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Does your factory audited by Sedex SMETA

Yes, we get SMETA 4-Pillar Audit. SMETA. Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. SMETA enable businesses to assess their sites and suppliers to understand working conditions in their supply chain.

Do your box meet REACH and RoHS requirements

Yes, please ask for the test report if you need it.

Are your box safe

Yes, our box get through REACH and RoHS test,

Our box meets REACH requirements.

REACH. This stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH addresses the production and use of chemicals and their potential impacts on human health and the environment.

RoHS. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and impacts the entire electronics industry and many electrical products as well.

Our boxes pass RoHS compliance.

Do you use recycled material

We use corrugated board and greyboard inside of the box, there is more than 75% recycled rate. Mailing cartons and some bags are also more than 60% recycled rate.

The surface paper on the box is certificated with FSC.

All paper and board wastage is collected by the recycled company.


What DAP, DDP and DDU are

DAP, Delivered At Place, products will be delivered to your address excluding tax, but value below USD 800 tax is free in US and Australian dollar 1000 tax is free in Australia. DDP, Delivered Duty Paid, products will be delivered to your address including tax. DDU, Delivered Duty Unpaid, products will be delivered to your address excluding tax.

How to become your wholesaler

You can find out more information here if you want to become our wholesaler.

How to assemble a magnetic gift box

You can follow the guide below to assemble a gift box,

Is the price include tax

Generally, our box price will include tax, but different shipping destinations may vary, please feel free to contact us if you are not sure about this.

Do you offer a better price if I need more than 500pcs

Yes, we will offer a cheaper price if you need more than 500 pcs. You can contact us to get a price quote.

Can you deliver my products to China

Yes, we can deliver your products to China.

How can I get the tracking number

Generally, you will receive an email with your order tracking information after your order is shipped out. Please also check the spam folder or contact us if you don’t find your order tracking information.

Can I collect my order from your warehouse

Yes, we have warehouses in the US and Australia, you can collect your order from our warehouse.

Which courier company do you use

UPS, FedEx, SF Express, etc.

Do you provide a cheaper shipping method

Yes, you can calculate shipping costs on the cart page, shipping by air is more expensive than shipping by sea. We also accept shipping by sea or train(shipping by train is available for European countries only). You can contact us to get the shipping quote.

Do you ship worldwide

Yes, we can ship your products almost anywhere all over the world.

How do you wrap gift boxes

Generally, we will wrap your gift boxes with polybags and packaging cartons. There will be a polybag for each gift box and several corner protectors in the packaging carton to protect your gift boxes.
There could be pallets if you have a big order amount.

Do you provide product test

Yes, we have different product test equipment for product quality testing, we can test product quality and send the test report to you.

What does the customization include

We provide lots of customization services, such as box size, color, printing, surface finishing, inserts, decorations, box structure, etc.
We can also provide packaging solutions for you if you don’t have a packaging idea, you only need to send us your message and tell us what you want to customize.

What is the MOQ(minimum order quantity)

Here is the MOQ of different products for your reference,

  • Stock gift boxes, the MOQ is 1piece.
  • Stock gift bags, the MOQ is 1piece.
  • Stock mailing cartons, the MOQ is 25pcs.
  • Custom logo on stock gift boxes and bags MOQ is 25pcs.
  • Full customization items(custom size, color, box types, etc) MOQ is 500pcs.

How soon can I receive my products

It depends on different shipping options, your order details, etc. Generally, it will depend on shipping details, here are some estimates,

  • Shipping by air, about 7-12 working days.
  • Shipping by sea or train, about 10-50 working days(based on your location).

You can find more shipping details in your cart.

How do you print on gift boxes

Currently, there are 5 customization styles available now, which are deboss, foil stamping, screen printing, digital printing, clear window.

You can find out more customization details here.

Do you offer discounts

Yes, we offer different types of discounts.

  • You can check out product price on product page, if you buy more, the unit price would be cheaper.
  • Sometimes, there would be coupons available, you can get the coupon code by subscribing to our newsletter, or find the coupon code on the top of our website.
  • You will get special discounts by becoming our wholesaler&distributor, for more information, feel free to contact us.

Can I add and change the box ribbon

Yes, our box ribbon is changeable, if you want different color ribbons for your gift boxes, please add your ribbon details on the order note area while checkout.

What products you can offer

We can provide gift and retail packaging related products.
Our main product is folding gift box and shape box on geotobox.com, we can custom many different gift boxes for you, we also provide gift bags and other packaging related products, like different styles of box insert trays, candy pads, chocolate&candy paper cups, oil-proof paper, and others.

Order Processing

Why there are no shipping options available

If you cannot see available shipping options on the cart page, please follow the guide below.

  • The no shipping options might happen when you only add the custom logo product to your cart, because there is no weight for the custom logo products. The custom logo is only for the custom logo fee, gift boxes costs are not included, please don’t forget to add the gift boxes you need to your cart.
  • Currently, there are no shipping options available in your location, you can refer to the shipping policy page and find out if there is a live shipping cost for your current location. If you find that there is no live shipping price for your location, you can contact us for a shipping quote.

What is the currency on your website

The default currency is US Dollar.

What should I do if there is no shipping option on the cart page

We provide shipping services to almost any country all over the world. If you can’t see an available shipping option on the cart page, here are some solutions.

  • Add some gift boxes to your cart. Notice: if you only add customization products to your cart( no gift box on your cart ), there won’t be any shipping option available.
  • Choose an available country/area on the Calculate Shipping field, then click Update Totals.
  • Perhaps there is no shipping option available in your location currently, you can contact us to confirm.

How can I get sample boxes

You can buy plain box samples on our website directly. please contact us if you want to custom logo on the plain box or custom your special size & printing sample.

$25 will be refunded if your order product value is more than $500, and $50 will be refunded if your order product value is more than $1000.

Buy Samples from Amazon

A5 Deep Black Gift Box

A5 Deep White Gift Box

A4 Deep Black Gift Box

A4 Deep White Gift Box

How to custom logo

Introduction for Customization

Currently, you can choose 5 custom logo styles from us, deboss, foil stamping, screen printing, digital printing, and clear window. You can find custom logo examples and more information on the custom logo page.

Click the custom logo menu, you will see different custom logo styles and examples.

Other useful pages:

  1. Custom logo, this is a page you can find different logo customization examples.
  2. Custom insert, on this page you will find many styles&materials for insert customization, including paper insert, wrapping paper, cloth lining, PET tray, and EVA.
  3. Custom standard gift box, customization based on our ready stock gift boxes.
  4. Custom other folding gift boxes, if you find that our customization services cannot meet your requirement, for example, if you couldn’t find the box size and color you need, then you can navigate to this page and get in touch with us, and we will handle your full customization request step by step.

Find the Custom Logo Page

There is a Custom Logo button below the product pricing table. Click the button it will open a new window and lead you to the gift box customization page, you can choose the customization services you want and add them to your cart.

Custom logo button position below product pricing table

Choose the Custom Service You Need

After navigating to the custom logo page, you can see 3 attributes for logo customization.

Three attributes for logo customization
  1. Box size, the size of the box you want to add your logo on.
  2. Print style, 5 customization styles you can choose for your logo/design, including deboss, foil stamping, screen printing, digital printing, and clear window.
  3. Print area, the percentage of the logo area occupies the box top area. There are 3 area percentages, less than 30%, 30%-60%, and more than 60%.

The example image will show after you choose your combination of box size, print style, and print area, then you can add your customization to your cart.

Other Information

  • The custom logo quantity should be the same as your gift box quantity.
  • Custom logo costs don’t include the gift box costs, so you need to choose the gift box you want to customize separately.
  • There are no shipping costs for custom logo, the shipping costs you see on your cart are for gift boxes only. If you only add the custom logo to your cart( There are no gift boxes in your cart), you won’t see the shipping costs and can’t proceed to checkout, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • If you want to upload your logo/design to us, please navigate to the custom logo page, scroll down find the contact form and upload your logo/design.

How to place an order

Step1: Choose your products(Catalog)

  1. Gift box,

We have 26 sizes and 18 colors(designs) for your choice,


  1. Sample or small quantity gift box,

You can buy 1 box as a sample, and our gift boxes MOQ is 1piece.

  1. Logo customization,

We provide 5 styles for logo customization, this service could not be sold separately, its quantity and size should be the same as the gift box which you want to buy, this means you need to have two products of gift box and logo customization product together in your cart.

  1. Mailing carton,

Our mailing carton match the related gift box.


  1. Bag,

We have 3 sizes of gift bags that hold related gift boxes, please refer to the bag’s specification.


  1. Paper shred and filler,

You could download our catalog

Step2: Cart

After adding your products to your cart, you can navigate to the cart page( the upper right cart icon on the PC device webpage). The only thing you need to do is to fill out the Calculate shipping form, generally, there will be 4 areas: your country, states/province, city/town, and zip. Fill out the form then click the UPDATE TOTALS button, then the shipping will update on the Cart Totals form, you will see the shipping costs and shipping methods with estimated shipping time. Currently, there are 2 shipping ways(3 ways in some area) you can choose from us, the differences are listed as below:

Shipping MethodsShipping CostShipping TimeProduct Weight Limit
DAPMost expensiveShortestNo limit
DDP by airmoreMore shortNo limit
DDP by Sea/TrainCheaperLongOver 15kg

Select the shipping methods and click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. You can also choose the shipping methods on the Checkout page.

Step3: Checkout

  • Fill in the Billing & Shipping form, if you already filled out the shipping form on the cart page, the information will be filled in automatically, then you only need to fill in several necessary forms, including your first and last name, street address, phone, and email.
  • You can change the shipping methods on your order, then choose the payment option you prefer. Check the terms&conditions box, and place your order with the payment option you have chosen. We provide 3 payment options:
    • PayPal, make payment via PayPal.
    • Credit Card, Secure credit card payment.
    • Direct Bank Transfer, make payment with your company USD or EU bank account, please choose a local transfer account in case you locate In US or EU, it will save time and transferring fees.

We will process your order shortly after we receive your order, you can get an estimated shipping time here.

If there are still problems when you place your order, you can contact us for help and we will create your order for you.

Product Quality

Do you have quality and factory certification

Every Geoto box is checked when they were on the production line, we assemble our box using a mold to get exactly consistent size. Geoto box could support at least 250Kg pressure. Our box could work between  -15℃ to 60℃. We accept 3rd party quality inspection upon customer request.

Our factory owns the ISO 9001:2015 quality management, passes fsc certification, is also audited by Sedex SMETA(4 Pillar), Food contact workshop certified. All main materials get through the RoHS test. Please contact us in case you need certifications or test reports.

How to make sticky corners work better

Please follow this video you will get very strong stickiness,

How to make magnets work better

Please bend the front flap as video, normally the magnets will work better. The magnetic force will be stronger after box closure for several hours.

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