When it comes to folding gift boxes, you will remember some boxes with magnetic closure. There are also some different styles for folding gift boxes.

1. Standard Gift Box Style

Standard Style Flat Magnetic Gift Box
The standard style folding gift box is the most popular. You can choose the changeable ribbon or no ribbon option. For the changeable ribbon option, you can change the box ribbon as you want.

The magnetic front height is half of the box height. Sticky corners and concealed magnets will assemble the gift boxes.

2. Fixed Ribbon Gift Box Style

Fixed Ribbon Style Magnetic Gift Box
The fixed ribbon style is quite similar to the standard style box. The box ribbon is fixed, so you cannot change the ribbon. We can also provide you a ribbon catalog, and you can choose the box ribbon from us. There are also sticky corners and concealed magnets for fixed ribbon magnetic boxes.

3. Auto Assemble Style

Auto Assemble Cube Gift Box
There are two options for auto assemble gift boxes, shallow and deep option. There are triangle bases for both two gift box options. You can also call the deep option a cube box, and use the cube box for candles, mugs packaging. Both two options are available to add ribbons.

4. Separate Lid Style

Folding Base Gift Box with Lid
Separate lid gift boxes are most likely to the lid and base style boxes. The difference is the base is collapsible, the sticky corners will assemble the box base. Generally, the gift box lid is shallow, and the lid height is only 2-3 cm, so the lid design will save a lot of shipping costs.

5. Double Flat Style

Double Flat Magnetic Gift Box
Compared with the standard style box, two extra cardboards will assemble the box, so it doesn’t need the sticky corners. The double flat gift boxes are also magnetic closure.

6. Trapezoid Shape Gift Box

Trapezoid Shape Gift Box
Trapezoid shape gift box is similar to the standard style box, except the shape is a trapezoid shape. It’s a rare shape box which usually for truffle chocolate packaging.

7. Foldable Display Style Gift Box

Display Style Magnetic Gift Box
Foldable display boxes are creative design packaging boxes. This box-style also has two functions, packaging and display products. You can put the boxes in your store and display your products to your customers.