Luxury Brown Gift Boxes and Custom Boxes on Wholesale
Brown Gift Boxes

Luxury Brown Gift Boxes and Custom Boxes on Wholesale

Luxury Brown Gift Boxes and Custom Boxes on Wholesale

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable supplier for packaging boxes? You have almost found it. Geoto brings a vast collection of rigid boxes, luxury gift boxes, and custom boxes on wholesale. Business customers and consumers can buy from the wholesale seller either by visiting the warehouse or by placing an online order through the website of the supplier. It is a Chinese-based manufacturer but offers its services worldwide and uses different secure shipping methods to deliver the product to the customer. In this article, we have elaborated on the luxury brown gift boxes manufactured and delivered by Geoto. Moreover, you can find here details of custom boxes particularly designed for medium and large-scale businesses.

What are Luxury Brown Gift Boxes?

The exchange of gifts is a common practice in our culture. No matter where you are from, you share gifts with your loved ones, family, and friends on special occasions. From birthdays to Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, Father’s Day, and Friendship Day, there are innumerable events that make you exchange gifts with special people in your lives. The beautiful boxes containing your precious gifts can be made of paper, cardboard, or even a plastic box. The luxury gift boxes are special boxes that are crafted using high-quality cardboard and greyboard. These boxes are coated with paper. You can easily find a luxury gift box from a brick-and-mortar gift shop. However, Geoto is a specialist in crafting luxury gift boxes. It offers wholesale prices for these boxes and delivers them to your place making the whole process effortless for you. It has a great selection of brown-colored luxury gift boxes. You can also find here luxury gift boxes in different vibrant, elegant, dark, and bright colors.

Brown Gift Boxes

Manufacturing of Luxury Brown Gift Boxes

The luxury brown gift boxes are manufactured by professional and skillful persons. The material used in the manufacturing of the luxury gift boxes is RoHS compliance.  It includes high-quality cardboard, greyboard, and coated paper. It contains an anti-scratch matte lamination finish that keeps it from scratches and maintains its appearance for a longer period. Once a box is ready, different quality tests are performed on the box. These tests ensure that the appearance and performance of these luxury gift boxes remain unaffected in different environments and conditions.

Sizes in Brown Gift Boxes

There are different sizes available in the luxury brown gift box. You can find here small, medium, and large gift boxes in A3, A4, A5, and A6 sizes. These boxes are further classified into deep, square, shallow, and cube shapes. Each box size is designed for a different gift item. For instance, the small cube gift box is suitable for the packing of mugs, essential oils, jams, or small decoration pieces. On the other hand, the deep gift boxes contain more space and can carry large gift items easily. The shallow gift box is suitable for the packing of clothing and lingerie. Before you choose a gift box size, keep the gift item in mind. If you are having difficulty in picking an accurate box size for your gift, inform the supplier about the product to get a perfect box. You can also request the supplier to provide a box with a size other than the standard size. You may have to pay a little more for the custom-size boxes.

Price of Brown Gift Boxes

Just as box sizes and colors, the price of the luxury gift box also has variants. The price of the box varies with box size, design, and order quantity. For instance, the price for buying 25 boxes is a bit higher than the price for buying 500 pieces of the same box. There are different discounts and coupons that help customers to save their money. The supplier also provides different discounts on buying up to a certain amount. Check out the website to get the latest price of your favorite brown gift box.

Minimum Order Quantity for Gift Boxes

If you have made shopping from a wholesale seller, you would be familiar with the concept of the minimum order quantity. The wholesaler vendors do not sell a single piece. They have already set certain limits or order quantities for placing orders. However, some wholesale suppliers do not have a minimum order quantity. They sell in bulk and also accept orders for a single piece or below their minimum order limit. Geoto has a minimum order limit of 25 boxes. However, it also sells 1 to 24 boxes as well. If you want to buy a single piece, there are certain boxes that you can purchase. The sample boxes also have different sizes, colors, and designs available. You can pick up a suitable sample box from the selection.

What are Custom Boxes?

Geoto has hundreds of designs and sizes available in gift boxes and rigid packing boxes. However, if you need a box in size and design other than the sizes and designs available, you can place an order for custom boxes. The custom boxes are prepared as per the requirements of customers. These are usually crafted for business buyers. The large and medium scale businesses design the packaging of their supplies and take services from the packaging suppliers for the crafting of these boxes. As well as businesses, the consumers can also buy custom boxes for different occasions such as Christmas.

Manufacturing of Custom Boxes

The manufacturing process of custom boxes is similar to the manufacturing of standard gift boxes available in stock. However, these boxes are manufactured keeping the instructions of the customer in mind. The size, design, and color of the box are picked as per the customer’s requirements. These boxes are made using cardboard, greyboard, and paper. These boxes also undergo quality tests performed on the boxes available in stock. The supplier also offers custom printing to let businesses design their logos on the box. Different printing styles are used for custom printing such as digital printing, stamp foil printing, and single-color screen printing.

Sizes in Custom Boxes

The packaging supplier provides different sizes for custom boxes. These sizes include A3, A4, A5, A6, small, medium, and large. If the customer needs a different size, they can provide the box width and length to get a perfect size. If the size of the custom box is provided by the customer, the supplier manufactures boxes in that size. You can also check out the website and the box selection to pick up an accurate size for your gift box or the packing of your business supplies.

Price of Customized Boxes

The customized boxes are relatively high in price than the boxes available in stock. The price of the custom boxes depends on the box size, design, and order quantity. If you place a large order, the unit price of the custom box reduces with an increase in the order quantity. Check out the website to get the latest price of customized boxes.

Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Boxes

The minimum order quantity for custom boxes is different than the minimum order limit for the boxes available in stock. Geoto has a minimum order limit of 500 pieces for custom boxes. If you buy a box available in stock, the minimum order quantity is 25 pieces. The supplier also provides sample boxes for those customers that want to buy a gift box for personal purposes.

What to Put in Luxury Brown Gift Box

The rigid gift boxes are in trend nowadays. People prefer cardboard-made rigid boxes for the packing of luxury products. You can prepare a luxury brown gift by putting in different gift items such as clothing, eatables, perfumes, cosmetic products, grooming products, and delicate glassware. Given are a few ideas of gift items that make a perfect luxury brown gift box ready for your loved ones.

Food & Bakery Items

If you are planning a gift for your kids or family members, you can buy their favorite bakery products or other food items to put in the luxury brown gift box. You can pick up a deep, shallow, or square gift box for the packing of chocolates, cakes, brownies, sweets, or sugar treats. Geoto also provides lovely luxury boxes with transparent windows. These boxes are perfect for the packing of eatables. The combination of a luxury brown gift box with a transparent window and chocolates can make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

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Clothing can make a perfect gift for kids and adults. You can choose nightwear, activewear, athleisure, lingerie, top, shirt, or a dress to put in a medium-size luxury brown gift box. If you are planning a gift for your female friend, you can pick up a beautiful top. For male friends, t-shirts are dress shirts are a great choice. Clothing also makes a great gift for your bridesmaids. Choose a beautifully designed gift box and fill it with a clothing gift. Your perfect gift is ready.

Fashion Accessories

If you are planning a gift for your female friend, you can pick up different fashion accessories. It could be a pair of sunglasses, or a necklace, or a bracelet. The item you choose depends on your budget. You can pick up an expensive gift item if you have enough money. There are several affordable options as well if you have a limited budget. Pick up a small cube shape brown gift box with suitable insertion; put your gift item in it, and carry your gift confidently.


Kids love gadgets. If you are planning to give something unusual to your kids on Christmas or their birthdays, you can choose a gadget. If you do not have budget issues, you can also buy a smartphone for your kid. Pick up an appropriate gift box for the gadget and present it beautifully to your kiddo. You can also present that gift to your spouse. It can be a great gift for your wedding anniversary. Also, you can present a smartwatch to your mother or father on their special days. Put the gift in the luxury gift box and let your family know how important they are for you.

Grooming Products

If you are planning a gift for a male, grooming products are an affordable gift option. For a female friend, you can choose makeup products of her favorite cosmetics brand. Choose a suitable gift box for the packing of these gift items. If you have multiple products that need large space, you can choose an A5 deep brown gift box. It is a reasonably priced gift box and is available in sample boxes as well. It means you do not need to bother with the minimum order quantity for buying this box.


The rigid gift boxes are perfect for the packaging of delicate glassware gift items. These boxes carry the gift item safely and ensure the delivery of these gift items to the recipient without damage. Go through different box sizes to pick up a suitable gift box for your gift item. Remember you can buy a single piece from Geoto. Check out the sample boxes to pick a perfect gift box for your delicate gift item.

Bridesmaid Products

The best way to present a gift to your bridesmaids is by putting their gifts in luxury gift boxes. You can pick up a suitable box size and put the gift in it to carry and deliver the gift safely. You can also use the custom printing services of Geoto to print the names of your bridesmaids or wedding couples to make the gift boxes personalized. Geoto provides custom printing services at a very reasonable price.

Corporate Gifts

The corporate or promotional gifts can be perfect to put in a brown gift box. You can choose different promotional items like mugs, clothing, or gadgets to put in these luxury gift boxes. You can also choose custom boxes for the packing of promotional products. It could be the best advertising and promotional technique for your business. Geoto provides custom boxes at a very reasonable price. Check out the website to know more about custom boxes.




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