Where to Buy Magnetic Gift Box at Rock-Bottom Price?
Magnetic Gift Box

Where to Buy Magnetic Gift Box at Rock-Bottom Price?

Where to Buy Magnetic Gift Box at Rock-Bottom Price?

Are you searching for the best magnetic gift boxes at a low price? You have almost got it. This article discusses buying magnetic gift boxes and product packaging at a reasonable price from wholesale suppliers. Whether you are a business buyer or a consumer, you can buy from a wholesale dealer. Geoto has been providing quality packaging to individuals and businesses all across the world. It has millions of satisfied customers in several countries including the US, the UK, and Asia. Every gift and packaging box prepared by the company consists of high-quality and RoHS compliance material including paper, cardboard, and greyboard.

Moreover, the quality tests are performed on every box to make sure they have the strength of carrying 250kg and bearing temperatures of -15°C to 60°C. The company supplies in bulk but also accepts orders below their minimum order limit. It provides samples at a reasonable price and also provides samples for custom boxes. Moreover, the supplier accepts returns making it convenient for customers to get damaged items returned or refunded. In this way, the business buyers get great advantages. They get packaging for their products at wholesale price and avail customization services to design corporate logos and slogans on the boxes.

Magnetic Gift Box

What is a Magnetic Gift Box?

As depicted by the name, a magnetic gift box has a concealed magnet and a front flap. As the box parts having magnet come closer, the box gets locked. The hidden magnet lock seems classier than the conventional button and zip locks. The magnetic gift box is manufactured with greyboard, cardboard, and coated paper. The box comes in folded style and can be unfolded without any effort. The box is used for the packaging of branded clothing, grooming product, cosmetics products, footwear, food items, bakery products, and gift hampers. The price of a magnetic gift box varies with the box designs and order quantity. When you buy the gift boxes in bulk, you get a huge discount. The unit price of the box decreases with an increase in the order quantity.

Where to Buy Magnetic Gift Box

The question that arises here is that where can you buy a magnetic gift box at an affordable price. You can easily find out a beautiful gift box at a stationery or gift shop. However, the merchant at that shop is likely to sell that box to you at a higher price. This is because the retailers keep their profit and sell to consumers at a price higher than the market price. If you need a single box, you may afford to buy from a retailer. However, if you need hundreds of pieces for the packaging of your business product, the high-priced boxes at a retail shop can break your budget. For businesses, it is highly recommended that they deal with wholesale suppliers to get packaging for their goods. You can deal with Geoto or other reliable wholesaler suppliers of magnetic gift boxes to get packaging at a reasonable price.

Why Prefer Wholesaler than Retailer

Business buyers prefer wholesalers to buy supplies or other items in bulk. It puts a huge impact on their cost and also influences the business growth. Buying goods at the lowest rate and selling them at the market price increases their profit margin and increases opportunities for business growth. Regular shoppers can also deal with wholesale suppliers to enjoy high-quality material, wide selection, and customization. The packaging manufacturers like Geoto provide more opportunities for end-customers to buy from the wholesaler. The following points explain why you should prefer wholesale distributors of packaging to buy magnetic gift boxes rather than retailers.

Rock-Bottom Price

The price is the biggest factor that influences one’s buying decision. If you can buy a magnetic gift box from a wholesale supplier at the lowest price, you would never buy it from a retailer at a higher price. You can save your dollars by buying gift packaging from a wholesale supplier. A wholesale packaging provider like Geoto is likely to sell their products two times, or in some cases, five times lesser than the retail price. For instance, the market price of an A4 deep magnetic gift box is around $5, whereas, the unit price of the box is around $2.09 at Geoto. If you place a large order, the unit price of the magnetic gift box decreases to $1.32. This price difference causes you to save thousands of dollars if you need to buy multiple boxes for your business.

Wide Collection

The wholesale suppliers have more variety to choose from as compared to the retailer. The retailer has limited stock out of which they show only a few products to customers. On the other hand, Geoto and similar wholesale traders have thousands of products to showcase. You can visit the website of the wholesale supplier and can go through all the products within a few minutes. You can also filter your search to see specific products. This wide selection facilitates businesses to have the best packaging for their products. The regular shoppers can also find out their favorite stuff from the extensive catalog of gift boxes.


Some of the wholesale suppliers also provide customized products. The customers can make changes in the products to make them distinctive. The business buyers use the customization option to make changes in the product according to their corporate strategy. Geoto provides a customization option to let its customers change the size, color, design, and printing of the magnetic gift box. It lets businesses add their logos and advertising stuff on the box in different styles. It facilitates newly started businesses to take support of skillful persons in the preparation of their additional materials like packaging boxes and paper bags. On the contrary, the retailers do not provide such customization options to their customers.

Best Magnetic Gift Boxes

The extensive collection of boxes available at Geoto can make you confused a little bit. If you are unable to decide which magnetic gift box is suitable for you, we have listed here the best magnetic gift boxes. Varying in sizes, colors, and designs, all these boxes are appropriate for the packaging of clothing, food items, makeup and grooming products, and other gift hampers. The price of these boxes is very reasonable and depends on the order quantity. The average price is around $2.09 per unit. Read on to get the price detail of every gift box. You can visit the website of Geoto to pick up your favorite magnetic gift boxes in your budget.

Deep Magnetic Gift Box

If you are looking for a gift box holding more space to carry multiple gift items, the magnetic gift box in A5 deep size is a good option. You can also get the deep magnetic gift box in A4, A3, A6, and various other sizes. As well as sizes, there are different colors to choose from. If you like the black, check out the collection of black magnetic boxes. For more options, there are grey, white, ivory, golden, pink, baby blue, and Kraft colors. The price of an A5 deep magnetic box is $2.09 for buying 25 pieces. The price reduces to $1.26 for an order of 500 pieces.

Medium Magnetic Gift Box

For a gift box carrying less space than the deep box, check out the collection of medium gift boxes with magnetic closure. There are different colors and sizes available in the box including A4, A5, and A6 sizes. The medium size box has different color options including black, grey, baby blue, ivory, golden, white, Kraft, and glossy black. Having a front flap, this box is appropriate for clothing gifts, food items, makeup products, corporate gifts, and gift hampers. The price of a medium magnetic gift box is $2.30 per piece for an order quantity of 25 pieces. To get the lowest price, you can increase the order quantity.

Cube Magnetic Gift Box

If you are planning for a gift for your spouse, a ring packed in a beautiful small cube magnetic box would be a great idea. A cube gift box is also suitable for a smartphone, perfume, watch, or makeup products. There are different sizes available in the cube box including A5 and A6. You can also get custom sizes by providing the length and width of the box to have more specific packaging. The price of an A6 cube magnetic box is approximately $2.47 for a purchase of 25 pieces. You can also attach a ribbon box to the box to make it look more special for your loved ones. The printing options are also there to have customized printing on the box lid.

Magnetic Gift Box with Clear Windows

One of the most appreciated magnetic gift boxes here is the box with a transparent window on the lid. You can choose different styles for this transparent window including a heart shape. This box is suitable for the packaging of food items. If you are planning to give a sweet treat to your little ones on Christmas Eve this year, buy this magnetic gift box with a clear window to make their gift more special. There are different sizes available in the box including A4 and A5. You can get a beautiful gift box having a heart shape window on the box top in pink color or any other color suitable for the occasion. The price of this luxury gift box is $4. However, a purchase of up to 300 pieces can reduce the price to $1.90.

Magnetic Gift Box with Ribbon

A gift box is incomplete without a ribbon bow. If you are planning a gift for someone special, this magnetic gift box with a beautiful ribbon bow is a lovely option. Geoto lets you add a ribbon bow to every box design to enhance its look. The price of a magnetic gift box with a ribbon stands at $2.15 per unit. This price is for the purchase of 25 pieces. You can get the box at the lowest price by placing an order of up to 500 pieces.

How to Buy Magnetic Gift Box Online

The wholesale supplier receives online orders from customers all over the world. The buyers can visit the webpage of Geoto to place their orders. Select the box; choose the order quantity; provide the necessary information and delivery address; choose a shipping method and make payment to complete your order. The company delivers your order within 5 to 7 business days. The delivery time depends on the delivery location. You can trace your order with the help of the order ID provided in the order confirmation email.

Pluses of Buying Magnetic Gift Box Online

The widespread adoption of smartphones and the internet has increased the tendency of online purchases. People prefer buying products from online platforms because it saves their time and energy. Sitting in their comfort zones, people can buy their favorite products within a few minutes. Visit the website, select your favorite product, and make payment to get the delivery to your place. Moreover, online shopping platforms have made the selection of products easier. The filters available on the website let you find out your product within a few minutes. If you like a product, you can add it to the cart. You can later remove it from the cart if you change your mind.

There are no restrictions on making additions and deletions from the cart. It is not possible in offline shopping you have limited time and a crowd to watch you while adding or removing products from your shopping cart. The online shopping platforms take your orders and deliver the product to your place. You can buy your products confidently and with more privacy. In addition to it, online suppliers like Geoto also provide additional discounts to let customers enjoy rock-bottom prices. The company also accepts returns and refunds if there is any problem with the delivered order. Place your online order for magnetic gift boxes and enjoy these perks of online buying.

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