Currently, most of our gift boxes and mailing cartons MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) is 25pcs, and the quantity step is 25pcs.

For samples, all sample boxes MOQ and step are 1pcs.

For customization(custom on box), the MOQ and step are 100pcs.

Product Type Min Quantity Step Max Quantity
Gift boxes and mailing cartons 25 25 500
Samples 1 1
Customization 100 100 400

For magnetic gift boxes, mailing cartons, and customization, we provide discounts based on product quantity, the discount will be applied automatically on quantity change, you can check the product price details on the product detail page.

Price and Quantity Details for Customization Service

Price and quantity details for custom on box only.

Quantity Price
25 – 100 100 * Unite Price
125 – 200 200 * Unite Price
225 – 300 300 * Unite Price
325 – 400 400 * Unite Price