Where to Get Inexpensive Chic-Style Pink Gift Box for Her?
pink gift box

Where to Get Inexpensive Chic-Style Pink Gift Box for Her

Where to Get Inexpensive Chic-Style Pink Gift Box for Her

Are you looking for a beautiful present for your girlfriend or spouse? We have the modish, classy, finest-quality, and reasonably priced boxes to present a gift in an elegant and heart-touching style. A pink gift box holding a beautiful gift for your loved one makes a loveable present. Various options are available in the gift packaging such as design, color, shape, and size of the box. You can pick up a perfect pink box suitable for the gift item. Whether it is a jewelry gift, a fragrance, a cosmetics item, clothing, or an accessory, you can get an appropriate gift box at a reasonable price. Having variants of a small, medium, large, and extra-large, you can find here a flawless box in every size and shape. Moreover, you can get a custom gift box having personalized design, size, printing, logo, letters, images, or anything else. We aim to provide our customers with the best and desired gift packaging at an affordable price.

Geoto is a leading and trusted supplier of packaging, gift boxes, mailing cartons, keepsake boxes, Kraft boxes, and other accessories. It is a Shanghai-based packaging company having thousands of customers all across the world. Including China, the company delivers its products to the USA, Europe, Middle East, South Korea, and many other Asian countries. It has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. The company uses secure and fast shipping methods to ensure timely delivery even in farther countries. Moreover, it has a customer-friendly return policy. In case of a problem, the customers can get their boxes returned and get refunds. Read on to know about the pink gift boxes manufactured and supplied by Geoto and how you can buy them online.

pink gift box

Modish Pink Gift Boxes on Wholesale Price

Geoto has a wide collection of creatively designed and professionally-made gift boxes. The company provides customers with the best packaging at wholesale prices. You can get the most stylish and trendy packaging and gift boxes here at a reasonable price. If you are looking for pink gift boxes, there are diverse designs and styles used in preparing these boxes. Moreover, there are different sizes to choose from. The supplier has a vast color variety providing customers with more choices and options to pick up their required stuff. As well as pink, there is a vast collection of gift boxes in blue, Kraft, ivory, red, black, white, golden, and grey. You can visit the website to check out the entire up-to-date box selection and the details of these boxes. We have shared here a few most-selling pink gift boxes that you would love to buy.

Deep Magnetic Pink Gift Box

One of the most-selling gift boxes here is the deep pink gift box available in A3, A4, A5, and multiple other sizes. This gift box can be used for clothing, footwear, cake, food items, or multiple other products needing more space. It has more capacity to carry products as compared to shallow boxes. The price of this box varies from approx. $2 to $1.18. This price change is credited to the order quantity. If you make large orders, you enjoy the rock-bottom prices. For small orders, the price is comparatively high. The minimum order quantity for a deep pink gift box is 25 pieces. The standard order size is 25 pieces, 100 pieces, 200 pieces, 300 pieces, 400 pieces, and 500 pieces. You can also create an order smaller or greater than these numbers. For orders below the minimum order limit, you can buy samples.

Pink Magnetic Gift Box with Ribbon

If you are in quest of a loveable gift box for your loved one, we recommend buying the pink gift box with a magnetic lock and a ribbon. Geoto gives more choices to customers to design the gift boxes in different styles. You can add ribbon to your gift box to make it look more appealing. The box has a hidden magnetic lock that keeps it closed. Rather than the button lock, this magnetic lock puts a better impression. The pink magnetic lock gift box is priced at $2.07 per piece. The price of one piece decreases with an increase in the order quantity. For 500 pieces of magnetic boxes with ribbon, the price is $1.24 per box. This box is also available in A5 deep and A4 deep.

Shallow Magnetic Pink Gift Box

The shallow magnetic gift box holds less space as compared to the deep boxes. You can use these boxes for the packing of clothing gifts. This is also a perfect gift box for jewelry items. Impress your spouse by presenting a luxurious jewelry piece in this versatile pink gift box with a magnetic lock. The price of this box varies from $2.33 to $1.3 per piece. The minimum order limit for this box is 25 pieces. If you want a single piece, you can buy a sample. The factory-ready samples are delivered to the customers at a reasonable price. The per piece price for a sample shallow magnetic pink gift box is around $5.

Shallow Magnetic Pink Gift Box with Ribbon

If you like the idea of having a ribbon attached to the gift box, you can consider buying a shallow pink gift box with a ribbon. The box comes in A3, A4, A5, and various other sizes. You can choose the size of the box keeping the gift item in mind. The width and length of the box should be appropriate for the gift item. It should not be too large or too trifling. You can provide detail about the width and length of the required box to let the supplier deliver the right packaging to you. The price of a shallow pink magnetic box is $2.02 for one box in A5 size. If you order 500 pieces, the unit price is $1.21. This price is subject to change. You can check out the latest price from the supplier’s website.

Square Clear Window Pink Gift Box

Does your girlfriend like chocolates? What about giving her a tasty treat of chocolate-filled pastries, brownies, or her favorite stuff packed in a beautiful pink gift box with a clear window and magnetic closure? The luxury gift box having a heart-shaped clear window on the lid is available for $4 per piece. You can also attach a beautiful ribbon to this loveable box to make it more special. You can get this beautiful box for only $1.9 if you buy more than 300 pieces. There are different customization options also available to style the box in your way. You can add different designs and have printing on the lid for personalized boxes.

Cube Pink Gift Box

Geoto also brings cube shape gift boxes in small sizes. A magnetic lock is attached to the box to keep it close. Adding a ribbon to the box is the customer’s choice. As well as a cube, the supplier also develops shape gift boxes designed in different shapes. The price of one cube pink gift box with a magnetic lock is $1.96. The cube pink box with a ribbon can be purchased for around $2.02. For orders up to 500 pieces, the unit price decreases to $1.21. The size of the box is changeable. Provide the supplier with the detail of box width and length and get customized boxes. You can also provide additional details to have an appropriate gift box for your requirement.

Manufacturing of Pink Gift Boxes

The packaging and gift boxes prepared by Geoto are of the finest quality. The pink gift box is manufactured with high-quality paper, greyboard, and cardboard. The ribbon attached to the box is of silk-like fabric. It gives luxurious look to the gift box. In addition to using high-quality material in the manufacturing of gift boxes, the company ensures to provide customers with the best thing. The boxes prepared by the company undergo certain tests including heat, humidity, and pressure tests. These boxes are made to bear a certain weight and to bear a certain temperature and humidity level. The condition of the boxes remains unchanged even in the areas with high humidity levels. The box condition does not change in countries or regions with high and low temperatures.


Geoto gives a customization option to let customers design their boxes in a different style. They can use a different color, another size, a different style, or different printing. The business buyers can use the customization option to print their logos on the box lid. The company gives several options to print your logo or slogan on the box in different styles. From foil stamping in golden and silver color to screen printing, and digital printing, the customer has several choices to design the box. The customization may increase the box cost. However, it is cheaper than the custom box put on sale by other suppliers.

How to Place Online Order for Pink Gift Box

If you are a new customer and have never purchased online before, the following points can help you a lot in placing your first order. Many of us have never purchased online because of some concerns. The internet world is jam-packed with scammers and middlemen making people bear financial loss buying fake or poor-quality products. Geoto is one of the reliable suppliers that have been providing quality packaging to thousands of customers all across the world. From America and Europe to Australia, and Canada, the natives of developed countries have been using packaging of the wholesale supplier. To let you have a wonderful experience, we have shared here the process of placing your online order with Geoto. Follow this and buy your favorite pink gift box.

Select the Box

The selection of the box is the most significant step. There are thousands of boxes available in different sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. Choose a box that is appropriate for your gift item. If you are not sure about the size of the box or any other thing, you can get assistance from customer support. You can also provide the gift details to let them suggest a suitable gift box for you.  Once you are sure about the box, select it to get further details.

Select Order Quantity

You must be clear about the order quantity. The supplier has a minimum order limit of 25 pieces. You can order 25 pieces or more depending on your requirement. The unit price of the gift box also changes with order quantity. When you buy boxes in bulk, the unit price of the gift box decreases. However, if you do not need a single piece or less than 25 pieces, you can buy a sample. To buy a sample, select the box design, provide quantity, and select ribbon.

Add to Cart

For orders of 25 pieces or more, add the selected box to the cart. You can add multiple boxes to the cart and can make additions and deletions. Once you finalize your shopping, move on. You will be notified about the total price of the boxes. You can also see the freight cost of the boxes. The freight charges depend on the shipping method and the weight of ordered boxes. The company uses air and sea shipping to deliver packaging to other countries. The local delivery is very affordable and quick. It also uses railway shipping in certain regions of the world. Choose a shipping method that is suitable for you.

Make Payment

The final step is making payment. The company uses different payment methods including PayPal, bank transfer, and credit cards. You can make payment through the mode that is convenient for you. Proceed to complete the placement of your first order. After this process, you receive a confirmation email from the company. The email contains the detail of your order also including the order number assigned to you. Use this number to check the status of your order. Once you receive your order, the company gives you 7 days to request a return or refund. If you find any issue with the ordered product, you can inform the company and get your cashback without any problem.

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