Novel Design Large Foldable Christmas House Shaped Gift Box

Novel Design Large Foldable Christmas House Shaped Gift Box

Why Do We Need A Christmas Gift Box?

You may be wondering why we need a Christmas gift box. The answer is simple: the gift box is a beautiful and elegant way to present your gifts. It’s also practical and convenient for storing your presents after the holidays.

Christmas is a time for giving, but it’s also a time for receiving. And when you receive gifts from friends, family members, or business associates, it’s only polite to give them some sort of thank you note or card in return. (This is especially true if the gift was expensive or meaningful.)

But what do you do with the actual gift? If it was something small like jewelry or clothing, it might fit nicely into an envelope along with your card. But if the gift was larger — maybe a laptop computer or iPad — then how do you display it so that everyone can see it?

The answer is that you store it in a Christmas gift box until January 6th rolls around again! Then you take everything out and put your new toys back on display once more. 

For Commercial:

For many businesses selling cosmetics or bracelets, earrings, or small toys, Christmas is also a good time to sell. They sometimes choose Christmas as an event to give back to their customers, giving them many beautiful ornaments or gifts. At this time, it will be more festive to use a more exquisite Christmas gift box to put gifts.

So it is recommended that you choose a reliable store that sells gift boxes to buy beautiful gift boxes and make Christmas more colorful!

Tips Before You Choosing A Christmas Gift Box:

When you’re shopping for a Christmas gift box, you need to prepare a few things ahead of time. For example:

  • The size: You need to know the size of the item you want to put in, and then choose the right size gift box.
  • Shipping method: Then, you need to be clear about the other party’s shipping method. How do they ship the box to your address?
  • Assembling method: One more thing here is also very important: you need to know if the boxes are difficult to assemble. Or you need to prepare something while assembling.
  • The accessories: Finally, you’d better confirm the gift box accessories you need with the seller in advance. For example, ribbons for gift boxes and bags for gift boxes, etc.

Next, take Geoto‘s novel design large foldable Christmas house-shaped gift box as an example. Here’s an introduction to what the box can hold.

Inner 5.5*3.86*5.7 Inches, Outer 6*4.1*6 Inches:

The most popular items that can be put in a Christmas gift box are jewelry boxes, makeup boxes, stationery boxes, and other small items such as accessories or other small gifts for friends and family members.

Different Shipping Methods For Choosing:

UPS, FedEx, and SF Express are available for you to choose from. The time of delivery is about 3-7 days. Please note that if you need the package delivered in time for a certain event or holiday, please order it earlier to avoid disappointment.

Strong Magnets Inside, No Glue Needed:

This gift box has a strong magnet inside. This means you only need to assemble the box and it will stand firmly on its own. Also, when assembling, you don’t need to use glue. Because you can see the sticker coverings on the inside of the box. Just tear the sticker coverings off and you can get the inside of the box to stick together where it should. This is very convenient.

A Novel Design Large Foldable Christmas House Shaped Gift Box:

This novel design large foldable Christmas house-shaped gift box from Geoto is different from the usual gift boxes. It looks more refined and interesting.

You can see that this house-shaped gift box has a very classic Christmas color scheme: red and green. It has a red and white striped roof and green walls. This is such a classic colorway that people can tell at a glance that it represents Christmas! Then you can see the festive lights hanging on the “walls” of the box. There is also a sign on the wall that reads: HOLIDAY! Is there anything more joyful than a holiday? In addition, it has the following features:

Cute House Shapes:

The shape of this gift box is not just a simple rectangle or square; it has all sorts of cute little windows and doors on its sides that make it look like a real house! I think this will make your gifts look far more interesting than if they were simply packed in an ordinary cardboard box or bag.

Festive Colors:

Festive colors are used to symbolize joy and happiness during Christmas time. Red, white, and green are all common colors used during this festive time of year. These colors are usually used on gifts as well as decorations throughout homes.

Just The Right Size:

This box is just the right size for most items that you want to give as gifts during the holidays. You can use it for small items like jewelry or even larger items like clothing or shoes if they are folded up properly first!

Geoto Offers You Better Boxes For Christmas:

At Geoto, you can find a lot of gift boxes for Christmas. They are all made of high-quality coated paper and corrugated cardboard and are RoHS-compliant materials. At the same time, they are not the kind of very thin paper, they are about 2.3 mm thick and weigh about 149 grams. This means they are very durable and won’t easily collapse into unsightly shapes.

Plus, if you want more boxes, you’ll get them at a better price! If you buy more than 6 boxes, you’ll get $3.91 each! The more you buy, the cheaper the unit price. You can even buy boxes (buy more than 500 boxes) for $1.52 each! If you want to know more price information, you can ask Geoto customer service staff.

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