Local Delivery for Magnetic Gift Boxes

23.5*17*10 White Magnetic Flap Gift Box

23.5*17*10cm | 9.25*6.7*3.93in

A5 Deep White

33*25.5*11.5cm | 13*10*4.52in

A4 Deep White

23.5*17*10cm | 9.25*6.7*3.93in

A5 Deep Black
Large Black Gift Box

33*25.5*11.5cm | 13*10*4.52in

A4 Deep Black

You can choose some gift boxes from our overseas warehouses, warehouse location, US and Australia.

  • Local delivery to save your shipping costs and delivery time.
  • All boxes are no ribbon style, and no printing.
  • We can also send products to you if your current location is nearby the four countries above. We can send products to New Zealand from Australia warehouse.
  • Some gift boxes are in low stock status, and we will get in touch with you if the products you choose don’t have enough stock or out of stock.

Please submit the form below and we will create an order for you, then you will receive an email with your order details and payment link. After your payment is done, we will send the boxes to you.

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