Luxury A4 Gift Box to Buy for Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day
A4 Gift Box

Luxury A4 Gift Box to Buy for Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

Luxury A4 Gift Box to Buy for Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

The time to celebrate love and affection is around the corner, so be prepped up to give flowers and loveable gifts to your loved ones. If you have not yet planned anything about the upcoming Valentine’s Day, let us help you make this event more special for you and your partner. Geoto brings some of the amazing luxury gift boxes to exchange with your friends, romantic partners, and companions. We understand the significance of gift boxes and provide our customers with the best and high-quality gift boxes at wholesale prices. We also offer custom boxes to let our clients design the boxes the way they like. Send us your recommendations and get a special gift box ready for Valentine’s Day. From conventional heart-shaped gift boxes to the state-of-the-art magnetic A4 gift box, we have rounded up here the top gift boxes that worth buying this Valentine’s Day. This article focuses on the luxury A4 gift box. Don’t forget to check out the Valentine’s Day special gift box selection of Geoto and get some outstanding standard and custom boxes at rock-bottom prices.

Gift Boxes to Buy This Valentine’s Day

A4 Gift Box

Valentine’s Day is not just an event but it is a reminder for you to express your love and affection to the important people in your life. What we cannot do in our hectic busy schedules, the Valentine’s Day is when we can celebrate our relations leaving everything else. Pick up some lovely gifts for your friends, family, and romantic partners, and make this occasion special for them. While picking up a gift, don’t forget to buy a lovely gift box to carry and present the gift in the most adorable style. We have rounded up here some loveable and affordable A4 gift boxes that worth buying this Valentine’s Day. Check them out and make a selection to impress your partner with a lovely gift and a luxury gift box.

A4 Gift Box

Gift boxes come in different styles and sizes. When you buy a gift box, you also consider the size of the box so it could carry the gift item properly. The A4 gift boxes are suitable for the packaging of clothing, corporate gifts, chocolate boxes, beauty products, and photo albums. A deep A4 gift box is approximately 33*25.5*11.5cm in size. There are different colors available in this box. If you are interested in buying a gift box for Valentine’s Day, you can consider the red color or favorite color of your partner. Geoto brings a wide range of A4 gift boxes in different colors, styles, and shapes. Pick up a box that is a perfect fit for the gift item. The box must not be too large or too small for the gift product. So, check out the sizes of the gift boxes before you buy one. You can also take help from customer support in picking up the right gift box for your loved one.

a4 gift box

A4 Shallow Gift Box

The A4 gift box is further classified into shallow, deep, and square gift boxes. This classification is intended due to size differences. The A4 shallow gift box has slightly narrow space as compared to the deep and square gift box. This box is appropriate for clothing, beauty, and grooming products. If you purchase a top or t-shirt for your partner, it can be beautifully carried in an A4 shallow gift box. Moreover, a box full of chocolates can also be carried in an A4 shallow gift box. The size of an A4 shallow gift box is 33*25.5*7cm. The net weight of the box is around 324g. This box comes with a hidden magnet that is used for the box closure. This box is manufactured using cardboard, greyboard, and coated paper. It also has a finishing of matte lamination that increases its lifespan and keeps it from stains. This box is available in red, black, ivory, pearl golden, navy blue, white, pink, and brown color gift box.

A4 Square Gift Box

The A4 square gift box is a perfect choice for the packaging of large gift hampers, food and wine, footwear, handbags, fashion accessories, and cosmetics items. The size of the A4 square gift box is 33*33*11.5cm. The net weight of the box is 473g. It is available in black and white colors with, without a ribbon bow. The square gift box has a hidden magnetic lock. The foldable rigid A4 square gift box is very easy to assemble and carry. This box is manufactured using high-quality material including coated paper, cardboard, greyboard, and matte lamination. Like other magnetic boxes, the A4 square gift box of Geoto also undergoes different third-party quality tests. The minimum order quantity for the A4 square gift box is 25 pieces. The price of this beautiful gift box starts from $2.99. The more quantity you order, the less unit price you pay.

a4 gift box

A4 Deep Gift Box

The A4 deep gift box is an ideal gift box to put your Valentine’s Day gift. The size of this box is 33*25.5*11.5cm. The net weight of the A4 deep box is 430g. The box has a large space and can easily carry different gift items including clothing, footwear, food items, beauty products, grooming products, glassware, corporate gifts, and hamper boxes. The box is manufactured using cardboard, greyboard, and high-quality coated paper. It also has a matte lamination finish that protects it from scratches and maintains its appearance. The box comes with a magnetic lock. It has foldable construction that makes it easy to carry. The deep A4 box is available in black, red, white, pink, blue, and various other beautiful colors. The residents of the US, UK, Germany, and Australia can get local delivery of the A4 deep box.

A4 Magnetic Gift Box

Geoto has a wide range of magnetic lock gift boxes. You can have a vast variety of designs, sizes, colors, and box shapes in magnetic gift boxes. These boxes have hidden magnets that keep the box close and ensure the safety of the gift item. Contrary to the button lock, the magnetic lock seems elegant and luxurious. The A4 magnetic gift box is suitable for the packaging of food items, wine, clothing, footwear, cosmetic items, grooming products, and chocolate boxes. If you have multiple gift items to surprise your partner with an amazing gift, the A4 magnetic gift box is a great choice to carry all those items gracefully in one box. The magnetic gift box comes with and without a ribbon bow. This box is available in black, white, red, pearl golden, ivory, kraft, navy blue, and different other colors. Pick up your favorite color and present the A4 magnetic gift box to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

A4 Custom Box

The customized boxes are the specialty of Geoto. Instead of buying the standard gift boxes, you can get personalized boxes ready for Valentine’s Day. You can change the size and color of the boxes available in the stock. You can also provide your requirements to the supplier to get your box ready the way you want. The supplier also provides the facility of custom printing. You can print the name of the recipient on the gift box. Custom printing is more suitable for business customers because they can print their corporate name or logo on the box lid at an affordable price.

a4 gift box

A4 Gift Box Colors

The A4 gift box is available in different colors including red, black, and white. You can choose a red-colored box as red is a perfect color to express your love to your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can also pick up a box color as per the recipient’s choice. If your required color is not available in the list, you can request the supplier to provide a custom box in your required color. Moreover, the black color is also very inn. If the recipient of the gift is a male, the black gift box would be a great option. For the female recipient, you can look for funky and bright colors like pink, ivory, or pearl golden.

A4 Gift Box Price

All the boxes manufactured and supplied by Geoto are very reasonably priced. Geoto is a wholesale supplier, so you can get the delivery of the gift boxes at wholesale price. The gift boxes vary in price. For instance, the A4 square gift box with a ribbon bow is priced at $2.99 per unit. The A4 deep gift box is priced at $2.63. The price of the A4 shallow gift box is around $2.39. These prices are for making an order of 25 pieces. If you purchase more, the unit price decreases. The supplier also provides different discounts and coupons to let their customers enjoy great price cuts.

Why You Must Choose Geoto Gift Boxes

Geoto is a reliable supplier of packaging and gift boxes providing quality products to customers worldwide. Based in Shanghai, the company also has warehouses in the UK, America, Germany, and Australia. The residents of these countries can save their shipping costs by getting local delivery. Geoto also provides several perks to its customers such as the provision of high-quality packaging and rock-bottom prices. Moreover, the company has a very low minimum order quantity because of which regular shoppers and small businesses can easily buy from Geoto. We have discussed here a few convincing points that explain why you must choose Geoto for the purchase of gift boxes.

Minimum Order Limit

The wholesale suppliers usually have a minimum order limit. They do not accept orders below their minimum order quantity. It keeps small businesses from buying directly from the wholesalers rather than the retailers. Contrary to other wholesale suppliers, Geoto has a very inconsiderable minimum order limit. It receives orders merely for 25 boxes. In addition to it, the company also takes orders below their minimum order quantity. If you want a single box, you can buy the box samples. These sample boxes are provided at a reasonable price. There are different sizes and colors available in the sample boxes, so you could easily pick up your favorite gift boxes in the required quantity.

Custom Logo & Customized Boxes

Geoto also provides personalized boxes to let customers design their boxes the way they want. Moreover, it allows business customers to get their corporate names and logos printed on the box lid in different printing styles. It provides affordable printing options such as single-color printing, debossing, foil stamping, and digital printing. Check out the website to choose from the printing designs. The customized boxes are also provided to business buyers to let them have distinctive packaging for their products. As well as choosing from the standard boxes, they can also provide designs and shapes to get their custom boxes ready.

Local and Worldwide Delivery

Geoto is a Chinese company but also has warehouses in the UK, USA, Australia, and Germany. It offers local delivery for the residents of these countries. They can save their shipping charges and can enjoy local delivery for the A4 gift boxes, a5 gift box and various other gift boxes available in different sizes and colors. Moreover, the company delivers worldwide using different shipping methods. It uses railway shipping for European countries. In addition to it, it uses air and sea shipping. You can choose the shipping method while placing an order for the gift boxes. Check out the shipping charges and decide on a shipping method. The delivery time may also vary with the shipping method, so be watchful about what you choose.

Return Policy

Online purchase also carries risks. Understanding its customers’ concerns, Geoto has designed a very helpful return policy. It allows its customers to return wrong orders, damaged orders, or incomplete orders. The company gives 30 days to customers to inspect the delivered products and claim return. Geoto also offers refunds to let you have your money back if there is a problem with the delivered products. Read the return and refund policy of the company to know more about it.

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