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Best Personalized Keepsake Boxes That Worth Buying

Best Personalized Keepsake Boxes That Worth Buying

Keepsake boxes or also known as memory boxes are not new for us. You might have witnessed someone, most probably an elder in your family, using a wooden keepsake box to store their memories. Such boxes are usually personalized with a title, a person’s name, photo, or some design. These boxes and the things kept in them are to remind some memories or people. Some parents used to collect things associated with their kids like their first clothes, shoes, and favorite toys. Similarly, some people save their wedding and holiday memories in personalized keepsake boxes. These keepsakes are kept secured in boxes so they could be found out easily from one place.

Just as the keepsake items are important, the boxes storing these special things also have their significance. They are decorated in different ways to be attractive and have an appealing appearance. You can create these keepsake boxes at home using cardboard. However, to get a high-quality and professionally made keepsake box, you can check out the box collection of Geoto. The company provides the finest-quality gift boxes, rigid boxes, magnetic boxes, and keepsake boxes at wholesale prices. You can get boxes in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors, and get personalized boxes as well. Read on to know what you can put in keepsake boxes and what keepsake box is worth buying.

What to Put in a Keepsake Box of an Adult

Keepsake boxes are prepared to remember a person or a special event or moment. You can create a keepsake box to present to your loved ones. For instance, you can create an amazing memory box for your BFF collecting all the stuff that reminds you of your moments spent together and the fun you made. It is the best way to tell your friends how important their presence is in your life. No matter if it is your friend’s birthday or friendship day, you can present a keepsake box to your buddy. We are sure it would be the best gift for your buddy. If you are not clear about what you should put in this box, the following ideas can be helpful in this regard, continue to read below and clear your concepts.

Keepsake Box


Compile photos of your best friend or the person for whom you are creating this special keepsake box. If you want to create a keepsake box for yourself, you can have photographs of all the persons you love. They may be your friends, family, teachers, or mentors.

Photos of Activities Performed

You might have photographs of moments shared with your loved ones and activities performed together. Put these photos in your keepsake box. If you are going to give this memory box to someone else, specific these photos to that person and the activities performed together.

Tickets of Events Attended

Do you remember the events attended with your buddies in your high school days? All the fun you made and the experiences you had can be reminded with a keepsake box. Puts the tickets of those memorable events stored, so you could recall them anytime.

Greeting Cards Received from Loved ones

It is very common for people to keep their greeting cards received from friends and loved ones saved in a box. It includes cards received on birthdays, wedding, friendship day, mother’s day, or father’s day, or all other occasions. Some also save autographs and notes received from their teachers and mentors.

What to Put in Baby’s Keepsake Box

keepsake box

Parents use to save things associated with their kids like the things they did and the stuff they used for the first time, and the achievements they made at an early age. It is not uncommon for parents to keep and recall the special moments of their kids. If you are a new parent, let us tell you what things you should save in your baby’s keepsake box.

Baby’s First Clothes

The clothes your baby wears at birth are very special. Put the clothes, shoes, and accessories of your kids in the keepsake box. The towel he/she used for the first time, and the blanket he/she was wrapped in when the doctor handover the newborn to you can recall the moments that are worth memorizing.

Birthday Cards

As well as keeping your birthday and greeting cards saved in a keepsake box, taking care of your kids’ birthday cards and putting them in their keepsake box is also important. Keep these memories saved for your kids, so they could recall them after growing up.

Favorite Toys

Do you remember the first toy your kid had? Or do you remember all the favorite toys of your kid? One of the best things to put in your kid’s keepsake box is his/her favorite toys. Put these toys in the keepsake box, so your kids could remind their childhood moments when they reach adolescence.

Put Photos of Memorable Moments in Keepsake Box

Usu10ally parents have a large photo album having innumerable photos of their kids. From the time, your kid is born and to the time he/she passed school, there are countless special moments they had. Put that memorable photo album in your baby’s keepsake box. It would remind your kids how they grew up and how they spent these years of their lives.

A Newspaper of Baby’s Birthday

Not all parents do this but it was a common practice a few years back. Parents use to save the newspaper of the day of their kid’s birth. This newspaper was kept in the baby’s keepsake box, so he/she could know what happened around the world on the day of his/her birth. It was an interesting practice both for parents and their kids.

Baby’s Achievements & Reports

This is what almost every parent does. The first trophy your kid received in a competition and the first result card of your kid worth putting in the keepsake box. You can skip putting your kid’s report card in his keepsake box if he didn’t score well. It may feel him embarrassed. All such small things are associated with achievements your kid made throughout his life are worth putting in the keepsake box.

What to Put in a Keepsake Box for Wedding Memory

A wedding is a special moment for every bride and groom. To keep these moments secure, create a memory box for your wedding day. Put the stuff associated with that day like your photos, wedding dress, and card, etc. If you are looking for ideas to put things in your wedding day memory box, the following points can be helpful.

keepsake box


The photos captured and video made on your wedding day is the prime reminders of this special moment of your life. Put the photo album in the keepsake box so you could find them easily when needed.

Wedding Card

The invitation cards of your wedding can help to recall that special day and all the efforts made for that day. You can also put greeting cards and notes received from your attendants on that day.

You can keep Wedding Dress in Keepsake Box

The dress you wore at your wedding is very special. Keep that dress safe and put it in the keepsake box so you could find it easily when needed. In Asian countries, many girls like wearing the wedding dress of their mothers. It is really worthy of putting in the keepsake box.

Honeymoon Memories

As well as the wedding day, the honeymoon memories are also very special to secure. You can put photos of your honeymoon in the keepsake box. Also, the tickets and brochures of hotels and places you visited during your honeymoon can be put in the memory box.

Dried Flowers from Your Wedding Bouquet

Not just the wedding dress but the wedding bouquet is also very special. Some people keep their wedding bouquets safe even after the flowers get dry. Put that dried flowers from your wedding bouquet into the keepsake box. They will remind you of your special day.

What to Put in a Keepsake Box for Holiday Memory

The joyful moments of your life are worth putting in the keepsake box. While following your hectic daily routines you can recall these moments and fun activities you made earlier. The photos and videos of your holidays and tours can remind you of the moments you enjoyed with your family and friends. To create a holiday memory box, you can put the following stuff in it.

Tickets of Plane or Train

Do you like saving the tickets for your traveling? They can be a good reminder of the tour you made. Put all these tickets and documents associated with your holiday tours in the keepsake box.


The photos of your holiday are the best reminder of the fun you made in your holidays. You can make a separate photo album for every tour or every memory, and put those albums in your keepsake box.

Brochures of Places Visited

The brochures and leaflets of the hotel you stayed in and the spots you visited during your holiday tour can be put in the keepsake box of your holiday. The photos made on these brochures can help you recall your stay at that place and the activities performed there.

Small Items Bought for Keepsake

When we go to a certain place or a tourist spot, we used to buy specific products as a reminder or memory of that place. For instance, we can get some seashells as a reminder of our tour to a seaside or beach. Put the items bought for your holiday keepsake in your memory box.

Best Personalized Keepsake Boxes that Worth Buying

If you are looking for the best personalized keepsake boxes for your baby, adults, wedding day, or holiday, you can check out the collection of Geoto. Here we have a wide variety that includes awesome bridesmaid boxes, gift boxes in larger size. It is a leading supplier that delivers high-quality boxes all over the world at wholesale prices. It has an extensive catalog of magnetic boxes, rigid boxes, gift boxes, mailing cartons, and accessories. Moreover, it provides customized boxes designed according to the details provided by the customer.

Select a Box Design

The first step to getting your personalized keepsake box ready is the selection of boxes. You can check out the box designs and material from the website of Geoto. From standard folding boxes to magnetic boxes and shape boxes, there are hundreds of box designs available. All these boxes are manufactured with cardboard, paper, and greyboard to provide high-quality boxes to customers. After manufacturing these boxes go through several tests including pressure and heat tests. So, pick up a box that seems suitable for your memory box and proceed.

Choose an Appropriate Size and Color

Once you choose the box style and shape, the next phase is the selection of size and color. The supplier provides multiple sizes including A4, A3, A6, cube, deep, shallow, small, medium, and large. The length and width of the box are changeable. After choosing the size, make a selection of the box color. You can choose from black, white, pink, kraft, and several other colors. You can also choose the color and material of ribbon and other items attached to the box.

Provide Necessary Details to Customize Box

You can get an amazing keepsake box prepared with a name, photo, or design printed on the box lid. There are several other ways to create a personalized memory box. Provide the supplier with the necessary details and requirements and get your box delivered to your place.

The Bottom Line

Geoto brings a versatile collection of keepsake boxes professionally made with high-quality material. You can get personalized memory boxes by explaining your requirements to the supplier. The company sells in bulk but you can get one piece or more as a sample. The sample boxes are prepared the same way the ordered boxes are manufactured. The price of the boxes varies with the product and order quantity. The minimum order quantity is 25 pieces. However, for customized boxes, the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. The company also gives an additional price cut when you make another purchase. Also, it accepts returns and refunds. So what are you waiting for? Place your order today!

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