Here’s Why You Should Buy Rigid Box for Your Gifts

Here’s Why You Should Buy Rigid Box for Your Gifts

Here’s Why You Should Buy Rigid Box for Your Gifts

Have you ever noticed the packaging of expensive luxury gifts? They have a robust packing that seems thicker than the typical cardboard packing. The imported perfumes have beautiful packaging of rigid boxes that ensure the protection of the costly fragrance. The sturdy packaging does not only make your gift look luxurious but also protects it from damage. There are several reasons for buying a rigid box for a gift. This article discusses why you should invest in rigid gift boxes. Read on to know how and where you can get the best rigid boxes at an affordable price.

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Why You Should Invest in Rigid Boxes

The sturdy and thick-layered rigid boxes are usually used for luxury gifts, glassware, and delicate decoration pieces. These are designated to protect the gift item from damage or breakage. As well as protecting your gift from damage or loss, the rigid packaging also enhances its value and adds a luxurious look to it. You can use rigid packaging for any other gift item. For instance, a clothing gift wrapped in a luxury box seems more valuable than a gift packed in a simple carton. We have explained here a few convincing reasons to buy a rigid box for gifts. Read them and choose a better packaging for your present.

Rigid Packaging Makes Gift More Attractive

If you are purchased a gift for someone special, you also pay attention to the packing of that gift. You wrap it with beautiful paper and decorate it with ribbons. This effort demonstrates that the recipient of the gift owns a very special place in your life. The rigid gift box performs the entire job for you. It makes the gift more attractive and valuable. Contrary to poor-quality or rough packaging, rigid packaging puts a better impression on the recipient. The rigid boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Usually, these are covered with beautiful high-quality papers and printing. There is no need to put additional wrapping gift paper on the box because it looks elegant the way it is. Put your gift in the rigid box, present it to your loved one with confidence.

Luxury Rigid Box Enhances Value of Gift

Many of us perceive the value of a gift from its packaging. It is a natural behavior. A branded t-shirt covered in a plastic bag cannot have the same value as a shirt beautifully packed in a gift box. The packaging of the gift hints to the recipient about the value of the present. You can enhance the value of your gift by putting it in a luxury box. The opposite action can decrease the value of your expensive gift. So, never ignore the packaging of the gift particularly if the recipient of the gift is a special person. The exchange of gifts with colleagues and fellows from your professional life must also incorporate the use of rigid packaging. It looks elegant and professional.

Protects Gift from Damage or Breakage

Imagine how bad it would feel if the recipient opens your gift and find it broken. You buy a luxury gift for someone special but it gets damaged before or soon after you deliver it to the recipient. The entire experience of exchanging gifts turns into a disaster. That is because it is important to keep the gift secure. Rigid boxes play an important role in the protection of the gift and to secure it from any unexpected damage. The robust rigid box has a strong structure that gives better protection to your gift. It helps you carry your gift and deliver it from one place to another without worrying about damage or breakage.

The rigid packaging is a compulsion if your gift is delicate, luxurious, or glassware. Have you ever noticed that the perfume bottles come in robust packaging? That packing keeps the perfume bottle secure. If you pack it in a fragile carton, you are more likely to get the bottle broken. The luxury packaging has a safe-fitting lid with soft insertions to carry the product safely. The rigid boxes for jewelry come with cotton cushions or silk insertions that make your gift look more luxurious and keep it protected as well.

More Environment-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable and environment-friendly products have become the new trend. People are focusing more on eco-friendly products as compared to the products that spoil the environment and cause pollution. Contrary to plastic packaging, rigid packaging is more environment-friendly. The rigid boxes are manufactured with cardboard and greyboard. They can be recycled and decomposed without polluting the environment. If the recipient of your gift also likes sustainable and eco-friendly products, pick up a sustainable gift item and pack it in a rigid box. This is the best way to demonstrate your socially responsible behavior and encourage others to adopt the same. As well as using eco-friendly gift packaging, make sure you use sustainable boxes and products in your daily routine as well.

Rigid Boxes are More Versatile

Rigid packaging is more versatile and there are more shapes and designs available in it. From a tiny gift box to an extra-large gift packaging, you can easily find an appropriate packing for your gift. Whether it is a jewelry piece, clothing, eatable, footwear, cosmetics, gadget, gear, or anything else, you can find an appropriate rigid box for the packing of your gift item. The suppliers of the rigid packaging also provide custom boxes to let customers get boxes according to the gift product size. You can choose your favorite design or color to get a fantastic personalized box manufactured. Finding such a great variety and variation is not possible in plastic packaging.

Rigid Box has Longer Life Span

The luxury boxes have a strong structure that enhances their lifespan. They can be saved easily for a long period without any considerable wear and tear. So, if you have purchased a personalized gift box, you can keep it secure for a long period to keep it as a beautiful memory. This durable packaging will also keep the recipient reminded of your gift for a long time. Such memorable gifts and memories stay with us always and strengthen the bond between the gift giver and the receiver.

Rigid Packaging is Affordable

If you think that the luxury rigid boxes are expensive, think again. You can get inexpensive but high-quality rigid boxes at an affordable price. However, it matters that from where you buy it. The wholesale suppliers are likely to provide the packaging at a reasonable price. The rigid boxes give more value because of their durability. They can be used again and again without having any considerable change in their appearance or structure. Therefore, a rigid box is more affordable than a fragile gift box for one-time use.

Where to Buy Rigid Box at an Affordable Price

Hopefully, the above points would have convinced you to prefer rigid boxes to fragile boxes. The next step is there where you can buy high-quality and inexpensive rigid boxes. You can find rigid boxes at a gift shop in your area. However, the retailer may propose a higher price for the box. To get these boxes at a reasonable price, we suggest buying them from a wholesaler. If you need a single box, you can buy it from a retailer. However, if you need to purchase rigid packaging in bulk, find a wholesale supplier.

The business buyers can get packaging for their products at a wholesale price from a wholesale distributor. If you are unaware of the distributors in your area, you can find them on Google. Do not forget to analyze other customers’ feedback about those suppliers. This feedback can help you prevent scammers. Once you find a reliable supplier, contact them to get details of the packaging and price. Read on to know about the leading wholesale supplier of rigid packaging i.e, Geoto.

Why Buy from Geoto!

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier, Geoto is a great choice. It has thousands of customers from all over the world including regular shoppers and business buyers. It is a Chinese company that has been serving in different other countries including America, Australia, Canada, Europe, and UAE among others. You can get here high-quality rigid boxes at wholesale price. The company facilitates its customers in different ways like accepting returns and refunds and providing samples. Read on to know why you must buy from Geoto.

Wide Variety of Rigid Boxes

Geoto has an extensive collection of gift boxes varying in sizes, designs, shapes, and colors. The wholesale supplier provides supplies to businesses and also offers customization options to let the companies have designed their packaging according to their business strategies. You can find here different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. You can easily find here a box for every gift item. The supplier also asks for an additional requirement to provide the customer with the desired product.

Quality Packaging

The supplier does not compromise on the quality of the packaging. All the rigid boxes manufactured here undergo different quality tests. They have to pass pressure, heat, and temperature test, so they could remain unchanged in a different atmosphere. The pressure test ensures that the box can bear a weight of hundreds of kilograms.

Wholesale Price

The wholesale supplier has different price levels that change with the order quantity. The minimum order starts from 25 boxes and exceeds up to 500 boxes. The unit price for ordering 25 boxes is different than the unit price for ordering 500 or more boxes. A bigger order may get you the lowest price. In this way, the businesses can decrease their cost to a great extent and can increase their profit.

Low Minimum Limit for Orders

The wholesale distributors do not sell to consumers because they do not accept orders below their minimum limit. However, Geoto enables small businesses and regular shoppers to buy from it. It has a very low minimum order limit that is merely 25 pieces. Also, the supplier receives orders below their minimum limit.

Provides Samples

The leading packaging supplier provides samples to customers on their demand. If you want to place an order below the minimum order requirement, you can request samples. Select your favorite box, choose a color and ribbon, and place your order. Choose the quantity of the sample boxes and get your rigid gift box delivered to your place. You can get a sample box at a unit price of $5. Check out the website to get more details of the sample products.

Customization Options

Geoto understands the importance of customization and enables its customers to design their unique gift boxes differently. You can choose a design and let the supplier design the box accordingly. You can also add images and text to your box. The supplier also provides different printing to have the luxury boxes ready with great expertise.

Returns and Refund Policy

The new buyers can purchase from the wholesale supplier without worrying about the return. The company accepts returns and pays back your cash if there is a serious concern. You can claim a return or refund within 30 days of the delivery of your packaging. Read the return and refund policy of the supplier to know more about it.

Worldwide Delivery

Geoto is a Shanghai-based company but it delivers packaging to all over the world. It has thousands of satisfied customers all across the world. The company uses air shipping, sea shipping, and train shipping to deliver its products to different areas. The customer can choose the shipping method while placing an online order. The freight charges vary with the shipment method. The delivery time also changes with the selected shipping method as air shipping is fast than train or sea shipping. Check out the website to know about the latest prices and freight charges of the rigid boxes.

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