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Small Gift Boxes

Small Gift Boxes – Buy at Wholesale Price

Buy Small Gift Boxes at Wholesale Price

Gift-giving is an amazing experience and it plays a significant role in strengthening our relationships and bonding. The occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Friendship Day are the best reminders to exchange gifts with our family and fellows. Sharing gifts with our loved ones is the best way to demonstrate our sentiments for them. We understand the significance of gift-giving and that’s why brings the best small gift boxes at an affordable price. Geoto is a Shanghai-based packaging company that provides quality gift boxes and packages at wholesale prices. Read on to know why you should choose Geoto to buy small gift boxes and how you can buy from the wholesale supplier from a farther country.

Geoto – Leading Supplier of Small Gift Boxes

If you are looking for an affordable gift box, Geoto is a great choice. It is a Chinese company having warehouses in different other countries as well. It has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world that use the packaging of the company for business purposes. From restaurants to clothing businesses and jewelers, the wholesale supplier provides packaging for eatables, cloth, jewelry, and other items. It has a wide range of boxes varying in designs, sizes, colors, shapes, and price. From presenting thousands of box styles, the company also provides personalized boxes to let customers design their packaging the way they like.

The leading supplier of gift boxes provides samples at a nominal amount, so you could get delivery of boxes without following the minimum order rules. The packaging manufacturer offers innumerable perks for business buyers. They can get packaging of their products at a reasonable price. They can also get their boxes printed in different styles. From single-color printing and debossing to multi-color digital printing, there are different styles to decorate your packaging and to add value to your product. The company also accepts returns to let customers exchange faulty and damaged orders. Geoto is a great opportunity for end customers and business buyers to have wholesale-priced quality gift boxes and relevant accessories. We have enlisted below the offerings of the supplier that make Geoto stand out in the crowd.

Variety of Gift Boxes

Being the leading wholesale supplier of packaging, Geoto brings a wide collection of gift boxes, mailing cartons, paper bags, and accessories. You can find here thousands of designs, various sizes, and shapes to pick up the best box from the vast variety of packaging. These enormous choices make it easier for businesses to pick up a suitable box for the packing of their product. The jewelers can get beautiful small gift boxes to enclose the expensive jewelry pieces. Restaurants can get packaging for eatables like cake, pizza, burgers, and bakery items. Moreover, the supplier has appropriate boxes for clothing, grooming products, cosmetics, gadgets, and other gift items for men and women.

Quality Boxes

Geoto ensures the provision of quality boxes to its valuable customers. It performs different quality tests on its products to enhance their quality. The boxes manufactured by the company can bear 250kg and their performance remains unchanged in different temperatures ranging from -15℃ to 60℃. The company delivers its boxes to all over the world from the hottest to the coldest countries. The quality tests ensure that the performance of the gift boxes does not get affected in areas with extreme temperatures.

Multiple Sizes

The wholesale supplier has more than 26 sizes available for gift boxes and packaging. It includes small gift boxes, medium, large, extra-large, A3, A4, A5, and A6. These sizes are available in different shapes like cube, square, shallow, and deep. The supplier also manufactures boxes for the packing of wine. The wine boxes are categorized as Wine S and Wine L for small and large boxes. If you want a different size, you can provide the required length and width of the box to let the manufacturer craft a box appropriate for your requirements.

Multiple Colors

Geoto lets you choose your favorite color to pick up the best gift box. You can choose the gift box color considering the occasion as well. For instance, the red color would be favorable for a gift box for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. There are different bright and elegant colors available that make your gift box look luxurious. These colors include black, pink, kraft, ivory, pearl golden, rose gold, baby blue, navy blue, glossy black, pear silver, grey, red, and white. The company also manufactures high-quality boxes with beautiful printing, designs, and colors. For example, you can get red-colored Christmas Eve gift boxes embellished with silver printing and beautiful design. You can get amazing bridesmaid gifts ready in your wedding theme color. Let the supplier know your occasion and provide the necessary details to get a perfect box ready for the event.

Custom Boxes

The wholesale supplier also provides custom boxes carefully designed and crated following the customers’ instructions. There are different designs and shapes available on the website that can help customers to pick up a box for customization. The custom boxes comprise standard folding boxes, shape boxes, drawer boxes, and different other box styles and shapes. The custom boxes have a different minimum order limit as compared to the standard boxes. The customization option enables businesses to design distinctive packaging for their business. They can add value to their products by investing in quality packaging.

Small Gift Boxes

Sample Boxes

Geoto provides another valuable offer to its customers in form of sample boxes. You can buy a sample box to physically examine the product before placing an original order. You can get the sample box from the company warehouse or can place an online order to get delivery of the box to your place. The sample boxes are also advantageous for those who need a single box. To place an order below the minimum order limit of the wholesale supplier, you can order sample boxes. Choose the box, select the number of boxes required, and get a sample box delivered to your address. With the sample boxes, the company facilitates regular shoppers and small businesses to buy quality boxes at the wholesale price.

Custom Logo

You can embellish your boxes with custom designs and logos printed on the box lid. The supplier gives several amazing options to make your packaging special and luxurious-looking. It brings different printing styles including debossing, single color foil stamping, single color screen printing, and multi-color digital printing. You can also design the box lid with beautiful transparent windows. The businesses can get their corporate logo and name printed on the box. The custom printing makes beautiful packaging for eatables, clothing, gift items, grooming products, cosmetics, glassware, and luxury gift items.


As well as providing gift boxes in various sizes, shapes, designs, and colors, Geoto also provides reasonably priced accessories. It includes paper bags, mailing cartons, insertions for the box, paper filers, and beautiful closures. The closures include beautiful acrylic closures, flower closures, bow knot closures, leather closures, and many other beautiful cartooned closures. The mailing cartons comprise A3, A4, A5, and A6 small, medium, large, and extra-large cartons in shallow, square, deep, and cube shapes. The paper gift bags include quality paper gift bags in kraft, black, and white color in A4 and A5 size. These paper gift bags come with a handle to carry the bag.

Minimum Order Limit

The wholesale distributors sell in bulk and have a certain limit for minimum orders. Geoto also has a minimum order limit. The minimum order limit for standard folding boxes is 25 boxes. The customized boxes come with a minimum order limit of 500 boxes. It is pertinent to mention here that the price of the box changes with order quantity. The more you purchase, the less you pay. Geoto is the online wholesale distributor that accepts orders below the minimum order requirement. You can buy single or multiple boxes from the wholesale supplier in form of sample boxes. Choose your favorite box and get the delivery of that box to your address without bothering the minimum order requirement of the wholesale distributor.

Rock-Bottom Prices

The Shanghai-based manufacturer cum supplier provides quality gift boxes at rock-bottom prices. It provides great opportunities to business buyers to get packaging for their products at the lowest price. The unit price of the magnetic gift box starts from $1.54. The unit price declines with an increase in the order quantity. On placing large orders, the businesses can enjoy rock-bottom prices. The decreased costs tend to higher profit and business growth. So, get your packaging from Geoto to minimize your costs and maximize your profit margin. In addition to wholesale prices, the company also offers numerous cash discounts to its valuable customers for purchases up to a certain amount. Check out the website to get detail of discounts and the latest prices of small gift boxes.

Product Returns

Have you never purchased online? Many of us prefer offline shopping rather than online shopping due to the risks associated with the latter. You cannot physically examine the product in online shopping and there are chances of getting the wrong order delivered. However, Geoto ensures customer satisfaction by providing product samples for the inspection of the packaging for placing an original order. Moreover, it accepts returns to let customers return faulty or damaged orders. The customers are given 30 days to claim the return of goods. The company also provides cash-back in return for ordered products. Read the return policy of the supplier before placing an order. Whatever you purchase online and whosoever supplier you choose, make sure you read the product return policy of the supplier to minimize the chances of having a negative experience.

Local and Worldwide Delivery

Geoto delivers its packaging all over the world. No matter where you live, you can place an online order to get the delivery of the gift boxes. The Shanghai-based company also has its warehouses in America, the UK, Germany, and Australia. The residents of these countries can get the local delivery from these warehouses and can save the shipping cost. The boxes available at these warehouses come in A5 deep, A5 square, A4 deep, and medium sizes in black and white colors. The residents of other countries can place an online order through the website to get delivery of the boxes to their place.

Shipping Methods

Geoto provides shipping services all over the world. It uses sea shipping, air shipping, and train shipping to reach different areas. The train shipping is for European countries and the rest enjoy air and sea shipping. The shipping charges are weight-based and you can get the detail of your freight at the time of order placement. Sea shipping is less expensive than air shipping. However, if you need fast delivery, you can choose air shipping. The shipping time varies with the shipping method and shipping destination.

It takes 3 to 5 days to deliver an order to countries nearing China. The farther countries like America, Europe, and Australia may take 7 to 15 business days for the delivery. The delivery to European countries by train may take 45 days or longer. You can check the status of your order through the order ID assigned to you in the order confirmation email.

The Bottom Line

There is no ambiguity that Geoto is a reliable and leading supplier of packaging and gift boxes. It has a wide range of gift boxes and accessories available at a reasonable price. It is the best platform for businesses to get packaging for their products such as eatables, bakery items, clothing, perfumes, wine bottles, footwear, cosmetic products, grooming products, glassware, luxury items, jewelry pieces, and other gift items.

The supplier provides customization options to let customers design their boxes the way they like. It also provides several printing options to design boxes in the most beautiful style. Moreover, it provides box samples at a reasonable price to let regular shoppers have these amazing gift boxes. The company uses secure and reliable shipping methods and payment methods. There are innumerable benefits of buying from the wholesale supplier. So, place your order and get delivery of your favorite gift box to your location.

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