Buy Wholesale Magnetic Boxes for Christmas Eve Gifts
Magnetic Boxes

Buy Wholesale Magnetic Boxes for Christmas Eve Gifts

Buy Wholesale Magnetic Boxes for Christmas Eve Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner! Like everyone out there you would also be excited for exchanging gifts with your loved ones, family, friends, and fellows. Christmas is one of the most precious occasions, especially for all kids and adults. The Christian community across the world celebrates Christ’s birth on December 25 every year. The night before the main event of Christmas is also very special. This is when families get together and enjoy Christmas lights, decorations, Christmas carols, and preparations for the main event. Exchanging and opening gifts on Christmas Eve is also a very exciting practice. The excitement of receiving gifts is worth seeing in kids who eagerly wait for the gift-bringer Santa Claus. This Christmas Eve, let your little ones have the best gifts ever. Buy their favorite stuff and put it in beautiful Christmas Eve Magnetic Boxes.

Magnetic Boxes

Geoto manufactures and supplies high-quality and reasonably priced magnetic boxes for gifts and packaging. Creatively crafted with cardboard and greyboard, the gift boxes for Christmas get matte lamination and beautiful foil stamping printing. The gift boxes have strong magnets hidden inside that keep the box closed. The magnetic boxes come in different sizes appropriate for the packaging of clothing, seasonal products, food items, beauty products, corporate gifts, and delicate glassware items. These professionally made magnetic boxes are very reasonably priced. Read on to know more about the magnetic boxes for Christmas Eve gifts.

Magnetic Gift Boxes for Christmas Eve Gifts

Geoto is a wholesale supplier of packaging having millions of satisfied customers all over the world. It has an extensive catalog of packaging, gift boxes, mailing cartons, and paper bags. The product line is prepared here using the finest material and after manufacturing different quality checks are performed on these boxes. A strength test is conducted on every box to make sure the box could bear weight up to 250kg. After the strength test, these boxes undergo temperature and humidity tests.

The box condition remains unchanged at a temperature between -15 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. As well as ensuring the quality of boxes, the supplier also keeps the selling price below the market rate. You can buy the best magnetic boxes at wholesale price. The unit price of the box decreases with an increase in the order quantity. We have enlisted here a few most selling magnetic boxes to let you choose the best gift box for Christmas evening.

Deep Red Christmas Eve Magnetic Gift Box

Geoto brings spectacular box designs, particularly for Christmas evening. Having matte lamination and silver foil stamping on the lid, the bright red magnetic gift box looks amazing. It is available in A4 deep and A5 deep sizes. The standard box is embellished with beautiful printing of a Christmas tree, stars, and snowflakes. You can also personalized printing on the box in different styles. The minimum order requirement for a red Christmas Eve gift box is 25 pieces. You can buy a sample box to make an order below the minimum order limit. For an order of 25 pieces, the unit price of the box is around $3, whereas, for orders large than 500 pieces the unit price is around $1.78. This price is subject to change. To check out the latest price, visit the supplier’s website.

Medium Red Christmas Eve Magnetic Gift Box

If you are looking for a Christmas gift box to put clothing, grooming products, food items, cosmetics, and season products, the medium red magnetic gift box is a perfect choice. The box has a magnetic lock to keep it closed and secure the products enclosed in it. It has beautiful printing in silver color that is customizable. You can have personalized boxes having customized designs and text on the lid. The customization may cost you a few dollars. The price of magnetic gift boxes varies from $2.75 to $1.62 depending on the order quantity. For an order of 25 pieces, the price is higher and the orders up to 500 pieces get the magnetic boxes at the lowest price.

Red Christmas Gift Box with Ribbon

What about adding a beautiful ribbon bow to your Christmas Eve gift box? It makes the packaging more attractive and loveable. The supplier charges a few cents for the addition of a ribbon. You can attach a red-colored ribbon to A4 magnetic box, A5 magnetic box, as well as deep and medium-size magnetic boxes. The unit price of an A4 red deep Christmas Eve gift box with ribbon is $3.09. The medium red magnetic box with ribbon has a unit price of $2.81. For an order equal to or above 500 pieces, the unit price reduces to around $1.68. The amount you save on the gift boxes can be spent on buying gift items that the recipients would love to have.

Black Magnetic Gift Box

If you are a fan of black color and find it more attractive than bright red, then check out the black magnetic gift boxes at Geoto. You can find here the most stylish and trendy box designs available in different sizes. For varying gift products, you can get a medium, deep, shallow, cube, A3, A4, A5, or A6 box size. The black magnetic boxes are manufactured with high-quality paper, cardboard, and greyboard and have matte lamination for enhanced appearance. You can also add a silk ribbon to the gift box to make it more exceptional. You can get an A5 deep black magnetic box for $2.09. The same box with a ribbon is priced at $2.15. This price is for an order of 25 pieces. For larger orders, the price reduces to $1.32 per piece.

Glossy Black Magnetic Gift Box

The wholesale supplier also brings luxurious-looking gift boxes that are glossier than the standard gift boxes. Having gloss lamination, corrugated cardboard, greyboard, and RoHS compliance coated paper, the glossy black magnetic box is manufactured with the finest material. It is used for the packaging of food items, cake, bakery products, beauty products, grooming accessories, bridesmaid gifts, footwear, and glassware. The box is available in custom sizes and colors. You can add ribbon to the box and get printing on the box lid in different styles. The unit price of the glossy back magnetic box is $2.15 with ribbon and $2.09 without ribbon.

Baby Blue Magnetic Gift box with Ribbon

Geoto brings diversity in box colors. From bright red and black to loveable baby blue color, there are various dark, funky, and light colors available. The baby blue magnetic gift box is available in A4 deep, A5 deep, medium, and various other sizes. The supplier also provides custom sizes. The customer can provide the length and width of the box to have a custom box. As well as colors and sizes, the box manufacturer also gives several printing options. From digital printing to one-color printing and foil stamping, there are different styles and printing formats available to make the gift boxes look greater. The baby blue magnetic gift box is priced at $2.01 per piece for an order of 25 pieces. The baby blue magnetic gift box with ribbon in A5 deep size is priced at $2.07.

Grey Magnetic Gift Box

You can find all the attractive and captivating colors in packaging boxes only in one place and that is Geoto. The company brings the most elegant boxes to the market at an affordable price. The magnetic box in grey color and deep A5 size is available at approximately $2.01. The magnetic box with ribbon is priced at $2.07. The grey-colored gift box is a perfect choice if the recipient of the gift is a male. You can use this box to put grooming products for men as well as clothing, cosmetics, and glassware. Manufactured with high quality and RoHS compliance material, the grey magnetic gift box is customizable.

Kraft Magnetic Gift Box

Another versatile and captivating gift box for Christmas Eve on this list is Kraft magnetic gift box. Manufactured with high-quality cardboard, paper, and greyboard, the box is prepared to provide customers with the best packaging for their gifts. You can get this box at a reasonable price that varies from $2.07 to $1.24 per piece. The price of this magnetic box depends on the order quantity. If you buy in bulk you get the packaging at the lowest price. The supplier also accepts orders below the minimum order limit. You can get one or more than one sample boxes at a reasonable price. This Kraft magnetic box can be printed in multiple styles such as digital printing, one-color printing, and screen printing.

How to Buy Christmas Eve Magnetic Gift Boxes Online

Geoto is a Shanghai-based packaging company having several overseas warehouses. It has millions of customers all across the world including in America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, South Korea, and New Zealand. It also delivers to several Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal among others. The company receives online orders through its website. No matter where you live, you can create an online order to get the fabulous Christmas Eve magnetic gift boxes. The company uses different shipping methods to deliver your packaging to your location. From sea shipping and air shipping to train shipping, there are different methods to choose from. If you are a new customer, let us tell you how you can buy Christmas Eve gift boxes from Geoto online.

Select a Magnetic Gift Box

There is a vast collection of gift boxes creatively designed for different occasions. As well as Christmas, you can also get boxes for your bridesmaids, birthday celebration, and several other special moments in one’s life. You can also get keepsake boxes, mailing cartons, and packaging boxes for business products. The website showcases thousands of boxes available in different shapes, designs, sizes, and colors. Choose the box that you need. If you are a consumer and need a single box, go to the sample sections to buy sample boxes.

Add to the Cart

Once you select a magnetic box to purchase, move it to the shopping cart. Make sure you select the number of boxes required. The default order quantity set on the website is 25 pieces. This is the minimum order limit of the supplier. You can increase the quantity and for an order below this limit, you can buy sample boxes. The price of the box changes with the order quantity. Buying more boxes lets you enjoy the lowest prices. You can continue your shopping by adding more gift boxes to the cart. Once you complete your shopping, view the cart to finalize your purchase. Provide the delivery address to get shipping options used to deliver packaging to your location. The price for shipment is different for air, sea, and train shipping. Choose one that is suitable for you.

Make Payment

After finalizing your purchase, make payment. The company receives payment in three modes including PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. As you make payment, your order completes. The company sends a confirmation email containing detail of your order and the order ID. The order number can be used to check the status of the order. The delivery of your order may take 7 business days or longer depending on your delivery location.

The Bottom Line

Make this year’s Christmas Evening special for your loved ones by presenting them beautiful gifts packed in amazing magnetic boxes. Geoto brings the most stylish and luxurious-looking Christmas Eve magnetic gift boxes at an affordable price. From a bright red magnetic box having beautiful printing to glossy black and baby blue, there are several options available in gift boxes. Pick an appropriate size, color, and design and choose the order quantity to enjoy the rock-bottom prices. As well as getting high-quality Christmas Eve magnetic gift boxes at an affordable price, the supplier also accepts returns and refunds. Place your online order and get delivery of your magnetic boxes for Christmas Eve without any effort.

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