If you want to make an order, please follow this process,

Step1: Choose your products(Catalog)

  1. Gift box,

We have 25 sizes and 17 colors(designs) for your choice, we sell our box per 25piece of one carton.


  1. Sample or small quantity gift box,

We provide 1-24 piece for your choice in case you want to buy sample or small quantity.

  1. Logo customization,

We provide 5 way to custom logo on your gift box, this service could not be sold separately, its quantity and size must be same as gift box which you want to buy,this mean you need have two products of gift box and logo customization product together in cart,or you could not checkout.

  1. Mailing carton,

Our mailing carton match related gift box.


  1. Bag,

We have 3 size bag that hold related gift box,please refer to bag’s specification.


  1. Paper shred and filler,

You could download our catalog

Step2: Cart

  • After adding your products to your cart, you can navigate to the cart page( the upper right cart icon on the PC device webpage). The only thing you need to do is to fill out the Calculate shipping form, generally, there will be 4 areas: your country, states/province, city/town, and zip. Fill out the form then click the UPDATE TOTALS button, then the shipping will update on the Cart Totals form, you will see the shipping costs and shipping methods with estimated shipping time. Currently, there are 2 shipping ways(3 ways in some area) you can choose from us, the differences are listed as below:

Shipping Methods Shipping Cost Shipping Time Product Weight Limit
DAP Most expensive Shortest No limit
DDP by air more More short No limit
DDP by Sea/Train Cheaper Long Over 15kg

  • Select the shipping methods and click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. You can also choose the shipping methods on the Checkout page.

Step3: Checkout

    • Fill in the Billing & Shipping form, if you already filled out the shipping form on the cart page, the information will be filled in automatically, then you only need to fill in several necessary forms, including your first and last name, street address, phone, and email.
    • You can change the shipping methods on your order, then choose the payment option you prefer. Check the terms&conditions box, and place your order with the payment option you have chosen. We provide 3 payment options:
      • PayPal, make payment via PayPal.
      • Credit Card, Secure credit card payment.
      • Direct Bank Transfer, make payment with your company USD or EU bank account,please choose local transfer account in case you locate In US or EU,it will save time and transferring fee.

    We will process your order shortly after we receive your order, you can get an estimated shipping time here.

    If there are still problems when you placing your order, you can contact us for help and we will create your order for you.