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The Effective Swot to Game Card Box

Boardgame Wrapping box, Playing Card Boxes, and Game Card Packaging are all terms for the game card box. Single packaging box contains playing card letterpress, physical photogravure, enclosure printing, playing card wrapping, paper bag packaging, and even leading carton packing. The row dividers may be removed, as well as the box’s lid. It will free up space for either plastic deck boxes or rule booklets or a playing board to place on top of your cards. The front flap of the box is kept shut by magnets.

Printers of game card box attempt to provide you with as many unique options as possible so that you may create a playing card box that completely suits the theme of your cards. There’s something for everyone, from handmade boxes made of sheeth papers to exceptional finishes like gloss or soft-touch laminates. Your playing card boxes are run-of-the-mill printed boxes with whatever design you like on the exterior face.

Outer boxes are frequently composed of stiff cardboard, and stiff boxes constantly provide your consumer with a high-quality appearance and professional appeal.

The inner box role is to pack playing cards always made of paper, easy to fold, and inexpensive. What about the manuals on paper and the decks of cards? Art paper and virgin paper cardboard are the answers. We usually recommend adding plastic lamination to the paper to protect the printing and prevent damage from everyday use.

game card box

What is the size of a Game Card Box?

Playing card boxes may be practically any size. However, there are a few standard sizes that we can discuss. These playing card box dimensions are based on 300gsm silk paper with a matt lamination finish. Designers add 2mm to the height and breadth of your playing card box compared to the size of the actual card to allow for a bit of space on the sides, top, and bottom. If you’re using between 10 and 100 cards per deck, use this handy thickness chart to determine how thick your playing card box should be.

Standard Dimension

We all know that not every deck of cards has the same cards. So, based on the paper you choose and the number of cards in your deck, we have prepared a simple table that tells how deep your bespoke playing card box should be. These size recommendations are ideal for making your own DIY playing card box to verify fit sizes before printing your final playing card tuck boxes in a large quantity.

So, for a poker card tuck box, the actual deck of cards you insert would be 50 to 60 mm expansive, but your box size would be 50 to 60 mm wide after adding 2mm to each length, giving you a tuck box measurement.


A cardboard game card box or packing is a card tuck box. The word tuck derives from the way the lid of the playing card box tucks into the top of the packing to shut it. The lid flap is essentially for a secure closing mechanism.

Poker cards are known for their elegant tuck boxes, and some are even collectible. A conventional poker card deck has 52 or 54 cards, depending on the presence of two joker cards. If you have 54 poker cards, a depth of 20mm will be enough.


If you make your playing cards, printing gaming card boxes to go with them is a great way to give them a professional look. Customized playing card boxes not only make your printed cards look great, but they also act as a protective cover for your personalized playing cards, keeping them all together, dust-free, and safe from injury.

If you care about your game product, you may find methods more efficient and cost-effective while still being unique in how you offer them. It is more about how you, as a business, can prevent your packaging from becoming damaged, wasting space, and utilizing unneeded resources.

You’ll want to save money and space as a business, and one method to do so is through clever product packaging. The production and distribution process is slow if the game package is big, heavy, and difficult to store.

game card box

Why is it necessary to buy a Game Card Box?

Game Card Firms are progressively sentient that not just an implausible game product but even an effective packaging is vital to impress their clients. Whether a customer buys a game product online or in a shop, the game wrapping is the foremost entity they see, and it may make a long-lasting impression. This first impression will always signify the brand and the product as a whole.

With an explosion of individuals documenting ‘game card opening’ and ‘game card unboxing’ experiences across social media in recent years, the role of packaging has grown more significant. This growing trend demonstrates that brand packaging may be an effective marketing strategy.

Why choose Geotobox for buying Game Card Box?

We take pleasure in the sustainability and reusability of our packaging solutions. We feel that businesses should be more conscious of the reusability of their product packaging to prevent customers from discarding it. Many firms do it right, and many customers save product packaging, especially if it’s a little more opulent and can be reused elsewhere. As a result, its life cycle lengthens, resulting in less trash entering the environment, making it more ethical and sustainable.


The game card box is ideal for all kinds of card games and poker cards that let your business stand out. If you want to create your playing card, the most acceptable customization option is for you. If you’re a retailer or distributor of the playing cards or board playing games, you might want to consider getting a display board to show and advertise your products. Geoto box is here to provide you top notch custom gift box, bridesmaid boxes.

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