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You can find many different styles of magnetic gift boxes here, besides, we are also a global packaging solutions provider. There are also many other types of boxes&packaging related items you can choose from us.

Magnetic Gift Boxes

Magnetic gift boxes are one of the most popular gift box styles, magnetic boxes are fold-flat gift boxes with magnetic closure, which could save storage spaces and shipping costs. Until now, we have 34 different sizes and 18 colors of magnetic gift boxes in stock, you can choose the magnetic gift boxes whenever you want. There are several structures with different features, and we can customize the gift box in many aspects, such as the box size, color, printing, texture, surface finishing, decoration, and insert.

2 Magnetic Ribbon Gift Boxes and a Cube Box

Shaped Boxes

Shape boxes are creative design gift packaging boxes, shape boxes are different from the standard rectangle and square boxes. The box shape is customizable, and the most common shape box you have seen is probably the heart-shaped box, moreover, there are many other creative shape boxes we can customize for you. We can manufacture shape boxes automatically, while many shape boxes are still handmade.

Drawer Boxes

The drawer box structure is a drawer in a sleeve, for multi-layer drawer packaging boxes, there will be a little different. There is a small fabric handle on the drawer so you can slide out the drawer more conveniently. The drawer is a lid or a base for the lid and base style gift packaging box, and the cardboard sleeve is customizable.

Single Layer and 2 Layers Drawer Gift Box with Printing
Different Types of Gift Packaging Boxes

Other Boxes

There are also many other different styles of gift packaging boxes and gift wrapping related products, such as lid and base boxes, book boxes, multilayer boxes, flip-top boxes, and other gift wrapping products like ribbons, wrapping paper, and many inserts. As well as you need such packaging, we can provide the solutions.

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