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How to make a Custom Size Gift Box

How to make a Custom Size Gift Box

Every value in the world has a valued practice of giving presents to loved ones. People like giving precious gifts to their loved ones as tokens of remembering and profoundly felt pure sentiments. The people we care about the most are our loved ones and family. As a result, you want to do something unique to make your loved ones feel energetic and joyful while giving them great presents with deep sentiments. You consider a present individual item and carefully pick it. Your custom size gift box should reflect genuine love and concern for your recipient, and the same is reflected in the box you select for your gifts.

How to make a Custom Size Gift Box

First impression matters

Everyone knows about the psychology of first impressions. A positive initial impression leads to increased product satisfaction and the possibility of developing deep relations.


Customization primarily refers to different layouts and printing. Using entirely personalized custom printed boxes to persuade a large audience. Professional packaging builders, in particular, provide a variety of customizing options. It will save you a significant amount of money as well as a significant amount of time. Consider obtaining more boxes with your customization needs for less money and work. You’ll have a lot of fun running your business now that you have boxes in quantity.

Patterns of custom size gift box

There are many different patterns, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Purchase in quantity and save money. Gifting is necessary during weddings, birthdays, and Christmas to make the celebration livelier and more memorable. This venerable tradition is being kept alive thanks to custom-made gift boxes. They are made of durable and protective materials such as cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardstock and are designed to meet the packaging demands of the objects packaged in them. You may have them personalized in any manner you like, with exceptional printing quality and additional features that will make you stand out from the crowd.

custom gift box

Designs & Themes of custom size gift box

When it comes to establishing a solid first impression, you can understand the value of event-oriented designs and themes in gift wrapping boxes. You can collect materials and talents necessary to create unique package designs for you. Use experience to succeed in any presenting occasion and leave a lasting impression on your gift in custom size gift box with one-of-a-kind and extraordinary gift packing boxes.

Printing and graphics of exceptional quality

People make every effort to provide exceptional and anticipated solutions. You can’t imagine how important a packaging solution’s printing and visual quality is for attracting customers. In the case of gift items, the need for distinctive packaging and excellent printing is very high. All of these resources enable printing professionals to supply you with excellent gift package options that include extravagant graphics, stunning aesthetics, and incomparable printed desires or branding elements that are tailored to your specific requirements.

How to make custom size gift box?

This method is used to create high-quality custom-sized gift boxes. The end effect is substantial and sturdy, and it exudes quality. Follow the easy directions below to construct a beautiful, store-bought custom gift box that your loved one will want to cherish. We used scrap paper to cover the pack in this approach, but you could use something fancier like wrapping paper or something with a unique message.

Step no. 1: Selecting paper print and Cardboard Sheet

Print the template onto your cardboard paper after opening it. If your paper is only colored on one side, make sure you print on the uncolored side. We’re confident you’ll figure out how to put the box together on your own, but here are some step-by-step directions in case you need them.

Step no. 2: Preparing the Material

Now cut the board halfway through to fold the side up easily. This portion might be difficult at first, so practice on some scrap board until you feel comfortable. Doing a series of light scores until you attain the appropriate depth is an excellent suggestion. It will assist you in avoiding cutting through the board by accident. Carry on with the other three sides in the same manner. Cut off the four corners with the knife once again, leaving a net of your box lid. Carry on with the baseboard in the same way.

Step no. 3: Marking and Measuring

Add some placement markings to the cover at this point. Now draw a 20mm line from two perpendicular edges on the reverse of the lid cover paper. To orient, the lid board to the center, use these. As indicated, lightly sketch around the board’s corners with a pen or pencil. Replace the base cover and repeat the process. Make a tiny mark 2 mm from the corner outwards and along the length of the lid cover as indicated. Cut to the edge of the paper from this spot along the line. Now cut a wedge out at a 30-degree angle from the initial cut, as illustrated. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfectly accurate because it is hidden regardless. To make the tabs, cut away the corners. We usually make the tabs 20mm broad. However, it depends on the size of the box you’re building.

Step no. 4: Taping the flaps

Fold each side of the box inwards until it reaches the center. When done, this will break the board’s fibers and decrease bending. Two sides should be folded up 90 degrees so that the corners contact. Make sure they touch precisely on the corner to guarantee an excellent fit. Wrap a 3cm (1″) length of masking tape around the corner as illustrated. Make sure the corners are pressed together by pulling them firmly.

The box will be lovely and rigid as a result of this. If your box is very tall, you may wish to add a second piece of tape halfway down the side for further stiffness. Rep with the last seven corners. It’s starting to seem promising. The box will be lovely and rigid as a result of this. If your box is very tall, you may wish to add a second piece of tape halfway down the side for further stiffness. Rep with the last seven corners. Isn’t it starting to resemble a box now? Make sure the cover fits over the base properly. There should be quite an amount of play at this point, but don’t worry; this will be reduced after the lid is on.

Step no. 5: Wrapping the custom box

Now comes the tricky part! Cover the back of the lid cover with a thin coating of adhesive. You can use PVA, but I prefer the 3M Display Mount since it’s faster, less messy, and provides a strong adhesive. Using the drawn lines as a reference, place the box lid on the paper as indicated. The right angles of the guide markings should be aligned with the corner profile of the corners. Turn the paper over and gently press it on the surface.

In the order illustrated, fold the sides up and the tabs around. To avoid unattractive air pockets, make sure you draw the sides tight as you fold them over. Folding requires a certain amount of finesse. To avoid unflattering air pockets, make sure you mark the sides tight as you fold them over. Folding the corners of the box around the rim takes a little practice. If you do it correctly, you should end up with a nice, flat corner. In the following phase, I’ve added more photographs to show what I’m talking about.

Step no. 6: Finishing

Smooth down all edges with your bone folder or anything flat like the back of a comb to avoid air bubbles. All that’s left to do now is add whatever embellishments you like, such as ribbons, glitter, or anything else.

Advantages of using custom size gift box – How to make a Custom Size Gift Box

custom size gift box

Aesthetic Appearance

A packing design adds visual elements to products while also redesigning existing ones. In the end, a packaging design company protects things for sale, transit, distribution, storage, and usage. The structural and aesthetic design of the packaging is both important. Graphics should, in theory, improve a package design. A package’s plan is centered on the product most of the time. The packaging exists to serve the goods from every viewpoint. If it can accurately and attractively portray a product, it may anticipate long-term agreements with various businesses. While a custom size gift box company can profit only by protecting items, long-term success will depend on a thorough grasp of attractiveness.

Custom Size

Have you ever unwrapped a significant gift only to find a little surprise inside? Regardless matter how fantastic the present is, it doesn’t appear excellent and leaves your clients unhappy. The excessively bulky packaging harms the environment. As it turns out, there’s a narrow line between excellence and mediocrity when it comes to product packaging. If the package is too massive for the product, you’re doing something wrong, but if your product is too enormous for its packing, it also looks unpleasant. Finding the precisely suitable packaging for your items might be tough with the limited size options available in retailers. You can get the ideal containers when you pick custom-sized packaging.


As you can see, custom packaging solutions may benefit your business in various ways. Custom packaging is a terrific approach to boost your company’s success by saving time and money while growing your network of devoted consumers. As you can see, custom packaging solutions may benefit your business in various ways. Custom packaging is a terrific approach to boost your company’s success by saving time and money while growing your network of devoted consumers.

Contribution to the environment’s well-being

If your company appreciates environmentally friendly packaging, you should expect positive results. By using recyclable materials, you reduce pollution worldwide and contribute value to the environment. This work necessitates the use of long-lasting, high-quality packaging. Most buyers believe that a socially conscious and environmentally responsible brand is superior. For example, most businesses employed high-quality, custom-sized delivery boxes to entice buyers.

Provides Sustainability

Custom boxes made of cardboard and kraft materials are the most popular since they have several applications. Every tiny enterprise does not need to spend a lot of money on packaging when custom cardboard boxes may help them achieve high-end packaging. There are several design alternatives available. Small firms have increased their sales and reputation due to the most incredible level of sustainability.


There is a range of personalized gift boxes to pick from, including die-cut boxes in various sizes and shapes. Usually, they must fold the package. The box can slide to the front. They may be programmed to turn on the desktop screen when switched on. This is utilized for retail or income purposes. Because the unique custom size gift box can be closed and fixed quickly, it is carried without additional packaging. The gift box packing experience is substantially improved. Another type of personalized gift wrap is a printed tube that surrounds the cylindrical tube with a cover at either end to encapsulate the object.

Custom packaging that resonates with your present and cherished ideals is a need rather than an option to create a unique emotional relationship for your beloved and keep them coming back for more.


No matter how much we try to deny it, humans evaluate a book by its cover, which has a significant influence on decision-making. You can’t ship an excellent product with lousy packaging since it will always be low-end due to a lack of aesthetic appeal. At home, you may even build your custom size gift box. You have a lot of intriguing alternatives to pick from while constructing the bespoke boxes at home. You may personalize the present box with your design. Attaching a card to the front or top of the current box or writing something on it is also a fantastic option. If you are looking for well made bridesmaid boxes in bulk, gift boxes in black color, and magnetic boxes in rock bottom price then there is no need to visit any other place because Geotobox is here. We offer extremely affordable services, we are damn sure our top notch gift boxes will never regret you. 

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