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Luxury A3 Gift Box on Wholesale Price

Luxury A3 Gift Box on Wholesale Price

Are you looking for a luxury A3 gift box at wholesale price? Geoto brings a vast variety of gift boxes, mailing cartons, rigid boxes, custom boxes, and accessories at a reasonable price. The wholesale supplier of packaging delivers worldwide to regular shoppers and business buyers. It provides packaging for food, gift items, clothing, footwear, beauty products, grooming products, glassware, and fashion accessories. The boxes supplied by the company are of great quality. These are manufactured using high-quality coated paper, greyboard, and corrugated cardboard. Furthermore, these boxes are laminated with an anti-scratch matte lamination finish. Each gift box manufactured by the company undergoes different quality tests. Read on to know more about the luxury A3 gift boxes delivered by Geoto all over the world at wholesale prices.

What are A3 Gift Boxes?

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The gift boxes have different sizes like A3, A4, A5, and A6. These sizes are intended for varying gift items. For example, a gift box for clothing would have a different size than a gift packaging for jewelry or beauty products. The A3 gift boxes are commonly used for the packaging of food items, cosmetic products, clothing, and fashion accessories. The A3 boxes carry less space as compared to A5 and A6 boxes. So, it is important that you consider the size of the packaging according to the gift item. If you have multiple gift items to carry in a single gift box, consider larger sizes available in the luxury gift boxes. Geoto provides a wide range of boxes varying in sizes, colors, and designs. Check out the entire selection to find a suitable box for your gift.

A3 Gift Box Variants

The luxury A3 gift box is further classified into A3 shallow, A3 deep, and A3 square present boxes. These variants of the A3 gift box differ in shape. As depicted by the name, the deep box is deeper than shallow and square boxes. The square gift box comes in a square shape and the shallow box comes with narrow space. All these boxes are suitable for different gift items. These size differences are intended to ensure that your gift item perfectly fits in a box. If your product needs more space, choose the deep box instead of the shallow box. For fashion accessories or jewelry, the square box would be more suitable.

A3 Shallow Gift Box

The shallow gift box comes in 44*32*12cm. The inside box size is 42.5*31*11.5cm. The A3 shallow gift box has a net weight of around 612g. It is available in different colors including black, pink, white, and kraft. This box is manufactured using corrugated cardboard, RoHS compliance coated paper, and greyboard. The outer surface of the A3 shallow gift box has an anti-scratch matte lamination finish. It has a concealed strong magnet for the closure. The shallow box comes with and without a ribbon.

A beautiful ribbon attached to the gift box makes the packaging look luxurious. The box comes in a folded form that is very easy to assemble. The A3 shallow gift box is suitable for the packaging of clothing, food items, fashion accessories, and soft furnishing. The supplier also provides many customization options for the A3 gift box. The customer can request another design, color, or size for the box. You can also add custom printing and finishing to the box. Moreover, you can choose different styles of inserts to add value to your gift box.

A3 Deep Gift Box

The A3 deep gift box carries more space than the A3 shallow gift box. Its size is 44*32*20cm and it is appropriate for the packaging of cosmetics products, clothing, tea and coffee hampers, food items, fashion accessories, and soft furnishings. The net weight of the A3 deep gift box is 784g. It is available in black, pink, white, kraft, and custom colors. It has a hidden magnet closure.

The high-quality box is manufactured using cardboard, greyboard, and paper. Furthermore, there is an anti-scratch matte lamination finish that makes the box scratch and spot-resistant. The box comes in the folded form and can be carried from one place to another with great convenience. The supplier also provides customization options to let customers design their boxes the way they want. The minimum order quantity for the box is 25 pieces. The price of the box depends on the order quantity. The larger order has the smaller unit price.

A3 Square Gift Box

The A3 square gift box is intended for the packaging of a large hamper, handbags, fashion accessories, and clothing. The size of this gift box is 44*44*20cm. The net weight of this box is 930g. This box is available in black, white, and many other graceful colors. There is a concealed magnet attached to the box to keep it closed. The material used in the manufacturing of the A3 square gift box includes cardboard, greyboard, and RoHS compliance coated paper. The outer layer of the box has an anti-scratch matte lamination finishing. This finishing not just increases the beauty of the gift box but also keeps it from scratches and spots.

The rigid gift box comes in the folded form and can be assembled easily. This box can also be customized. The supplier can customize the box design, color, and size. The business buyers can also use custom printing to print their logos on the box lid in different styles. There are different inserts to choose from. You can pick up insertions according to the gift item. For example, soft cotton insertions would be suitable for a delicate gift item or jewelry piece. Moreover, you can add a ribbon to make this box prettier.

A3 Magnetic Gift Box

The magnetic gift boxes are the best-selling boxes of Geoto. These boxes have concealed magnets for closure. Rather than using the button lock, the supplier adds a strong magnet to the box to keep it closed. The magnetic gift box is available in different sizes including A3, A4, A5, and A6. There are different designs available in the box. In addition to specific sizes and designs, the supplier also offers custom designs, sizes, and colors to let the customers have perfect gift boxes. The magnetic gift box is appropriate for the packaging of different gift items including food items, clothing, fashion accessories, and beauty products.

The box is crafted using high-quality paper, cardboard, and greyboard. The magnetic gift boxes undergo different quality tests that ensure that the performance of the boxes remains unchanged in different environments. The minimum order quantity of the A3 magnetic gift box is 25 pieces. However, the supplier also provides a single box or boxes less than the minimum order quantity of the company. It enables regular shoppers to buy such luxury gift boxes at a reasonable price.

A3 Gift Box with Ribbon

A beautiful ribbon add to the gift box makes your gift look luxurious and prettier. The supplier provides an A3 gift box with ribbon to let customers have gift boxes ready for delivery. There is no need to wrap this luxury gift box in wrapping sheets. They look perfect the way they are. The ribbon size is 5*2.0cm. The ribbon color is picked according to the box color. For instance, the black A3 gift box has a black silk ribbon added to it. The pink gift box has a pink ribbon added to the box. The supplier also offers different closures to close the box in different styles. These closures are reasonably priced. Check out the amazing selection of closures supplied by Geoto at wholesale prices.

A3 Gift Box Colors

The box color has its own significance. Geoto understands this fact and provides a wide range of box colors to let customers pick up their favorite colors. On Christmas, the supplier designs red-colored boxes to celebrate the festivities of this occasion. Moreover, the red-colored boxes are commonly used for the exchange of gifts on Valentine’s Day. The black and white color boxes look elegant and can be exchanged on different occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, Fathers’ day, and Mother’s Day.

The box color is also selected according to the gift recipient’s choice and gender. For female recipients, bright and funky colors are picked. Dark colors like black, grey, and blue are suitable for male recipients. The A3 gift box is available in different colors. You can pick up from black, white, pink, kraft, and grey colors. The supplier also provides customization options to let customers choose a different color than the specific ones.

A3 Gift Box Price

Geoto is a wholesale supplier and provides quality gift boxes at reasonable prices. The unit price of the gift box changes with the order quantity. The more you purchase the less you pay. For instance, the unit price of the A3 shallow gift box is $3.62 for buying the minimum order quantity. However, the unit price of the box decreases to $2.24 for buying 500 or more boxes. The supplier also offers additional discounts on different occasions or specific purchases. The custom boxes have different price values than the standard boxes. The supplier provides customization facilities at a very reasonable price. As well as the unit price of the box, the shipping charges of the box are also very reasonable. The supplier uses different shipping methods to let customers choose a suitable and inexpensive shipping method like sea shipping.

Minimum Order Quantity

If you have ever purchased from a wholesale supplier, you would be familiar with the concept of minimum order quantity. Unlike the retailer suppliers, the wholesalers do not sell a single piece. They sell in bulk and have a certain limit for receiving orders. The wholesale suppliers do not accept orders below their minimum order limit. However, Geoto has a slight minimum order limit that is 25 pieces of standard gift boxes.

The minimum order limit for custom boxes is 500 pieces. To make buying easier, Geoto also receives and accepts orders below the minimum order quantity. It also sells 1 to 24 boxes at a reasonable price. These are sample boxes that are provided to customers on demand. The quality of the sample boxes and the standards boxes is absolutely the same. There are different sizes and colors available in the sample box. Moreover, you can buy beautiful A3 ribbon gift boxes below the minimum order limit of the supplier.

Custom Logo

Geoto offers custom logos for business buyers. The businesses can get their logos print on the box lid in different printing styles. The custom logo service is reasonably priced. There are several printing options available including single color screen printing, debossing, digital printing, golden foil stamping printing, and silver foil stamping printing. As well as corporate logos, the packaging supplier also creates different designs on the box to make them look distinctive. The supplier also designs special gift boxes according to certain events and occasions.

For example, you can get beautifully designed red-colored Christmas gift boxes only on Geoto at wholesale price. These boxes have foil stamping printing and these are embellished with beautiful silk ribbons. These boxes are available in different sizes so you can pick up the required box size.

Customized Boxes

The supplier has a wide range of gift boxes and packaging available in different designs, colors, and sizes. In addition to these standard gift boxes, the supplier also offers custom boxes. This option is for business buyers, so they could design the packaging boxes according to their business strategy. They can choose the box color, size, and design to let the supplier craft a unique box as per their requirement.

The custom boxes have a different minimum order limit than the standard gift boxes available in stock. The minimum order limit for customized boxes is 500 pieces. The custom boxes are reasonably priced, so the customers could enjoy the customization facility at an affordable price. The custom boxes include folding magnetic gift boxes, shape gift boxes, and drawer boxes among others. The customer can choose a different style than the specific ones to create an entirely different gift box in varying sizes. Provide details to the supplier and get a perfect gift box prepared as per your requirements or business strategy.

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