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How to become your wholesaler


You can find out more information here if you want to become our wholesaler.

How to become your wholesaler2022-01-05T09:33:22+08:00

How do you wrap gift boxes?


Generally, we will wrap your gift boxes with polybags and packaging cartons. There will be a polybag for every

How do you wrap gift boxes?2020-10-16T16:25:31+08:00

Can you provide product test?


Yes, we have different product test equipment for product quality testing, we can test product quality and send the

Can you provide product test?2020-04-29T17:13:33+08:00

What does the customization include


Custom design is one of our most important services, we completely accept custom design includes box size, color, printing,

What does the customization include2022-02-17T17:43:49+08:00

What’s your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)


Most of our products are custom gift boxes, generally, custom gift box MOQ is 500pcs, different boxes may vary.

What’s your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)2020-04-29T17:00:54+08:00

How soon can I get my box?


Shipping via air, sea, or rail. Generally, the delivery time will be based on the quantity, customization requirement, and

How soon can I get my box?2022-02-17T17:46:08+08:00

Can you custom box for me?


Customize your gift box is completely acceptable, you just need to contact us and tell us your requirement.

Can you custom box for me?2020-04-29T17:07:00+08:00

How do you print the box?


We can provide many different finishing processes, for example, embossing and debossing, lamination, UV and spot UV, foil stamping, and

How do you print the box?2019-10-29T13:25:52+08:00

Do you offer any discount?


Yes, we can also offer discounts and coupons, you can see product price at the shop page, that's a

Do you offer any discount?2019-11-29T11:27:15+08:00

Can I add and change the ribbon?


Generally, there are several situations Box without ribbon, we can add any ribbon you want Changeable ribbon box, you can

Can I add and change the ribbon?2019-10-29T13:24:38+08:00

What products you can offer?


We can provide gift and retail packaging related products. Our main product is folding gift box and shape box

What products you can offer?2020-04-29T16:51:04+08:00