box. It would look awkward if you pack a tie in a box designed for perfume. Learn about the standard sizing of gift boxes. If you have some exclusive plans, you can direct the supplier to design and produce customized boxes for you.

This facility is available in online shopping from leading wholesale suppliers of gift boxes. A retailer or shopkeeper at a brick-and-mortar shop cannot customize boxes for you. They can only provide what they have in their shop. Even if they ensure you provide you with customized items, you cannot be sure about the quality of that product. This is why the wholesale vendors of bulk gift boxes can be the best choice to get customized boxes. The suppliers like Geotobox also provide boxes designed with your logos. You can print the recipient’s or sender’s name or anything appropriate on these gift boxes. These suppliers let you design your gift boxes the way you want. What would be greater than that? At Geoto box you can get your hands over a variety of gift boxes online, amazing keepsake boxes, modern kraft gift boxes, and extremely large gift boxes as per your requirements at an extremely rock bottom price. 

Different Payment Methods

The brick-and-mortar shops usually deal in cash. Whereas, the online shopping platforms and suppliers’ websites let you make payment through different payment methods. For example, you can make payments through PayPal, bank account, debit card, or credit card. Every supplier may have different payment methods but the above-mentioned methods are the most common. If you do not have sufficient cash at the moment, you can make a payment through your debit or credit card.

In certain regions, the shopkeepers want to provide you cash in return for purchased items. They do not accept cards. In this situation, you can go to the website of the wholesaler of bulk gift boxes and can make a payment through your bank account or any other source. Moreover, if you do not have enough money at the moment, you can buy from the online platform and can pay for the delivery. In this way, you do not have to pay instantly. Instead, you can pay after a week or when your order is delivered to your place.

Exchange & Returns

We have discussed above in this article that beginners or those who have never purchased online can make their first online shopping without worrying about anything. If they are suspicious about the product quality, they can get samples for inspection. Another way that makes online shopping stress-free for beginners is the exchange and return. If you do not get the right order or the products delivered to you are unsatisfactory, you can exchange or return them.

The online wholesale suppliers have policies regarding exchanges and returns of products. If your supplier has such a policy, you can easily shop from them without worrying about the quality or anything else. However, if you want to return the product because it is faulty or damaged, you should return it within a few days after the delivery date. The companies take a few days to inspect the product and to accept or decline the return or exchange request. We recommend reading about the exchange and return policy of the supplier before creating an order.

Get Things Delivered at Home

If you have a busy schedule and cannot go to the market to get your stuff, the online platforms for shopping solve your problem. Wherever you are and whatever you need, you can make an order and can get the things delivered to your home. Online shopping is not just useful in the days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also beneficial when you have such much work to complete.

Also, when you need to get some private stuff, you can get it delivered to your place instead of going to market and getting it in front of a crowd. Creating an order online and getting it delivered to a certain place can be a good idea if you want to give a surprise to your loved one. Whatever the situation is; whether you are busy or unable to go out the home delivery of online shopping platforms is quite helpful.

Check Out Reviews and Ratings

You go to a shop and ask the shopkeeper to show you the required product. If you like it, you make a payment to get it. On coming home, you found that the product was faulty or damaged. Your money and effort of going out and buying the stuff go in vain. Online shopping saves us from such experiences. Before choosing a supplier, we make complete research about that vendor. We check out reviews and ratings given to that supplier by other customers. If we find everything alright, we buy from that supplier. Checking out other customers’ comments and reviews was difficult in conventional offline shopping. The social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made it easier for customers to give ratings and reviews to the supplier. As well as checking out reviews of other customers, you can also give your feedback to help out others.

Qualities of Best Bulk Gift Boxes

You must know about the qualities of the best gift boxes. Make sure the box you purchase is manufactured with good-quality material. The box has an appealing design and there are no scratches or blemishes on the box top. The high-quality gift boxes available in the market are in folded form and can easily be transported. You can unfold the box easily and can put the gift in it. You can check out the website of Geotobox to find out some high-quality bulk gift boxes.

It is a leading wholesale supplier of magnetic gift boxes. You can make a minimum order of 25 pieces and can get amazing gift boxes to send gifts to your loved ones on special occasions. You can also get customized boxes and can get your logo or designs created on the box top. This supplier also provides samples and has a return policy to let beginners purchase without any fear. You can get your order delivered to your place within a few days. The supplier also lets you track your order. Also, the wholesaler offers speedy delivery. You can get your order delivered through air, sea, or railway depending on your location. All these efforts let you get amazing, high-quality, and affordable bulk gift boxes to present to your loved ones on special occasions.

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