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How to Make a Gift Box

How to Make a Gift Box?

A unique touch to gifts or treats for wedding showers, Christmas, birthdays, schools, and baby showers is easy with a handcrafted gift box. Small store-bought gift boxes are hard to come by, but they are frequently pricey and have limited design options. Making them yourself is far less expensive and allows you to fit your style and look.

If you’re giving anything lovely, make sure it’s well-packaged. Making homemade packaging is ideal since you can personalize it as you want – to put it another way, you create it with love.

This DIY article will show you how to construct a basic square gift box. It’s always an excellent idea to have a present basic box that you can make fast and straightforward. By utilizing scrapbook material, you may match these to a theme, such as Christmas, Easter, a party, or even a wedding. It’s ideal for those last-minute gift-giving situations.

The holiday season’s rush and bustle are thrilling and a little stressful. With selecting the ideal present at the forefront of everyone’s minds, playing Santa may often feel more like a burden than a game.

We’ve chosen to construct handcrafted gift boxes for loved ones. Gifting firms sometimes charge more for something comparable.

How to make elegant gift boxes?

Giving customized presents is a beautiful way to show you care. Still, what if you also knew how to design a box and a lovely item to go inside, so you could genuinely impress friends and family on important occasions? Geotobox demonstrates how to do it right now! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to cut, score, and fold cardstock before assembling it to make a beautifully adorned present box with a lid. Do you want to give it a shot? You could make many and use them to hold crafting necessities as well! Read on for step-by-step directions on building a present box or two in no time.

The Storage Container

We don’t mention “gift basket” since a few items don’t have to be given in a basket and may be placed in another container. The container might be an excellent addition to the present. Consider a gorgeous serving bowl or a garden plot for a garden-themed gift box for a culinary box.

The Concept

You can certainly put together a package containing seemingly unconnected items you know your recipient would enjoy. For someone you know well, this technique is ideal. You may utilize a theme, such as their hobbies, current life stage, or life requirements, to bring the box together for folks you don’t know as well.

The Purpose

A gift box might be overflowing with goodies or include only a few carefully organized pieces. The contents of a lovely gift box should be balanced. One major thing, a few medium items, and then numerous tiny ones is a decent rule of thumb.

Here are a few gift boxes with different themes

Gift Box for a Creative Writer Friend 

Giving books to your creative writer friend is a good idea. You can easily make a gift box for book-giving must-haves for the rear of the “box.” You may replace these books with others that focus on creativity, such as gorgeous books on design, art, jewelry making, etc.


You’d get a lovely lined notebook and a set of decent writing pens for your pal.

  • 3 A4 Sheets of Kraft Cardstock
  • One Sheet of Colored Cardstock (A4 size)
  • Cutterpilla Crop as a Paper Trimmer.
  • Glue and Double-sided Tape
  • Hunkydory Scoreboard, Box Base, and Box Lid Lines
  • Scissors
  • Punches for the Corners and Holes (optional)
  • Ribbon or Twine
  • Embroidery from your craft supplies

Where to find Instructions and How to Make a Gift Box

Instructions In Step-by-Step Format

Cut two 6 x 8.5′′ pieces for the box base and one 5.5 x 7.5′′ piece for the box lid from three A4 sheets of Kraft card.

  • Step no. 1

Score the Base Section and Fold

Place your cardstock horizontally on your scoreboard and score at 3″ and 8″ while working on the box foundation. Flip your cardstock to rest vertically on the scoreboard and score at 4″. Bend all the score lines and cut along the lines on the second base section.

  • Step no. 2

Scoring The Lid Section

Place your cardstock on your scoreboard and score at 1.1″ on all sides while working on the box lid. Cut through each corner of the tabs and bend and score on all score lines. Stick all corners together with adhesive, making sure they all match up.

  • Step no. 3

Assembling the Box Base

Apply Red liner tape to each of the cardstock’s thin edges. Connect one narrow piece of one box base to another little section of the other box base. Connect one narrow segment of one box base to another little area of the different base. Use Red liner tape or adhesive to adhere to the red liner tape. Glue together the two more extended portions first, then the two shorter sections.

Cut one piece of colored paper to 5 x 3″ and one piece of Kraft cardstock to 4 34 x 2 34″ for the lid. Create a mat and layer effect by attaching the colored card to the cover and then the Kraft to the colored card.

Cut a 12 x 3″ rectangle from either colored or Kraft card to make the tag if you have a corner rounder, round the corners and punch a hole in the top to thread twine or ribbon through.

Decorate the top of the box with decorations from your stock, then fasten the tag in place. Your lovely package is now complete!

How to Make a Gift Box

You now have a foundation and lid for your box, which you may personalize!

  • Step no. 4

Finishing The Box Decoration

You can embellish the box with panels made from colored cards. Cut two 4 34 x 3 34″ panels and two 3 34 x 2 34″ panels for the box and adhere them to the sides. These measures will add strength and a lovely mat and layer look.

Cut one piece of colored cardstock measuring 5 x 3″ and place it into the bottom of the box to cover up the connection in the base of the box. Inside the box, you can choose a contrasting color to give interest!

Are you looking for a Quick DIY gift box?

You must be able to build a present basic box without having to master intricate folding skills! This rustic-looking and, most importantly, Quick DIY gift box. Perhaps your children need a little present for a loved one, and you’re searching for a homemade box that they can help you construct and decorate?

It is a great gift box for any occasion. We are pretty confident this will be one of the most exemplary DIY gift box ideas you’ll ever come across, whether it’s for you to do alone or if you’re searching for something kid-made. And, it’s so easy to build, you’ll have plenty of time for the fun part: decorating!

Make a huge deal out of this present box for a special occasion, or keep it simple. You make the call! For ideas, see this present box decoration.

How to Make a Gift Box


To build your boxes, you only need a few components, the majority of which can be found online or in a local store. We’ll tell you the actual items we used, but there’s a lot of space for creativity with this project. Make replacements as needed and utilize whatever you have on hand.

  • Download our present box template in PDF format (or our cut file if you have a Cricut, Silhouette, or another brand of cutting machine)
  • Cardstock (white)
  • Scissors are the third item on the list (a small pair like these are ideal for fitting into the small details of the template)
  • Permanent adhesive (ideally purple vanishing glue stick) or any other paper-safe permanent adhesive
  • Ruler or another instrument with a firm, straight edge (preferably made of metal like this one, but wooden ones also work well)
  • A little dotting tool, a bone folder, or a dull knife (optional)
  • Accessories such as ribbons, bows, stickers, and other embellishments (optional)

A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Step no. 1

Your Template Should Be Printed.

A free printable box template is available for download. When you open the PDF, you should see two pages: one for the exterior flower design and one for the cut and fold lines.

After that, add your card stock into your printer and adjust your printer settings.

Print the box template twice so that the flower pattern appears on one side and the cut lines appear on the other.

  • Step no. 2

Your Box Should Be Cut and Scored

Cut out your box form with a pair of scissors or a craft knife, following the solid black lines.

Now line up one of the dashed lines with your ruler (or anything flat and solid with a straight edge). Run the point of a bone folder, small dotting tool, or dull knife down the dashed line a few times, keeping the device steady with the ruler’s edge or guide.

Fold the paper carefully along the score line you drew. Keep your guide tool placed against the bar and pull the form forcefully against its edge for a crisper fold.

You could notice that your fold is still elevated and shaky. Rub the seam of the fold with the flat edge of your bone folder, ruler, or another guiding tool until it is flat.

Carry on with the remaining dashed lines in the same manner.

  • Step no. 3

Create Your Box

Make a line of adhesive along the outside of the tabs on the front panel using your glue stick.

Gently push one of the tabs onto the adjacent side panels inside edge. Make sure the side panel’s edge is flush with the tab’s seam, adjusting the pieces as needed. Hold the two pieces firmly together for around 10 seconds once you’re satisfied with their placement so the glue can build a link between them.

Carry on with the other front tab in the same way. Your box should now be like the following:

Turn the box over and glue the rear panel tabs to the opposite edge of the side panels.

Check that the adhesive is set correctly on all of the tabs. You could see specific areas that are starting to separate. Using medium pressure, push them back together with your fingertips until they stay in place. Finally, your box is ready to use after the adhesive has been set completely.


One of our favorite reasons for making homemade presents for loved ones is that they’re so much fun! You’ll have a lot of fun making a homemade present, whether a tie-blanket, mittens, or a hand-painted picture frame. It’s one of the most pleasing aspects of the holidays; taking the time to make this customized and one-of-a-kind present allows you to appreciate the season. They also help you rediscover the true meaning of gift-giving: giving because you want to demonstrate your affection for someone rather than giving because it’s expected of you.


Many individuals seldom get the opportunity to express their creative side, but working on a homemade present allows you to do exactly that! The Christmas season gives a chance to revive your creative urge for people who enjoy sketching, knitting, or ceramics.

Gift box is an excellent way to express yourselves. They also go over some more ground if you’re unsure what to gift someone. In any case, who wouldn’t want a package packed with goodies? Making DIY present boxes is also enjoyable—present boxes for the significant people in your life. If you’re looking for additional Gift Ideas and packaging for puzzles, game card box, Geotobox has lots.

You can also reach to Geotobox by visiting our Facebook and Youtube.

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