Wholesale Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees and Customers

Wholesale Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees and Customers

Wholesale Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees and Customers

Corporate gift boxes have turned out to be an effective marketing technique to put a positive impression on the company workers and customers. It is also a great way to express gratitude to employees and customers for their association and loyalty to the organization. Gift boxes packed with different promotional products having a company logo are an example of corporate gift boxes. If you are looking for wholesale corporate gift boxes for employees and customers, Geoto can provide you with the best and most affordable corporate gift boxes. Read on to know how you can buy wholesale corporate gift boxes online from the trusted supplier of gift and packaging boxes.

Corporate Gift Boxes

What are Corporate Gift Boxes?

While there are innumerable marketing tactics to enhance brand awareness and improve company goodwill, the use of promotional or corporate gift boxes has become a common practice. The marketing experts have started incorporating corporate gifts and promotional activities into their marketing plans. These gift boxes may have different items that contain the logo of the company. These gifts are given to customers for staying loyal to the company’s product. These gifts encourage customers to stay loyal to the brand and purchase the company product again and again. The corporate gifts for employees are aimed to appreciate the hard work of the workers and make them feel proud workers of the corporation. The corporate gifts can be anything like a mug, t-shirt, pen, calendar, coffee, and tea hampers.

Wholesale Corporate Gift Boxes

Geoto is a wholesale supplier of corporate gift boxes and brings a wide variety of gift boxes at an affordable price. It lets business buyers save their costs by buying boxes in bulk and paying rock-bottom prices. Geoto is a Chinese company but it has warehouses in England, the US, Germany, Australia, and different other countries as well. The residents of these countries can visit the warehouse to buy corporate gift boxes. The wholesale seller also receives online orders and delivers gift boxes to your door. The company employs different shipping methods to ensure the timely delivery of corporate gift boxes to other countries. It also has a return policy for customers to request a return or refund for damaged or faulty orders.

Why Choose Geoto for Corporate Gift Boxes

There are innumerable factors that encourage customers to buy from the leading supplier of packaging. From a vast collection of gift boxes to rock-bottom prices and customization, there are several compelling reasons to buy from Geoto. We have discussed below a few factors that stand Geoto out from the competitors. You can visit the website of the wholesale supplier of corporate gift boxes to know about it.

Wide Range of Gift Boxes

The wholesalers usually have more variety and a vast selection of products as compared to the retailers. Similarly, Geoto provides customers with more choices of gift boxes and packaging boxes. You can find hundreds of designs, shapes, and sizes in boxes demonstrated on the website of the supplier. Ranging from magnetic-lock gift boxes to cube-shape gift boxes and gift boxes with transparent windows, you can easily find here an appropriate box for the packaging of corporate or promotional gift items. There is also a great selection of box colors including black, kraft, ivory, pearl golden, red, blue, pink, and white among others. In addition to a vast selection of boxes available in stock, the company also provides custom boxes to let customers design their boxes the way they want.

Multiple Sizes

The box size matters a lot in its selection. You can select the box size keeping the gift item in consideration. For small gift items like mugs, pens, and notebooks, you must choose a small-size gift box. The box should not be too large or too small for the gift item. Geoto has a wide range of gift boxes and box sizes including small, medium, large, A3, A4, A5, and A6. In addition to standard box sizes, the company also provides custom sizes. You can provide the detail of the length and width of the box to let the manufacturer prepare a custom box. So, whatever promotional gift you choose, Geoto can provide you with an appropriate box for any corporate gift item.

Wholesale Price

The biggest advantage of buying from a wholesale seller is the wholesale price. The manufacturer offers rock-bottom prices to business customers. It also provides discounts and coupons to let customers enjoy great deals more often. The gift boxes available at a retail store are far expensive than the wholesale gift boxes. The quality of these boxes may or may not be the same. This price difference may be overlooked if you want to buy a single piece of the gift box. However, this rice gap puts a great impact on the overall cost for large orders.

Low Minimum Order Limit

The wholesale sellers have set a minimum order limit and they do not accept orders below that limit. This limit, sometimes, restricts small businesses and consumers to buy from the wholesale vendor. Geoto also has a minimum order quantity but it is very insignificant. The default order quantity set on the website for online orders is 25 boxes. It can be increased or decreased to set the required order quantity. Moreover, the supplier provides sample boxes to those who want to buy 1 to 24 pieces of gift boxes. There are different designs, colors, and sizes available in sample boxes. Customers can choose from these boxes as per their requirements.


Customization is another specialty of the corporate gift boxes manufacturer. It provides customization options with every box available in stock. If you like a box design but want a different size or color in it, the manufacturer can provide you with the box prepared following the details provided by the customer. The wholesale supplier of corporate gift boxes also provides custom printing. Business customers can get their packaging boxes printed with their company logo. The wholesaler uses different printing designs to provide you with a perfect gift box designed professionally. You can know more about the customization options from the website of the supplier.

Return Policy

The company also has a return policy that lets beginners buy from the packaging supplier without a fear. If you have received a wrong order or the delivered gift boxes are partially or completely damaged, you can request the supplier to exchange the faulty gift boxes or refund. The customer has 30 days starting from the delivery date of the order to inform the company about the return or refund. You can read the return policy of the supplier from the website. It is recommended that you read the return and refund policy of an online supplier before dealing with or placing an order.

Worldwide Delivery

Geoto has thousands of satisfied customers all across the world. It is based in China but it receives orders from customers from all over the world. To deliver your order to your doorstep, the company uses sea shipping and air shipping. It also uses train shipping in some European countries. So, no matter where you are from you can buy from Geoto and can enjoy the wholesale prices and affordable shipping charges.

Local Delivery

The company aims to facilitate its customers from every aspect. To save your shipping cost, Geoto offers local delivery in America, Germany, Australia, and England. You can visit the company warehouse and can get the corporate gift boxes without paying additional shipping charges. Find out a warehouse near you and buy your favorite gift box at a reasonable price. However, these warehouses have a limited collection of corporate gift boxes. You can choose from these boxes or can make an online order for a box of your choice.

How to Buy Wholesale Corporate Gift Boxes Online

Buying gift boxes online is even simpler than getting them from a brick-and-mortar store. You need to visit the website of the wholesale vendor on an internet-connected mobile phone or PC. There you will find a vast selection of corporate gift boxes varying in size, design, and color. You can choose from these boxes to have suitable packaging for corporate or promotional gift items. Whatever box you choose, add it to the cart. Select a shipping process and make payment online. The supplier will send a confirmation email to your verified email address. This email contains the order details and order ID. You can track your order from this order number. You can contact customer support to check the status of the order and get your queries answered.

Ideas to Fill Corporate Gift Boxes

There are various reasonably priced gift items that can be used for the promotion of your brand and business. The commonly used corporate gift items include mugs, pens, calendars, and t-shirts. However, the selection of corporate gifts is really important because it puts an impression on the recipient. It should be useful and hard-wearing, so every time your customer or employee see or use it, it reminds them of your brand. Given are a few ideas to fill corporate gift boxes. Check them out and pick up the best corporate gifts for your employees and customers.


A customized t-shirt printed with your company logo can be walking advertising. Your employees and customers would love having the finest-quality t-shirts or jackets as a corporate gift. Clothing is a useful gift that your workers or customers can use for years or even longer. The t-shirt marked with your brand name or corporate logo would advertise your brand everywhere your customers or workers go wearing that piece of clothing.


Gadgets can be a great gift for tech lovers. It could be anything from a small USB drive to a portable charger and wireless speakers. Marked with your brand name or corporate logo, the gadget will remind the recipient of your business. There are various other products you can choose from depending on your budget.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are among the best and commonly used promotional gifts. The frequent use of coffee mugs at the workplace and home keeps reminding your workers and customers about your brand. Continuous exposure to your corporate gift can have a long-lasting impact on the recipient. They can remember your brand for a longer period. It can also keep your customers loyal to your brand.

Water Bottles

Like coffee mugs, water bottles are also a useful corporate gift. The usefulness of water bottles makes them a commonly used promotional gift all across the world. You can also create a perfect corporate gift box by combining a water bottle and a coffee mug marked with your company logo or brand name.

Fashion Accessories

A luxury corporate gift box filled with fashion accessories like sunglasses, a watch, or cufflinks can be an impressive gift for your employees. You can present this luxury gift to your best-performing employees. Get the gift box and gift items marked with your company logo, so it could remind the recipient of your business.

Sustainable Items

Sustainable and environment-friendly products made of organic material have become a new trend. Whether it is pure cotton-made clothing or bamboo pen, it creates a different impression on the recipient. You can put a positive impression on your customers about the company and products by presenting them sustainable gift items.

Snack Box

Your customers and workers would love having a sugary treat or snacks for free. You can create a perfect corporate gift box by combining snacks and sugary treats. Though the eatables do not stay for longer, they create a joyful feeling among the recipients that they would keep reminding for a long period. The happiness of getting something free especially delicious eatables could be an unforgettable moment for anyone. Geoto has a fantastic collection of boxes for food items. Check the collection and pick up an appropriate corporate gift box.

Notebooks and Pens

Another commonly used promotional gift is a notebook and pen. You must check out the sustainable notebooks and pens made with the use of organic material. Let your workers and customers have their writing material for free from your company. You can add your brand name or corporate logo to the gift and do not stuff it with marketing text or information.

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