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Blue Gift Box

Buy Blue Gift Box Online on Wholesale Price

Buy Blue Gift Box Online on Wholesale Price

Whether you are looking for custom packaging for your business supplies or seeking a beautiful gift box for your loved one, Geoto provides you with the required box. The Shanghai-based packaging supplier has a vast variety of gift boxes, mailing cartons, and custom packaging for different products. It has thousands of customers worldwide to which the company provides packaging for food items, clothing, cosmetic products, grooming products, glassware, and fashion accessories. The packaging supplier enables business customers to increase their profit margin by reducing their packaging costs. The boxes manufactured and delivered by the company are of great quality and are crafted using the RoHS compliance paper, cardboard, and greyboard. These boxes are further added matte lamination finish to protect them from scratches. As well as having thousands of box designs and sizes in stock, the company also provides custom boxes and works on the designs provided by the customers. In this article, we have discussed the blue gift box including the designs and sizes available in it. Read on to know how you can buy a blue gift box online at wholesale price.

Blue Gift Box

Blue Gift Box

Geoto brings a vast variety of gift boxes and custom packaging for business customers and regular shoppers. You can find here hundreds of box designs, multiple sizes, and various colors in each box. These boxes are manufactured using coated paper, cardboard, and greyboard. To enhance their value and protect them from stains and scratches, they are added matte lamination for a perfect finish. The luxury gift boxes can carry different products such as eatables, bakery items, clothing, footwear, perfumes, cosmetics, grooming products, glassware, fashion accessories, corporate gifts, promotional gift hampers, chocolates, and more. The supplier also provides various inserts, closures, and paper fillers to keep delicate gift items in the box securely.

Different Styles in Blue Gift Box

Blue is an elegant and appealing color. If you really want to impress someone, present them a blue gift box filled with a unique gift item. The packaging of a gift is of great significance. Most of the recipients do bother with the packaging of the gift because it can help them to guess the value of the gift. A luxury blue gift box can put a great impression on the recipient and it adds value to your gift as well. There are different styles available in blue gift boxes such as a cube-shaped gift box, a gift box with a ribbon bow, a gift box with a transparent window, or a gift box with a magnetic lock. We have compiled here a few styles in the blue gift box. Check them out and pick up a suitable gift box for your special ones.

Blue Magnetic-Lock Gift Box

The blue magnetic lock gift box has a hidden magnet that keeps the box close. Contrary to the button lock, the hidden magnetic lock seems good. The box comes in different sizes including large, medium, and small. The medium magnetic lock gift box is about 28*21*9.5cm. The net weight of the box is 290g. The box is manufactured using greyboard, cardboard, and coated paper. It has foldable construction that can be assembled very easily. This box size is appropriate for the packaging of season products, cosmetics, tea and coffee hampers, clothing, bridesmaid gifts, food items, and various other gift items. The box comes with a customization option. You can request a custom size and color. Furthermore, you can add custom printing to the box lid to embellish it with different designs and texts. The price of the blue magnetic lock gift box for medium size is around $2.20 per unit.

Blue Gift Box with Ribbon Bow

A luxury blue gift box with a ribbon bow is a great option if you are planning a gift for your loved one. The box is suitable for both male and female recipients and can be filled with different gift items including eatables, clothing, grooming, and cosmetic products. The medium size blue gift box with a ribbon bow is priced at $2.26 per unit. This price is for buying 25 boxes. The supplier offers $1.35 per box for placing an order for 500 boxes or more. Check out the price detail of the blue gift box with a ribbon bow to get the latest prices.

Blue Deep Gift Box

The blue gift box comes in different shapes and sizes that are designed to carry different items. The blue deep gift box carries more space and can be filled with multiple gift items. The size of the A5 deep gift box is around 23.5*17*10cm. The net weight of the box is 234g. This box also has a magnetic lock and foldable construction. This box is appropriate to put seasonal products, cosmetics, bakery items, cupcakes, gourmet artisan foods, grooming products, corporate gifts, glassware, and bridesmaid products. The manufacturing material used for the box includes cardboard, greyboard, coated paper, and matte lamination. The unit price of the box is $2.01 for 25 boxes. The more your purchase, the lesser you pay.

Blue Shallow Gift Box

The shallow gift box has lesser space as compared to the deep gift box. The size of a blue shallow gift box is 28*21*4cm. The net weight of the box is 196g. This box is appropriate for putting in chocolates, gourmet foods, tea and coffee hampers, cosmetics, lingerie, grooming gift, clothing, and bridesmaid gifts. The box has foldable construction. You can assemble it very easily. The foldable form conveniences the transportation of the boxes. The supplier also gives custom printing, custom size, and custom color options to let you revamp the gift box. The unit price of the medium shallow gift box is $2.09 for buying 25 pieces. The price reduces to $1.23 for buying 500 or more boxes.

Blue Square Gift Box

The square gift box is suitable for the packaging of different items such as bakery items, gourmet foods, tea and coffee hampers, clothing, lingerie, grooming products, cosmetics, and bridesmaid products. The size of the A5 square gift box is 23.5*23.5*8cm. The weight of the box is 234g. The box has a strong magnet lock. It is manufactured using high-quality cardboard, greyboard, and paper. After manufacturing, the box undergoes different quality tests including temperature and pressure tests. These tests ensure that the box performance remains unchanged in different atmospheres. The price of the blue square gift box starts from $2.04.

Blue Cube Gift Box

The cube-shaped gift box looks adorable and is perfect for the packaging of mugs, perfumes, jams, honey, chocolates, essential oil, and delicate decoration pieces. The size of a small cube gift box is 12*12*12cm. The net weight of the box is 114g. The minimum order quantity for the cube box is 25 pieces. The unit price for the box is $1.96 for buying the minimum order quantity. An order for 500 boxes has a unit price of $1.15. The box comes with a concealed strong magnet for closure. It has a half magnetic flap that is half of the box height. The cube gift box also comes with customization options. The supplier can provide you with a cube gift box in custom size and color. Moreover, you can add custom printing to the box.

Custom Gift Box

Geoto also provides a customization option to let customers design the boxes they want. If you are planning something special for your loved ones, we can help you craft a personalized gift box. Moreover, the company provides outstanding keepsake boxes to let customers have personalized memory gift boxes. You can either choose from the designs available on the supplier’s website or can also provide your design to let the supplier manufacture the custom box in your style. The customization of boxes is helpful for businesses. The business customers can get custom boxes manufactured by placing their logos on the box lid and choosing the corporate color for the box. The minimum order quantity for custom boxes is 500 pieces. The price for custom boxes is also different than the standard gift boxes available in stock. You can check out the website or contact customer support to know more about the customization.

Sizes Available in Blue Gift Box

The blue gift box comes in different designs and sizes. These sizes are designed considering different gift items. For instance, for the gift items that take more space the deep gift box is suitable. For small gift items like mugs, the cube gift box is appropriate. The blue gift box has different other sizes including small, medium, large, A3, A4, A5, A6, deep, square, shallow, and cube. You must choose a box size keeping the gift item in mind. It should be appropriate for the product kept in it. It should not be too large or too small for that product. If you are confused about the size of the gift box, you can take help from the supplier in picking up the right box for your gift.

Minimum Order Limit

The wholesale suppliers usually have minimum order quantities. They sell in large quantities and do not take orders for small quantities. However, Geoto has a very low minimum order limit. You can place an order for 25 boxes or even less. The supplier also provides sample boxes below their minimum order limit. There are different sizes, designs, and colors available in sample boxes. If you want a single gift box, you can easily buy it from the wholesale supplier at a reasonable price.

Local Delivery of Blue Gift Box

Geoto is a Chinese company that delivers inexpensive and high-quality packaging boxes and accessories all over the world. No matter where you are from, you can place an online order to get delivery of the gift boxes of the company at wholesale price. For this, you need to pay the shipping charges. If you want to save the shipping cost, you can also enjoy the local delivery of a blue gift box. The company has warehouses in different countries including America, England, Germany, and Australia. If you are from these countries, you can visit the warehouse of the company to buy a spectacular gift box for your loved one.

Return Policy

Being a reliable online supplier, Geoto has a very simple return policy for its customers. The provision of high-quality packaging to its customers is the priority of the company. To ensure the quality of the gift boxes, each gift box undergoes different quality tests. These tests are to make sure that the product reaches the customer in a good condition. However, if there is some problem with the delivered product, you can request a return or refund. If you have received a damaged product and need a full or partial return or refund, you can inform the company about the situation. The customers are required to inform the company about the return within 7 days of receiving the order. You can read the return policy of the supplier to know more about it.

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Shipping and Delivery

The company delivers its packaging boxes all over the world. For this, it uses different shipping methods including air shipping, sea shipping, and train shipping. The shipping cost varies with the shipping method. Customers can choose the shipping method at the time of placing the order. You can calculate the shipping charges by providing your country. The air freight is higher than the sea shipping charges. The residents of the European countries can enjoy shipping by train. The delivery time also varies with the shipping method. After receiving your order, the company delivers the product within 7 working days.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for quality packaging at wholesale price, Geoto is a great choice. You can buy from the wholesale supplier in both small and large quantities. The supplier also receives and accepts orders below the minimum order limit. Moreover, you can get custom boxes at a reasonable price. In addition to it, you can have custom printing on the box to design your company logo or something else. All these facilities are provided at a very reasonable price. So, pick your favorite blue gift box and place an order for this luxury packaging box right away.


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