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Traditional Yet Modern Hamper Boxes


If anyone asked you what a hamper was, you would possibly say something that it is a large intertwined or wicker basket filled with a variety of goodies and you would be right, but only back then. Because now with the advancements in every field, the hamper box has also evolved according to the requirements of the time.


History and Evolution of Hamper Box:

One of the initially noted uses of hampers goes back to the 11th century and William the Conqueror who is accredited with conveying them to England. The word ‘hamper’ comes from the French ‘hanapier’ meaning ‘a case for chalices’. The practice of giving hampers as gifts began much later, in the Victorian period. Well-to-do families would place together a basket of food and drink and give it to their workforce at Christmas. And afterward, the passage of time and the development of the railway system permissible for gifts to be sent over much longer distances, swelling the popularity of Christmas gift hampers all over.

Hamper box

As it became easier to import goods from countries all over the world, the contents of gift hamper improved and expanded. Although they were traditionally just for Christmas, their popularity meant they were used for other events, including as gifts for birthdays. During World War One, gift hampers were bestowed to the Red Cross to be sent to soldiers and prisoners of war overseas. Giving them a welcome care package and a taste of home on the front lines. What we would call a gift hamper in one country is often referred to as a gift basket, rather than a hamper, in other countries. So it proves that its name varies from culture to culture and country to country.

Hampers have evolved over time to meet the ever-changing inclinations of society. Over the past decades, traditional hampers have usually encompassed food and drink items carried in a wickerwork basket to take on a day out, to a show, or to enjoy plunging into on a warm summer day and on a picnic. In more modern times hampers have advanced into a comprehensive gift and are given as a present to thank you, happy birthday, Merry Christmas, and for other different events. These food gifts are often denoted as gift hampers for this reason and may or may not comprise the outmoded bamboo basket. Instead, more commonly this food hamper includes a gift box, a gift bag, an open basket or is presented on a gift tray.


What Can Be Included in Hamper Box?

In terms of the insides of a hamper gift box, there is not really a written set of rules which would dictate what you can and cannot include in a hamper, however, some combinations are obviously more popular than others. Here is a list of the most popular types of hampers:

  • Christmas hamper box
  • Chocolate hamper gift box
  • Wine hamper box
  • Biscuit hamper gift box
  • Cheese hamper box
  • Prosecco hamper gift box
  • Craft hamper box
  • Chocolate hamper gift box
  • Laundry hamper gift box

Design Your Own Hamper Box:

At geoto box we also give you lots of customization choices, currently, we have five customization options, that is, you can place an order online, debossing, foil stamping (one color), screen printing (one color), and digital printing (multi-color), transparent window (PET sheet). Other than that we also offer custom insert, which includes paper insert, wrapping paper, cloth lining, PET tray, EVA & sponge tray, cloth bag, etc. For paper filler and shred, there are twelve beautiful colors, from which you can pick your favorite color and place the order online.

Other than that there are 25 different sizes of the boxes in our stock ranging from the smallest size to the largest size. And more than that if you do not find the size you need, you can also request a free custom gift box with a lid. There are 17 different box colors available on our website (different sizes of boxes may vary). These colors mainly include white, matte black, pink, kraft, navy blue, red, ivory, baby blue, silver, rose gold, golden, grey, holographic, copper, marble, orange, and glossy black. Besides, we also have Mailing cartons available in 25 different sizes to fit 25 gift box sizes. And handbags made up of A5, A4, and A3 sizes of paper gift bags with white, black, and kraft color.

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Hamper gift Boxes for All Occasions:

Geoto Box has been prudently creating hamper gift boxes for sending gifts to family, friends, and business colleagues, in countries all over the world.



We bring you top-quality hamper boxes and packaging at a very economical and reasonable rate. We have been providing quality products in diverse regions of the world including European countries for years and years. We have an extensive collection of hamper boxes and packaging in different shapes, styles, and colors. In addition to manufacturing standard folded boxes, we also produce custom boxes designed differently and keep in view customers’ desires and wants.

Whether it is a mailing carton or a gift box for a very special occasion, Geoto offers its customers the best of the best product. The boxes manufactured by the company go through some mandatory quality tests including strength tests, humidity, and temperature tests. It is our specialized way to ensure that customers get the finest quality packaging at a very judicious price. The company also accepts returns and pays back if the customer catches any issue in the delivered product.




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