Finest-Quality A5 Gift Box and Custom Box on Wholesale Price
A5 Gift box

Finest-Quality A5 Gift Box and Custom Box on Wholesale Price

Finest-Quality A5 Gift Box and Custom Box at Wholesale Price

Gift boxes are as important as gift items. They are potential enough to make or break the state of affairs. That’s why if you are planning to give a present to someone special, also pay attention to the packaging of that present. In this article, we have rounded up here the finest-quality A5 Gift box and custom boxes that are worth buying. You can buy these luxury gift boxes at wholesale price from the leading wholesale supplier of packaging Geoto. The supplier delivers its boxes all over the world to business customers and consumers. The wholesale supplier has a wide selection of gift boxes varying in sizes, shapes, designs, and colors.

The vast variety of gift boxes enables customers to pick up their required gift boxes and customized boxes from a single platform. Moreover, the wholesale prices of the packaging enable business customers to reduce their costs and get high-quality rigid boxes for their products at rock-bottom prices. Here we have described the A5 gift box manufactured and supplied by Geoto worldwide at wholesale rate. Read on and pick up the finest-quality gift box for your customers and loved ones.

What is A5 Gift Box?

Geoto brings a vast selection of boxes in different sizes including A5, A6, A4, and A3. The A5 gift box is one of the best-selling gift boxes as the size of the box enables the user to enclose different gift items in it appropriately.

The normal size of the A5 gift box is 23.5*17*6cm. This box is suitable for putting in corporate gifts, clothing, gadgets, electronic items, photo frames, cupcakes, cosmetic items, grooming products, footwear, bridesmaid gifts, and glassware. The A5 gift box is further classified into the deep, shallow, cube, and square gift boxes. All these boxes differ in size and shape. As well as sizes, the wholesale supplier also brings diversity in box colors. You can choose from black, ivory, baby blue, navy blue, pearl golden, white, pink, kraft, and various other colors. The supplier also provides customization options to let customers have boxes in custom colors and sizes.

Different Styles of A5 Gift Box

A5 Gift box

Geoto is known for its diversity and wide selection of gift boxes and packaging. It has hundreds of designs, sizes, and shapes to craft a perfect gift box for every customer. The A5 gift boxes come in different styles and designs including shallow, square, deep, and cube boxes. These boxes can carry a number of gift items. From clothing and footwear to food and makeup products, you can put several gift items in these boxes. The supplier also provides quality packaging to restaurants, boutiques, and several other businesses for the packing of bakery and other food items, clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories. Check out the different styles of A5 gift boxes that we have rounded up below.

Magnetic-Lock A5 Gift Box

Magnetic-lock gift box is one of the best-selling packagings of Geoto. While there are different sizes available in a magnetic lock box, the A5 box size is also available in this design. As depicted by its name, the magnetic-lock gift box has a magnetic lock for box closure. A strong magnet is attached to the box that keeps it closed and ensures the safety of the gift item enclosed in the box. The magnetic-lock gift box in A5 size is available in different colors including black, white, blue, kraft, pink, and more sparkling and dark colors. The magnetic lock gift box is suitable for putting in different gift items including clothing, footwear, cosmetic products, corporate gifts, and many other gift items.

Shallow A5 Gift Box

The shallow A5 gift box is 23.5*17*6cm. The box has a perfect fitting for the packing of photo frames, electronic gift items, USB sticks, clothing, lingerie, and corporate gifts. The net weight of the box is around 167g. This box is manufactured using cardboard, greyboard, and coated paper. The box also has a matte lamination finish that protects it from scratches. The box has foldable construction and can be unfolded and folded easily. There is a strong magnet attached to the box for its closure. You can buy this box at wholesale price. The minimum order quantity for the box is 25 pieces but you can order below the limit as well. The box comes with a customization option that means the size and color of the box are customizable.

Deep A5 Gift Box

The A5 deep gift box is another highly selling box of Geoto. The deep box has larger space as compared to the shallow box and can carry multiple gift items at a time. Its size is 23.5*17*10cm. This box is suitable for the packing of footwear, corporate gift items, food items, bakery items, clothing, electronic gadgets, and much more. This box is available in different colors and you can also get the deep A5 gift box in another color or size than the colors and sizes available in stock. The box has a magnetic lock and it is manufactured using high-quality paper, cardboard, and greyboard.

Square A5 Gift Box

The size of the square A5 gift box is 23.5*23.5*8cm. The square gift box is suitable for putting in clothing, fashion accessories, eatables, corporate gift items, photo albums, bridesmaid gifts, and many other gift items. The box is available in black, blue, kraft, pink, and white colors. You can also use the customization options to have an altered color or size. The manufacturing of the box is completed following the safety standards. The material used in the box includes the RoHS compliance coated paper, greyboard, cardboard, and matte lamination.

Cube A5 Gift Box

The size of the cube A5 gift box is 23.5*23.5*23.5cm. This box is suitable for putting in mugs, chocolates, ceramics, honey, essential oils, candles, sweets, jam, and several other eatables and gift items. This box is available in black and white colors. It comes with and without a ribbon bow option. The net weight of this box is 510g. There is a concealed magnet in the box for its closure. The minimum order quantity for the box is 25 pieces but as per the new policy of the supplier, you can also place an order below the minimum order limit. Moreover, the box comes with customization options. You can get your custom box at an affordable price.

A5 Gift Box with Ribbon

A ribbon bow attached to the gift box looks amazing. Geoto lets you choose from boxes with changeable ribbons and boxes without a ribbon option. There are different sizes and colors available in gift boxes with ribbons. The price of a deep black A5 gift box with a ribbon starts from $2.15. You can buy more to enjoy the lowest unit price. Check out the website of Geoto to find a perfect A5 gift box with a ribbon to present to your loved ones.

Custom Box

Geoto gives customization options to let their customers have unique boxes designed the way they like. In addition to the boxes available in stock, the wholesale supplier also manufactures box designs, colors, and sizes provided by their customers. The company also prints custom logos on the boxes as per their client’s requirements. The customization facility is provided at a very reasonable price. The company also delivers custom keepsake boxes in the size, color, and designs picked by the customer.

Why Choose Geoto for A5 Gift Boxes

Geoto is a reliable and leading supplier of gift boxes all over the world. It is a Chinese supplier but uses shipping services to deliver its products worldwide. It also has warehouses in different countries letting customers save their shipping costs. As well as providing local delivery, the company also offers innumerable perks to its customers. From rock-bottom prices to the provision of high-quality packaging and return policy, we have discussed below the factors that stand Geoto out from the rest of the packaging suppliers.

No Minimum Order Limit

Geoto is one of those wholesale suppliers that also allow small businesses and consumers to buy from them. The company has a very low minimum order limit. You can place an order for 25 boxes and even less. The company also accepts orders for a single box or boxes below the minimum order limit. In this way, regular shoppers can also get high-quality gift boxes at wholesale prices. Small business owners can create short orders and can enjoy rates below the rates offered by retailers.

Wholesale Price

The wholesale supplier provides gift boxes at wholesale prices. The unit price of the box changes with order quantity. If you purchase more, you pay the minimum unit price. For instance, the unit price for 25 boxes is A5 deep black box is $2.09. The unit price for the same box falls to $1.26 for buying 500 boxes. Moreover, the company offers different discounts and coupons to let their customers minimize their costs.

Diverse Styles

The diversity and wide range of products is something that is expected from the wholesalers. Geoto also brings a wide range of gift boxes. Customers can easily choose their favorite boxes from the vast variety. They can filter their research by box size and color. Moreover, the company offers custom boxes to let business customers design their packaging as per their business strategies.


In addition to the vast selection of gift boxes and packaging, Geoto also provides custom boxes. If you are planning something unusual, you can provide your design, color, and box size to the supplier and get a personalized box ready. Business buyers can get custom boxes for the packaging of their products. The custom boxes are also suitable for different occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, wedding celebrations, or any other important event of your life. The customization facility is provided at a very reasonable price.

Custom Logo

The company also provides printing facilities to let business buyers design their corporate logos on the box lid. The printing options include single-color printing, digital printing, debossing, and foil stamping printing. The printing facilities are also provided at a very reasonable price. Check out the website to know more about the custom logo facility provided by the wholesale supplier.

Local Delivery

Geoto is a Shanghai-based company. Its manufacturing unit is located in China but it delivers its products all over the world. The company also has warehouses in Germany, Australia, America, and England. The residents of these countries can buy directly from these warehouses and can save the shipping cost. Customers from other countries can enjoy worldwide shipping and get delivery of the gift boxes to their places.

Worldwide Shipping

The company uses different shipping methods to deliver its gift boxes to different countries. It uses sea shipping to deliver the packaging at an affordable price. In addition to it, the company also uses air shipping and train shipping. Train shipping is used in different European countries. Air shipping is used worldwide to ensure fast delivery of the product. These shipping methods have varied charges. You can check out the shipping charges details before placing an online order.

Return Policy

Geoto also has a very flexible return policy. It accepts returns in case there is some problem with the delivered products. If you have received a wrong order or your delivered product is damaged, you can inform the company about the problem and can get a returned packaging. The company also provides refunds and prefers paying the money back rather than delivering altered products. You can read the return policy of the wholesale supplier before placing an order.

The Bottom Line

Geoto is a Shanghai-based wholesale supplier of gift boxes having an extensive catalog of gift boxes. The company delivers its products all over the world using different shipping methods and local delivery as well. Among the best-selling packaging boxes of the company are A5 gift boxes, A4 gift boxes, and custom boxes. The business buyers and consumers can buy directly from the wholesale supplier at wholesale rates. Check out the website to know about the latest prices of the standards and custom gift boxes.


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