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Flat and Assembled Stock Magnetic Gift Boxes

Introduction of Our Stock Magnetic Folding Gift Boxes

Magnetic folding gift boxes are one of the most popular box structures in the gift packaging industry, we are a professional gift&retail packaging products manufacturer and a packaging solution provider, we have some low MOQ gift boxes in stock.

What is a folding gift box

There are also other names for folding gift boxes, such as the magnetic gift boxes, foldable gift boxes, collapsible gift boxes, here are some important features of it.

1. Folding

The magnetic gift box is shipping in fold flat, it’s foldable design, the fold-flat feature will save many shipping costs than other box structures, such as lid and base gift box, drawer box, and this is an important reason that why the folding gift boxes are so popular.

flat gift boxes and assembled gift boxes

Flat folding gift boxes and assembled gift boxes

2. Magnetic closure

You can also call the folding gift box as a magnetic box, which means the gift box is the magnetic closure style, we use the quality magnets to ensure the magnets will work fine, therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the magnets.

3. Luxury & Rigid gift boxes

Our stock gift boxes are made by quality corrugated cardboard material, covered with coated paper on both sides, compared with traditional greyboard material gift boxes, corrugated cardboard material will save about 30% of the box weight, it’s a more eco-friendly material as well. The gift boxes are also different from the simple single card paper boxes, they are rigid style luxury gift boxes, we can customize many different printing styles on it.

gift box material structure

Our stock gift box material structure reference(The anti-scratch film is optional, not for all gift boxes)

4. Sticky corners

Generally, there are 4 sticky corners per box, the edge of the sticky corners are no glue design, you can easily peel the sticky corners and assemble the gift box.
sticky corners position

Gift box sticky corners position

Stock folding gift box colors

For now, we have five colors of the stock folding gift boxes, the colors are white, black, pink, deep blue, and the kraft color, generally, if you choose the box with the same size but in different colors, the price is the same. Here is the reference for the 5 colors.

stock magnetic gift box colors

Our stock magnetic gift box colors

Stock folding gift box sizes

4 different sizes of gift boxes in stock, dimensions in L*W*H cm | in

  • 20*15*5cm        | 7.87*5.90*1.96in
  • 22*22.5*6.5cm | 8.66*8.85*2.55in
  • 28*21*9cm        | 11.02*8.26*3.54in
  • 33*25*11cm       | 12.99*9.84*4.33in

stock magnetic gift box sizes

Our stock magnetic gift box sizes

Gift box features

  1. All stock magnetic gift boxes MOQ is 50pcs
  2. The stock magnetic gift boxes are high-quality corrugated cardboard material, save 30% weight than the greyboard material gift box
  3. Different styles, 5 colors, and 4 sizes, there will be more styles in the future.
  4. Ribbon or no ribbon design, we have both types.
  5. Custom services are available, we can add your logo and printing on the gift box you need.
  6. Passed the product test.

If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please submit this form or you can email us directly.

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