Have you tried this amazing hexagon foldable gift box?

Have you tried this amazing hexagon foldable gift box?

If you’re looking for a unique way to gift, try the Hexagon Collapsible Gift Box. This type of box is easy to make and can also be customized to fit gifts of any size or shape. The hexagonal shape is striking and functional, making it a great choice for any occasion. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about this hexagonal gift box but were too embarrassed to ask.

Hexagon foldable gift box

A hexagon gift box with folding properties is a luxurious way to present gifts without wasting paper or packaging. It is also great for storing small items like coins, jewelry, and more. This unique box folds flat when not in use, which makes it perfect for traveling and storing items. It is made from sturdy cardboard and has a unique design that makes it easy to fold and store. GEOTOBOX offers sturdy folding gift boxes that can be easily carried from one place to another. And if you want boxes wholesale, the shipment of folding boxes is extremely easy.

Some FAQS about the hexagon foldable gift box

Here are some most frequently asked questions about this folding hexagon-shaped gift box

Ø How to assemble these boxes?

Assembling this box is very easy and simple; you just need to unfold the box and place hard cardboard into the center of the box, add the gift or item you want to store, and cover the box with a lid. And when you don’t want to use it, open the lid, remove the hard cardboard, unfold it and place it anywhere you want. Here is a link that you can consider while unfolding or assembling the box how to assemble the box

Ø What are they made of?

These boxes are made up of cardboard and Kraft, while some manufacturers also add plastic into them; both mostly only cardboard and Kraft are used because of their recycling and eco-friendly properties

Ø Is it recyclable?

Yes, these hexagon boxes are made up of material that can easily be recycled and eco-friendly.

Ø Why should I buy a hexagon box while others are available in the market?

There are numerous benefits of buying a hexagon folding box for your gift; here we are listing some of them.

  1. Adds value to your gift: While giving a gift to others, packaging can have a huge impact on the value of your gift. When gifting, innovative and attractive boxes should be encouraged, which makes hexagonal packaging an aesthetic choice as it also adds a touch of elegance to your gift.
  2. It is convenient and safe: your product will be safe if you put it into a hexagon box. And if you place multiple hexagon boxes in a layer, the shape of the hexagon causes them to function as a single entity. When stacked, the shape prevents them from falling or deforming. This protects the products inside and makes the boxes very easy to handle. Furthermore, the box is easily foldable.
  3. The old traditional boxes are also produced using the same resources but the difference is that you don’t have the option to customize them, whereas in hexagon folding boxes you can change the size, you can choose the color, and can even print your logo on it.
  4. It brings exclusivity to your product: while the customer is buying something, the one thing that stops their eyes to check the product is its packaging; that’s why the main goal of brands is to make packaging appealing to attract the customers, and this shape exactly does the same.
  5. The next thing is versatility, due to the six-sided shape you can easily put cylinders, and spray paints in them, while ordinary boxes have limited space, and due to the folding ability of this box, you can even fold 2 sides and change the shape into a rectangle. Owing to this, the shape is perfect.

Ø Can I place bakery items in it?

Yes, you can surely place bakery items like cupcakes, cakes, and biscuits into this box; it is super oil resistant and it adds beauty to your cupcakes and products.

GEOTOBOX gift boxes and packaging

GEOTOBOX is one of the reliable and finest sellers of gift boxes and packaging. We have been producing and selling gift boxes and packaging to famous brands over the years. We not only supply products in China, but we also deliver them to other countries. We never compromise on the quality of products to satisfy our customers by providing the best product. Our gift boxes are made up of high-quality material and come in different colors. After manufacturing the product we pass it through a lot of tests; that’s why we claim that our products are 100% genuine. In addition to standard folded boxes, we also manufacture custom boxes that are designed differently and according to the needs of the customer in mind. You can search our other folding gift box catalog to buy a suitable folding gift box and redesign it using the customization choices.

white-hexagon-gift-box (1)

 GEOTOBOX custom hexagon foldable gift box

The hexagon shape boxes are not so common, but if you want to put multiple gifts or items into the box, this is the best packaging that you can have. We let our customers decide which color and size they want for their gift box. We can also decorate the lid with ribbons. If you’re looking for a box for your brand or company, we allow you to customize the box lid with your logos. You can change Color, size, design, and pattern to get the ideal hexagon box for presenting a gift.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hexagon foldable gift box today from us.

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