A Cute And Small Collapsible Christmas House Shape Gift Box!
Small Collapsible Christmas House Shape Gift Box

A Cute And Small Collapsible Christmas House Shape Gift Box!

A Gift Box Is Essential In The Christmas Day:

A gift box is essential at Christmas. It is a must-have and can never be replaced by any other gift-wrapping container.Small Collapsible Christmas House Shape Gift Box.

We all know that Christmas is coming soon. You may be thinking about what to give as a present for your friends and family. A gift box is one of the most popular ways to present your gifts. It can make your gift look beautiful and impressive.

There are many kinds of gift boxes on the market now. But if you want to buy a good quality one, it’s not easy to find one. It’s because many of them don’t have a good design or material quality. If you want to buy a nice gift box, you should choose a unique design and high-quality material at a competitive price.

For many merchants, gift boxes are also very valuable:

A Good-Looking Box:

The first point is that the appearance of a gift box is gorgeous and elegant. It can make the whole package more stylish and luxurious. In addition, a beautiful gift box can also catch people’s eyes at first sight.

Protect Products During Delivery:

Secondly, a gift box can help protect the product from damage during transportation or delivery. This will help reduce the risk of damaging your product during shipping, which will help increase customer satisfaction.

Add Value To Your Product:

Finally, a gift box can add value to your product by making it more attractive and eye-catching to buyers. Therefore, if you want to sell more products through online sales channels or offline stores, a good-looking package is essential!

A Cute And Small Collapsible Christmas House Shape Gift Box Is Better:

If you want to plan a Christmas sale for your own products, it would be a good idea to buy some small collapsible Christmas house shape gift boxes.

This year, there is a new tiny house shape gift box from Geoto on the market. It is small, cute, and collapsible. The size of this new design is just like a real house, which can be folded into a gift box.

On Geoto‘s website, you can pick two sizes of boxes. They come in different sizes and colors and patterns. But, all the same, they are great as Christmas gift boxes or decorations.

Green Christmas House Shape Gift Box:

A slightly larger gift box has an inner dimension of 5.5*3.86*5.7 inches and an outer dimension of 6*4.1*6 inches. It is a house with red and white stripes on the roof, and the walls are bright green. On its facade, you can see a door, and there are strings of festive lights hanging from the eaves. The light sign in the upper left corner of the house reads “HOLIDAY”. The whole house shows a wonderful festive atmosphere, which makes people feel happy when they see it. And it comes in a bright color scheme that will make your customers see and fall in love with it at a glance!

The Classic Color Matching Of Cream Yellow + Red:

This small collapsible Christmas house shape gift box has a classic cream + red color scheme. On its front, you can see a Santa Claus with a happy smile on his face holding a gift in one hand. On his other hand was a red sign that reads: Merry Christmas! Also, you can see a cheering snowman in the lower left corner of Santa Claus! Where is Santa going? We turn the box one more side and we find out: his destination is a home with the warm decor! There is also a beautiful Christmas tree in front of the family!

What Can You Do With A Small Collapsible Christmas House Shape Gift Box?

A small collapsible Christmas house shape gift box can be used not only as a good Christmas gift box but also as a decoration! If you’re a business that sells necklaces, earrings, or small toys, it’s also great for holding products!

For Family:

A small collapsible Christmas house shape gift box is very useful in giving gifts to your family members. You can put the gift inside it and put it under the Christmas tree. When your family members open their presents on Christmas day, they will be surprised to see that you gave them something so unique and beautiful! Your family members will love it!

For Commercial:

If you’re in the jewelry business or sell other small items like toys or trinkets, this small collapsible Christmas house shape gift box is perfect for holding your goods. It will help keep them safe from damage during transport and storage and give them a professional look when they’re on display at your storefront or tabletop display area.

A Quality Small Collapsible Christmas House Shape Gift Box From Geoto:

You can choose gift boxes from Geoto. Their boxes are made of coated paper and corrugated cardboard with a thickness of about 2.3mm. These cardboards are matte laminated in appearance and are RoHS-tested high-quality materials.

In addition, the materials used by Geoto are products with a recyclability rate of 60-70%. This is very friendly to the environment. So there is no need to worry about harm to the environment after these boxes are discarded.

If you buy large quantities of small collapsible Christmas house shape gift boxes, you can also get them for less! For example, if you buy 6-11 small gift boxes (inner dimensions 3.54*3.86*5.7 inches), each box is only $3.21. Its original price is $3.50 when you buy 1-5. If you buy a quantity of 12-24, its unit price is $2.88. When the quantity reaches 25-49, the unit price is $2.13. If you still want to know more details about the price, you can go to Geoto‘s official website to check, or ask their customer service staff.

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