Wholesale Gift Boxes with Bows for Valentine’s Day
Boxes with bows

Wholesale Gift Boxes with Bows for Valentine’s Day

Wholesale Gift Boxes with Bows for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day to celebrate love and affection is reaching soon, so be prepped up to surprise your loved ones with special gifts in Boxes with Bows . Exchanging gifts with family and friends is common practice in every culture and every country. However, the occasions and special events like Valentine’s Day, friendship day, Mother’s day, and Father’s day are reminders of expressing our sentiments for our family and loved ones. The best way to express affection is the exchange of a gift. If you want to impress someone or want someone to enter into a relationship, gift-giving can be a great idea to demonstrate your sentiments for that person.


Boxes with bows


Planning a perfect gift for someone special can be challenging especially if do not know enough about the liking and disliking of that person. In addition to it, the way you present your gift also matters. Therefore, we bring some of the amazing gift boxes with bows to present a gift to your loved one with style and elegance. The packing of your gift can help the recipient to judge the value of the gift. It also tells the recipient about your personality, attitude, and choice. The way you present your gift creates an impression in the recipient’s mind about your gift and your personality as well. Understanding this aspect, Geoto designs the best gift boxes and delivers them to their customers from all over the world. Read on to know more about the gift boxes with bows that are worth buying this Valentine’s Day.

Wholesale Gift Boxes with Bows

If you are looking for the best gift boxes wholesale, Geoto brings the best offer for you. It has an extensive collection of gift boxes with bows. The supplier provides high-quality boxes at an affordable price. The vast selection of boxes makes it easier for customers to pick up suitable packaging for their gifts for various occasions. Whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other national event, the wholesale supplier of packaging boxes has a great selection of gift boxes for almost every occasion. The gift boxes embellished with beautiful ribbon bows are a great option for presenting gifts to your loved ones. Whether you want to purpose your girlfriend or express gratitude to your parents for their efforts for you, the adorable gift boxes with bows are an amazing choice.

Manufacturing of Gift Boxes with Bows

The gift boxes prepared by Geoto are of great quality. The supplier ensures to provide their customers with the finest-quality boxes. It uses RoHS compliance material for the manufacturing of these boxes. The supplier uses high-quality cardboard and greyboard for manufacturing gift boxes with bows. These boxes are then coated with paper and given a perfect finish with matte lamination. This lamination protects these boxes from scratches and scars and keeps their appearance unaffected for a longer period. After completing the manufacturing process, the supplier performs different quality tests on these boxes. These tests are conducted to check the strength and performance of these boxes in extreme weather conditions. The entire process is to make certain that the customers get the best gift boxes and packaging boxes.

Sizes of Gift Boxes with Bows

There are various sizes available in gift boxes with bows. Ranging from small, medium, and large to deep, square, shallow, cube, A5, A6, A4, A3, there is dozens of sizes available in these beautiful packaging boxes. The size of the gift box should be selected according to the gift item. The box must not be too large or too small for the gift item. If you have bought a custom mug to give someone on their birthday, the cube gift box with a bow would be appropriate for the packing of that mug. Similarly, for larger items, there are large gift boxes holding more space. Geoto also brings beautiful insertions to fill your box and improve the presentation of the gift item.

Price of Gift Boxes with Bows

The price of the gift boxes with bows varies with the box design, size, and color. The order quantity of the gift boxes also puts a great impact on the price. If the order quantity is 25 pieces or more, the unit price of the gift bow with a bow is around $2. For an order of 500 pieces, the unit price of the gift box with a bow is approximately $1. You can check out the price of the gift box and shipping charges for the delivery of the box during the order placement. The shipping charges vary with your country or delivery address.

Minimum Order Quantity

The wholesale sellers have set a minimum order quantity for the purchase of the gift boxes. The minimum order quantity for gift boxes with bows available in stock is 25 pieces. However, if you have placed an order for custom boxes, the minimum order limit is 500 pieces. Geoto is one of those wholesale suppliers that entertain all types of customers. From regular shoppers and small business owners to large businesses, the supplier fulfills the requirements of all types of clients. It has the potential of supplying orders in large quantities. Moreover, it provides boxes to consumers who do not need the packaging for gifts in large quantities. The supplier also sells 1 to 24 pieces of gift boxes. However, there are limited boxes, sizes, and colors available for this type of purchase.

Buying Wholesale Gift Boxes with Bows Online

Geoto does not only sell offline but also receives online orders for the delivery of the gift boxes in different countries. The process of buying wholesale gift boxes with bows online is very simple. Visit the website of the supplier, pick up your favorite gift box and place an online order for that box. To complete your order placement process, you may also need to provide your email address and some necessary information. Using this information, you can log into the website as a customer and can easily purchase anything you want. Given is the process of buying gift boxes with bows from Geoto.

Select Gift Box with Bow

The first and foremost step in order placement is the selection of the product. If you have already purchased the gift item and looking for a luxury box, pick up a gift box from the selection of boxes demonstrated on the website. Carefully choose the box size as per your gift item. If you want multiple boxes, add all the boxes to the cart one by one.

Add to Cart

Fill your online shopping cart with the gift boxes required. Add all the boxes to the cart one by one and finalize your purchase by going to the cart page. Also, choose the order quantity of these boxes. The default minimum order quantity set on the website is 25 pieces. If you want more boxes, you can make changes in the order quantity. Unlike offline shopping carts, the online shopping cart can be filled and empty as many times as you need it.

Choose Shipping Method

The customer is also required to choose the shipping method to get the delivery of the boxes. The supplier uses three shipping methods including sea shipping, air shipping, and railway shipping. Each shipping method has different charges. Sea shipping charges and railway shipping charges are relatively low than air freight.

Make Payment

The final step is payment. Geoto uses different payment methods to facilitate their customers from different countries. It includes bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal. You can choose a payment method that is suitable for you. After making payment, your order is complete. You will get an order confirmation email from the company. After successful order placement and confirmation, you are likely to get the delivery of the gift boxes with bows within 5 to 10 days.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you are confused about picking up a gift for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day, we have shared here a few ideas for picking up the perfect gift. Whether you are planning a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or friends, the following gift ideas can be perfect to please your loved ones. Check out the following gift ideas and pick up a perfect gift for your partner or friends.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Female Recipient

If you are looking for a gift for your female friend or partner, the following gift items can make a perfect gift. You can pick up any of the following gifts as per your budget. All the gift items mentioned below are affordable and can be purchased in limited funds.

Cosmetics Products

Do you know the favorite cosmetics brand of your friend? Buy her makeup products of that brand. What you purchase depends on your budget. You can choose multiple makeup products or can buy makeup applicators or brushes for her. You can also gift her glossy eye shades or a foundation of her favorite makeup brand. There are multiple items in makeup products. You can buy anything appropriate for your partner.


Clothing is another affordable gift for Valentine’s Day and there are various options to choose from. If you have a limited budget, you can buy your friend a decent top. If you have sufficient funds, you can look for an expensive branded dress. You can also buy scarves to give an elegant gift to your female friend. You can also check out webpages of your favorite clothing brands and can enjoy big sales and discounts offered for Valentine’s Day. Again, whatever you choose depends on your budget.


Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to purpose your girlfriend or convince your partner for the beginning of a relationship. For this, there could be anything special than a ring. Buy a beautiful ring, put it in a small gift bow with a bow, and present it to your partner.


Chocolates or sugary treats can make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. You can pick up Geoto’s loveable gift box with a transparent heart-shaped window to put the food items in it and present the gift to your partner with style. You can also take your girl to a dinner in her favorite restaurant as a Valentine’s Day gift.


Delicate decoration pieces and glassware are among the favorite gifts for females. If you are planning a gift for your mother, you can buy her a beautiful decoration piece for your home interior. There are different gift items that you can buy depending on your budget. Pick up a suitable gift item and put it in a gift box with a bow to put a positive impression on the recipient.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Male Recipient

The list of gift ideas for male recipients is not as long as the list of gift ideas for female friends. There are limited gift items you can purchase for males such as grooming products, shirts, cufflinks, sunglasses, or gadgets. Pick up an appropriate gift item from the following list and celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love of your life.

Grooming Products

Buying your boyfriend’s grooming products for Valentine’s Day can be a good option. There are different items you can choose from considering your budget. Whatever you choose put it in the gift box with a bow and present it to your partner decently.


There are different options in clothing such as shirts, activewear, and jackets. You can pick up a gift item keeping your funds in mind. If you do not afford branded clothing, you can also find wholesale clothing suppliers that provide quality clothing at an affordable price.

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Fashion Accessories

You can also choose from fashion accessories like sunglasses, cufflinks, and watches to present an amazing gift to your partner. You can look for branded products and also find some good quality products from local manufacturers.


If you are looking for a luxury gift for your male partner, gadgets can be a great choice. You can choose from smartwatches, tablets, or even smartphones to present a special gift to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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