Why this trapezoid magnetic folding gift box is the best choice for you?

Why this trapezoid magnetic folding gift box is the best choice for you?

GEOTOBOX is here to tell you about the perfect and adorable solution to pack your gifts uniquely. The Trapezoid Magnetic Folding Gift Box is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. We would like to give you a brief introduction about features, benefits, and the best manufacturer of these trapezoid magnetic boxes.

Trapezoid magnetic folding gift box for aesthetic gift packing

“Trapezoid” is an excellent term to describe this one-of-a-kind gift box. It has a distinct shape somewhat different from a traditional gift box, similar to a trapezoid. However, it has a magnetic closure that makes opening and closing simple. A trapezoid box is a great way to add a unique touch to your gift giving. This type of box can be found at many online retailers and can be customized to fit your needs. They are easy to assemble and can be decorated to match any occasion.

Structure of trapezoid magnetic gift box:

The trapezoid packing box comprises a box body with an opening and closing cover. In the box body, lower circular arc card grooves are evenly distributed. The cover has a uniform distribution of upper circular arc card grooves. The upper and lower circular arc card grooves come together perfectly. On both extremities of the box body, there are side slopes. The trapezoid packing box has a small structure, is well suited for practical usage, is simple to carry around and display, and can be used frequently.

The benefits of Trapezoid magnetic gift box:

Now we are listing some benefits of using these trapezoid-shaped magnetic folding for wrapping your gifts:

  1. It is unique

Your friends and family will love to see, a gift wrapped in trapezoid foiling, they will feel excited to open the gift, and it is an extremely unique shape. For example, you’re at a birthday party and everyone gave a lot of gifts to the birthday girl; the thing which will separate your gift from others is its packing. Does it ever happen to you that you opt to open the gift whose packing attracts you the most?

  • It is practical

A trapezoid gift box is highly practical as can not only use to gift products, you can use it as a jewelry box, chocolate box, or cosmetic box and you can place it anywhere as it requires very little space. Hence, it adds to the versatility of this box.

  • It is affordable

If you cannot afford expensive gift packing, and looking for a pocket-friendly option, you should buy the trapezoid magnetic folding boxes as they are an inexpensive solution when it comes to gift packaging.

Trapezoid magnetic folding gift box

Why do people adore these boxes so much?

  • They are trendy because they look very attractive and beautiful.
  • It is a fantastic method to express your creative side while elevating others.
  • These lovely gift boxes are a great way to congratulate someone or say thank you, and they also make thoughtful gifts for all recipients.
  • This gift box is an inexpensive way to convey your thoughts and can be used for a very long time after its original use. Anyone who receives them always appreciates them.
  • It is one of the most worthy methods to express thankfulness to someone.
  • For your loved ones, a trapezoid folding magnetic gift box is made from stylish materials. They will receive a pleasant surprise, and it will also boost their self-esteem.

The best provider of trapezoid magnetic folding gift box

You can get marvelous products for gift packing boxes from us at GEOTOBOX. We test our products in the laboratory and we don’t hesitate to share our quality test reports with our customers. We have obtained the SC food contact certificate, Sedex SMETA, ISO9001:2015, and FSC certifications. The majority of our packaging items are made of recyclable and environmentally friendly paper. Our team has been working in the packaging and printing sector for 16 years. Our trapezoid gift boxes can raise the value of your present to an extent as compared to other old traditional gift wrapping papers or boxes.

Our products

Our primary products are listed bellow

  1. Magnetic folding gift boxes
  2. Shape boxes
  3. Drawer boxes
  4. Other gift boxes

Features of our trapezoid magnetic folding gift box:

Here are some features of our trapezoid-shaped custom folding gift box that we want you to know:

  • Flip magnet

Our trapezoid box comes with a magnet that makes it too easy for you to operate.

  • Color 

It comes in a variety of colors; you can choose the one you love the most.

  • Size

The box comes in a wide size range of A4, A3, L, SL, and XL and is great for packaging watches, chocolates, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

  • Durable and Reliable

These boxes have built-in magnetic rubber which makes sure that the box remains locked, so you don’t have to use tape, ribbon, or gift wrapper to wrap the box. These are made up of high-quality cardboard which enhances their performance.

  • Multi-purpose

You can use these boxes for many purposes like you can store your important stuff in them, or you can also store candies and sweets in them.


  • We provide you the facility to customize your trapezoid in a way you like
  • You can choose a color of your own choice
  • You can also select the size you want
  • Changing ribbons or a ribbon-less alternative are both available.
  • You can customize the box ribbon if you choose the changeable ribbon option.
  • We are offering 5% of our products in September.
  • We have more than 300+ gift boxes of different colors, styles, ribbons, and shapes.
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