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Wholesale Gift Boxes

How to Buy Wholesale Gift Boxes Online?

How to Buy Wholesale Gift Boxes Online

Christmas is just around the corners, so get yourself prepped up to exchange gifts with your family, friends, and fellows. Plan your budget, so you could get better gifts for your loved ones. While planning gifts, don’t forget the packaging of the gifts. You must be selective in picking gift boxes because they put a great impression on the recipient. An expensive gift packed in poor-quality packaging can make the recipient underestimate the worth of your gift. On the other hand, you can add value to your gift by beautifully packing it in a luxury gift box. Don’t worry about the price of the gift boxes because we have shared here how you can get quality gift boxes without breaking your budget. In this article, we have discussed how you can buy wholesale gift boxes at an affordable price. Also, know about the reliable online suppliers of wholesale gift boxes to get delivery of the packaging to your home.

Wholesale Gift Boxes

What are Wholesale Gift Boxes?

Have you ever shopped goods in bulk from a wholesale dealer? If yes, you would be familiar with the concept of wholesale purchase. However, if you have never experienced this, let us tell you what wholesale purchase is. In our regular shopping, most of us purchase goods from brick-and-mortar shops where we deal with retailers. For example, if we need a dress, we go to a retailer shop of clothing and get our favorite dress. The wholesale suppliers are a bit different from the retailers. They do not sell a single piece. They have a certain limit for purchase. For instance, if a wholesaler has a minimum limit of purchasing five dresses, you cannot convince him to give you a single piece. The wholesalers sell in bulk. They get deliveries from factories or manufacturers and supply them to businesses and retailers. If you need to buy gift boxes in bulk, you can deal with a wholesale supplier to provide you with gift boxes at wholesale prices.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Gift Boxes for Business Buyers

Business buyers prefer dealing with wholesale suppliers and distributors rather than retailers. The prime reason for this behavior is the price difference. There is a huge gap in the prices of wholesalers and retailers. The wholesalers directly purchase from factories or manufacturers. They do not have to give a share to a third party or middlemen. It saves their expenses and costs because of which they sell to their customers at a price comparatively low than the market or retail price.

The small and large scale businesses get packaging of their products from the suppliers of wholesale gift boxes. There are several factors influencing their decision other than the price. The wholesale suppliers provide more choices and can ensure the supply of large orders on a regular basis. Moreover, they can provide custom boxes to businesses to design the perfect packaging for their business product. They can get it at a reasonable price that keeps their costs controlled.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Gift Boxes for Consumers

The wholesale gift boxes are not only cost-effective for business buyers but also consumers. As we know that the celebration of Christmas, New Year, Friendship, and similar events are incomplete without gifts. On these occasions, we need to buy multiple gift items and gift boxes for special persons in our lives. The wholesale gift boxes help us to exchange beautiful gifts with our loved ones at an affordable price. When you have more nominees for gift-giving, the reasonably priced wholesale gift boxes can help you deliver gifts to all of them without breaking your budget.

As well as providing reasonably priced gift boxes, the wholesale suppliers also provide a variety of boxes and packaging. You can easily pick from the extensive selection of boxes varying in sizes, designs, colors, and shapes. The retailers have limited products to sell, whereas, the wholesalers have a vast variety of products. Consumers can easily find out their favorite stuff from the bulk. Moreover, they can get personalized gift boxes at a reasonable price for their special ones.

Best Wholesale Gift Boxes Available Online

There are hundreds of online suppliers of packaging. However, choosing a reliable supplier can be challenging. Geoto is a reliable and leading packaging provider having its grounds in Shanghai, China. The online supplier has a variety of wholesale gift boxes including foldable boxes, magnetic lock gift boxes, shape, and custom boxes. The company delivers wholesale gift boxes all over the world by air shipping, sea shipping, and train shipping.

Foldable Gift Boxes

The foldable gift boxes come in different designs, sizes, and colors. There are hundreds of designs available on the website from where you can choose. The company delivers boxes in folded form for convenient delivery. The boxes occupy less space and can be transported from one place to another with ease. The supplier gives different color choices to the customers, so they could select an appropriate color for a gift box for different occasions. For instance, you can pick a red-colored foldable gift box for Christmas Eve or Valentine’s Day. You can choose the favorite color of the recipient to give them a gift box of their choice.

Magnetic Lock Gift Boxes

The rigid gift boxes come with closures or lock options. The magnetic lock box looks decent and goes perfect with a ribbon bow. A hidden magnet is inserted in the box to keep it close. It looks more elegant than a button lock. Like other boxes, the magnetic lock gift box also comes in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. The consumer can select a favorable size or design for the box. The box sizes include small, medium, large, and extra-large in A3, A4, A5, and A6. The box shapes may vary from deep to square, shallow, and cube. Moreover, you can provide details to the supplier to get a different size of the magnetic lock gift box.

Shape Gift Boxes

If you are planning gifts for kids, we suggest buying beautiful shape gift boxes for them. As depicted by the name, the shape boxes come in different shapes. You can choose from regular shapes like round, star, cross, or flower. Moreover, you can choose a cartoon character to get an amazing gift box ready for your kid. For Christmas, you can choose a Christmas tree box, a Santa Clause, or a shape box depicting another symbol of Christmas. These boxes are reasonably priced, so you could get them without breaking your budget.

Custom Gift Boxes

Custom gift boxes are crafted for special occasions and your special ones. You can direct the supplier about the design, shape, size, and color of the box to get a unique gift box ready for someone special. You can also get the box lid printed in different designs. Printing is beneficial for businesses to carve their corporate name or logo on the box. The custom gift boxes are priced a bit higher than the standard boxes. Also, they have a different minimum order requirement.

How to Buy Wholesale Gift Boxes Online

If you want to buy wholesale gift boxes online, visit the website of Geoto. Here, you can find a vast variety of gift boxes varying in sizes, colors, and designs. Choose an appropriate gift and follow the given procedure to place an order for the box. There is one important thing to keep in mind and that is the minimum order requirement. The wholesale suppliers have a certain limit for order placement. They do not accept orders below their minimum order limit. For example, Geoto has a minimum order limit of 25 boxes. The customers have to place an order equal to or above 25 boxes. For a shorter order, you can request sample boxes. The supplier provides sample boxes to regular shoppers who need boxes less than the minimum order limit. The procedure to buy sample boxes is the same as the process of buying wholesale gift boxes.

Choose Your Box

The selection of a gift box is the first and foremost step. There are thousands of gift boxes varying in designs and sizes available on the website of the wholesale supplier. You can find an appropriate gift box for you by using the filters available on the website to find out the required box. Choose a color and you will have all the boxes available in that color on a single page. You can also filter results by choosing the required size. If you are not sure about the box size, you can take help from customer support to find out an appropriate box for you.

Select Order Quantity

After the selection of the wholesale gift box, you must also be clear about the order quantity. It depicts the number of gift boxes required. The unit price of the box changes with order quantity. If you place an order for 25 boxes, the unit price is different. A larger order has a lower unit price. In wholesale shopping, the customer pays less on buying more. The unit price decreases with an increase in the order quantity. Select your required quantity and proceed.

Add to Cart

If you have made an order equal to or above 25 boxes, add it to the cart. If you need a single box or less than 25 boxes, you can buy the sample. Choose the option as per your requirement. For placing a large order, choose “Add to Cart” and for sample boxes, choose “Buy Sample”. Once you add a box to the cart, go to the cart page for an amendment. You can change the order quantity from the cart page. You can make additions or deletions from the cart to finalize your purchase.

Choose Shipping Method

The wholesale supplier of packaging uses different shipping methods to deliver boxes to different countries. It is a Chinese company and the residents of Shanghai and nearby areas can enjoy local delivery by buying from the warehouse. The company also has warehouses in Australia, Germany, America, and England. The residents of these countries can save shipping charges by using local delivery. Customers from other countries can choose an appropriate shipping method at the time of order placement. They can choose from air shipping and sea shipping. Each shipping method has different charges i.e., sea shipping is inexpensive than air shipping. However, air shipping is fast than sea shipping or any other delivery. The estimated delivery time by sir shipping is around 7 to 15 business days. It varies with delivery location and shipping method.

Make Payment

When you choose the shipping method, you get all the detail of the price. It includes the wholesale price of boxes and shipping charges. The next step is the payment. The website uses different payment methods including bank transfer, debit card, credit card, and PayPal. You can choose any method to make payment and complete the order. After placing an order successfully, you will get a confirmation email from the supplier. This email contains the order ID and the detail of the order including order quantity, box type, and price. You can check the status of your order through the order ID. You can send an email to the registered email address or can chat with customer support to check the status of your order.

Get Delivery

After order confirmation, the supplier takes a few days for the order preparation and delivers to the customer. This delivery time varies with the shipping method and the delivery location. Once you get the delivery of your order, you can inspect the ordered product and can request a return or refund if required. The company gives 30 days to the customer to get the boxes returned if these are damaged or there is any other issue. Read the return policy of the supplier to know more about it. Geoto also offers refunds. You can get your money back if there is a problem with the ordered product. Keep the product and the packaging secure to claim return or refund.

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