Mailing Carton for Large Square Magnetic Gift Box - Custom Luxury Gift Boxes

Mailing Carton for Large Square Magnetic Gift Box


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  • Outside size, 39.0*15.5*39.0cm | 15.35*6.10*15.35in.
  • Inside size, 38.7*15.3*38.7cm | 15.23*6*15.23in.
  • Weight, 348g.
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We can provide many customization services to the gift box.

  • Custom size and color, we have some specific sizes and colors of boxes in stock, and we can customize other design for you.
  • Custom printing, MOQ is 25pcs, screen printing, digital printing, etc.

You can also check out our customization examples.

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Mailing Carton for Large Square Magnetic Gift Box

  • Outside Size, 39.0*15.5*39.0cm | 15.35*6.10*15.35in.
  • Thickness, Single-wall corrugated board, approx. 1.9mm.
  • Individual box weight, 347.5g.
    Three-layer corrugated box: 190+170+190, E flute.
  • Bursting strength, >600KPA, 87.08LBF/IN2(EU Standard), 6.12KGF/CM2.
  • Supplied in natural brown kraft color.
  • Material, RoHS compliance corrugated cardboard.
  • Custom specific size and printing mailer, MOQ is 500pcs.

Normally 25pcs per outer carton.

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Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 39 × 15.5 × 39 cm
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Screen Printing, Digital Printing

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