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Buy Small and Large Gift Box on Wholesale Price

Buy Small and Large Gift Boxes on Wholesale Price

Whether you are looking for Large Gift Box for the packaging of multiple gift items or small gift boxes to enclose a ring or delicate jewelry pieces, we have got you covered. Geoto brings a wide selection of gift boxes including small boxes, large gift boxes, and packaging in A3, A4, A5, A6, and multiple other sizes. These boxes are available in different shapes like a cube, hexagon, rectangle, square, and more. The company supplies packaging to restaurants and bakeries for the packing of pizza, burgers, cakes, pastries, fries, and other eatables.

Moreover, it provides quality boxes to boutiques for the packing of branded and luxury clothes. It also manufactures jewelry boxes filled with cotton, silk, and other soft fabrics to give your gift a luxurious appearance. No matter if you want to purchase packaging for your business or want to share gifts with your loved ones, the company supplies high-quality and affordable packaging to all types of customers. This article discusses how you can buy small and large gift boxes at wholesale prices from Geoto.

Geoto Large Gift Box Collection

Geoto is a wholesale supplier of boxes and packaging providing delivering quality boxes to business buyers and regular shoppers all over the world. Being a wholesale supplier, the company has a vast selection of large gift box including rigid boxes, magnetic lock boxes, folding boxes, shape boxes, and custom boxes. It offers multiple sizes and colors to have versatile packing for your clothes, jewelry, food, footwear, accessories, and all gift items and business products. In addition to the provision of standard boxes in common sizes, the company also provides custom boxes manufactured according to the client’s requirements. We have discussed here a few most appreciated packaging and gift boxes of the company in small, large, and customized sizes.

Magnetic Lock Small & Large Gift Boxes

The magnetic lock box, as depicted by its name, has a hidden magnetic lock to close the box. The magnetics are attached to the box lid and bottom. As they come close, the magnetic hidden inside closes the box. This hidden lock seems attractive as compared to the button or zip lock. The boxes with magnetic locks come with attached lids. If you choose magnetic lock boxes, you can get them prepared in different sizes and colors. From black, white, and Kraft color to blue, pink, and yellow, there are different bright and dark colors to choose from for small and large gift boxes.

Folded Small & Large Gift Box

The gift boxes manufactured by the company are folding. The supplier delivers these boxes to the client in folding form. The customer can later unfold the box to bring it into use. The folding boxes can be carried from one place to another with ease. Also, it makes the shipping of these boxes comfortable when needed to deliver to a long-distance or probably another country. There is no rocket science used in the unfolding process. You can simply unfold the box and can take help from the tutorials available on the website to unfold the box.

Shape Boxes in Multiple Sizes

If you are planning to give a surprise gift to your kids, the shape boxes of Geoto can be a great option to pack your gifts. Choose a shape and get a box prepared in that shape. From a giant size football-like box to a small star-like box or a large gift box in Christmas tree shape, you can choose anything. You can also choose a cartoon character to get a box designed in that shape. The company ensures the provision of good quality and professionally made boxes to all business and regular customers. It also manages to customize every product according to customer requirements.

Custom Gift Boxes

The customization of gift boxes has never been so simple and affordable. The wholesale supplier provides custom boxes designed according to the customer’s choice. The customer picks up color, size, shape, and pattern to prepare a customized gift box. The company ensures to provide the product as it is described and explained by the customer. You can choose a design from the box collection of the supplier or can create a new design according to your business strategy or product requirement. The custom boxes are very reasonably priced. You can get the price detail of these boxes from the supplier’s website. If you make a large order for custom boxes, you get a considerable reduction in the price.

How to Buy Small & Large Gift Boxes from Wholesale Supplier

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It is very simple to make an online purchase from the wholesale supplier of gift boxes. Visit the website of Geoto and check out the collection of boxes. Choose a box and then select the size and color for the box. Choose the number of boxes required. It is pertinent to mention here that Geoto has a minimum order limit that starts from 25 pieces. This limit is different in the case of custom boxes. However, the company also provides single and multiple boxes as samples. Consumers can buy samples from the wholesale supplier at a reasonable price. Also, they can use the customization options to change the color and size of the sample box.

Add the sample or bulk boxes to the cart and proceed to your online order. Choose shipping method and make payment. Your order is complete. After you complete your order, the company will send a confirmation email. It is to ensure that your order has been received by the company. In that email, the customer is also provided an order number that helps to track the order or to check the status. If you want to make any changes to your order, you can contact the supplier at their official email address or contact number provided on their website.

Why Choose Geoto for Buying Wholesale Large Gift Box

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier, Geoto is the best option. It has vast experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality packaging to customers from all across the world. Geoto has been providing supplies to business buyers and consumers from Europe, America, Asia, and many other countries. It has a vast selection of boxes designed for the packaging of different products including food, clothes, jewelry, footwear, and other necessities. As well as manufacturing different types of boxes, the supplier also provides several choices to the customer in selecting the color and size of the packaging.

Whether it is a Kraft box, a keepsake box, a folding box, or a custom box, the customers have several color options. Also, the size of the box is changeable. The customer can provide length and width to manufacture a custom box. In short, Geoto is a hub of packaging from where you can buy boxes of any type at a wholesale price. Read on to know what stands Geoto out and why you should choose this supplier to buy wholesale gift boxes.

Vast Variety of Packaging

The wholesale suppliers are expected to have more variety than available at a retailer point. Keeping this in mind, Geoto brings a vast variety of packaging to entertain all types of businesses and consumers. Whether you want a box, or packaging for your food, jewelry, or clothing business, you can get it from Geoto. Whatever your requirement is and whatever changes you want to make in a box, the wholesale supplier serves you. It has very simple conditions to deal with and a very reasonable price for the entire product line.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Geoto is a hub of packaging and gift boxes available in various standard and custom sizes. If you want an A4 size box, you can get here hundreds of box designs available in A4 size. Moreover, the supplier provides A3, A5, and A6 sizes in different variants. These sizes are further classified into cube, square, shallow, and deep. You can also get S, M, L, XL, and XXL size boxes. If your requirement is different than the above standard sizes, you can provide the length and width of the required box to let the manufacture create a custom size box for you.

Low Minimum Order Limit

The wholesale suppliers have a minimum order limit. They do not accept orders below this limit. This is why small businesses and consumers cannot buy from these suppliers. However, Geoto entertains all types of customers including business buyers and consumers. It has an inconsiderable minimum order limit that is 25 pieces. It enables small businesses and individuals to buy from Geoto. Moreover, the supplier provides samples. So, the customers can get less than 25 pieces by buying samples.

Get Samples

If you want to examine the packaging before placing an order, you can buy samples. The supplier enables new customers to get samples at a reasonable price. These samples come into being with the quality material used in other boxes. As well as buying standard samples, the customers can also get custom samples with a changeable handle, box color, and size. You can buy samples in any quantity. For instance, if you want a single piece you can get one box. You can also get samples of various box designs. The process of buying samples is similar to the procedure of placing an order for boxes in bulk. Choose the box, box color, size, and quantity. Make payment and get your samples.

Buy Large Gift Box at Reasonable Price

The wholesale supplier sells high-quality packaging at a reasonable price. There are different levels set for the purchase. For larger orders, the price per piece is the lowest. For instance, if you want to buy 25 pieces of the black magnetic box, the price is approximately $2. However, the per piece price of the same box is around $1.26 for an order of 500 pieces. You can visit the website to check out the latest price of small and large gift boxes.

Quality Tests

The wholesale supplier ensures that the boxes delivered to the customers are of good quality. This is because every box manufactured at Geoto undergoes certain quality tests. The pressure test is performed on every box to ensure that the packaging bears a certain weight. Also, these boxes are checked in various atmospheres by increasing heat and humidity levels.

Returns and Refunds

The company enables new shoppers to place an order without any fear. The return and refund policy of the wholesale supplier enables customers to return faulty or damaged boxes. They can also get their money back. To claim a return or refund, the customer needs to inform the supplier within 7 days of getting the delivery. Some discounts and coupons cannot be refunded.

Worldwide Delivery

The company has been delivering packaging to customers all across the world. It uses different shipping methods to reach the shipping location. The China-based company uses air shipping, and sea shipping to deliver its products to other countries. Moreover, it uses railway delivery in certain regions. The customer can choose the shipping method as per requirement. For fast delivery, air shipping is suitable. However, sea shipping is suitable for reducing freight charges.


The company enables businesses to customize their packaging according to their business strategy. They can get the company logo printed on the box and can choose the color of the box according to their corporate color. The wholesale supplier makes customization of boxes simple and affordable. It enables newly established businesses to get the customized packaging of their products prepared from the experts without breaking the budget. To get all the details relating to custom boxes and custom logos, you can visit the website of the supplier.

The Bottom Line

Geoto can be the best option to get affordable and high-quality small  Large Gift Box at Wholesale Price. It brings diversity in box shapes, design, color, and size. As well as providing several standard and custom sizes, the supplier also offers customization. Moreover, it accepts returns and serves business buyers and consumers from all over the world.

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