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Buy Best Gift Box Online At Wholesale Price

Buy Best Gift Box Online At Wholesale Price

Are you searching for the best gift box online at a low price? Geoto brings the finest-quality boxes and packaging at the wholesale rate. It has been delivering quality products in different regions of the world including European countries for years. The supplier has an extensive collection of boxes and packaging varying in shape, size, style, and color. In addition to manufacturing standard folded boxes, it also produces custom boxes designed differently and keeping customers’ requirements in mind. Whether it is a mailing carton or a gift box for a very special occasion, Geoto provides its customers with the best product. The boxes produced by the company go through certain quality tests including strength tests, humidity, and temperature tests. It is to ensure that customers get the best quality packaging at a reasonable price. The company also accepts returns and pays back if the customer finds any issue with the delivered product. Read on to know more about the gift boxes manufactured and wholesaled by Geoto. Also, know how you can create your first order to get the best gift box at wholesale price.

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Finest-Quality Gift Boxes

Geoto is a reliable wholesale supplier of gift boxes and packaging. It has been manufacturing and selling quality products for years. As well as supplying boxes to locals, it also delivers its products to several overseas countries including European countries. One thing that is never compromised here is the quality of the packaging. The boxes manufactured by Geoto are of the finest quality. It uses high-quality paper, cardboard, and greyboard to produce gift boxes. After manufacturing every box goes through several quality tests including strength and temperature tests. These tests ensure that the boxes bear specific weight and remain unchanged at different temperature levels. The company is also certified for the quality management system. In addition to it, the supplier is registered by FSC.

Diverse Colors and Sizes

The common brown-colored packaging cartons have been replaced by colorful and stylish rigid boxes. From simple white to luxury-looking black, several colors are available in packaging and gift boxes. If you want gift boxes for your bridesmaid, you can get the boxes designed in beautiful vibrant colors. You can also match gift boxes with the theme color for your special day. The box manufacturer has a beautiful color palate having red, navy blue, pearl golden, white, grey, black, pink, kraft, baby blue, ivory, and many other attractive colors. As well as color choices, the supplier also provides multiple sizes for boxes. It includes A3, A4, A6, S, and L among others.

Reasonable Price

The biggest advantage of getting gift boxes from this wholesale supplier is the price. You get high-quality packaging at a reasonable price. Moreover, if you are a regular customer of Geoto, you get an additional price cut on new orders. Select your favorite gift box, provide order details including quantity and additional requirements, and get a favorable rate. The box price offered by this wholesale vendor is lower than the price rate at a retailer’s point. The businesses get a huge price cut on buying boxes in bulk. The reduced cost increases their profit margin and makes their business a success.

Get Samples

Are you a new buyer? You can inspect the packaging and gift boxes by getting samples. The supplier provides samples to potential customers to check the products physically before making an order. It enables newcomers to have a clear vision of the products manufactured by the wholes supplier. It is very easy to get samples of boxes. Visit the website of Geoto and send a request for samples of your favorite box. You can also communicate with customer service representatives to know more about the packaging and to get samples. So, get samples and make the right decision of buying from Geoto to have high-quality, nice-looking, and affordable boxes.

Minimum Order Quantity

Contrary to retailers, the wholesalers and wholesale distributors have a certain minimum order quantity. They do not accept orders below that minimum limit. It restricts individuals and small businesses to buy from these distributors. However, Geoto lets individuals and small businesses make an order equal to or above 25 boxes. This minimum order quantity enables more persons to buy high-quality packaging from the supplier at a wholesale rate. If you want to order custom boxes, the minim order quantity is different than that. The businesses can make an order for custom boxes equal to or above 500 pcs. This nominal minimum order limit also enables clothing and food businesses to get customized boxes for their business.

Custom Boxes

You have checked out the standard gift boxes and packaging collection but looking for something unusual. Geoto brings custom boxes designed keeping customers’ requirements in mind. For example, you like a box with a spate lid but want it to be in blue and a different size. Let the supplier know what changes you want in the box and you will get the customized box specifically manufactured for you. As well as changing box color and size, you can also alter shape, design, and material. The box manufacturer lets you design the complete box according to your ideas. Apart from standard boxes, the company also presents various ideas to design a custom box for individuals or businesses. Given are a few examples of customized boxes.

Magnetic Lock Box

If you do not like the usual box with a detachable lid, you can have a magnetic lock box. Several beautiful designs are available for the magnetic lock box. Have you noticed the packaging of costly branded boutique clothes? These are packed in a luxury-looking box having an invisible magnetic lock. As the lid comes close to the box, it gets locked automatically. Such boxes do not need buttons, zips, or any other tool to get locked. The invisible magnetic lock seems great and is trendy. So, if you are designing packaging for your clothing business, we recommend having a beautiful magnetic lock box.

Standard Folded Box

The brown-colored mailing cartons with rough appearance have become outdated. People seem more interested in colorful folded boxes manufactured with high-quality material. These folded boxes are easy to carry and occupy less space. When you need to use them, you can easily unfold the boxes. Check out the gift box collection of Geoto to have more ideas relating to standard folded boxes. You can have boxes with detachable and fixed lids. The width and length of the boxes can be altered as per requirement. Also, you can have your logos designed on the box lid to use for business purposes.

Shape Boxes

If you are planning to design a custom gift box for kids, having a shape box would be a great idea. For instance, if it is a Christmas gift, you can have a gift box designed in the shape of a Christmas tree or any symbol associated with this occasion. What about having a gift box in the shape of your kid’s favorite cartoon character or game? The shape boxes can be designed in every shape. Let the supplier know how you want the gift box to be designed and get an amazing custom gift box ready for any occasion, festival, or big day.

Bag-Style Box

This is one of the most appreciated custom gift box designs. The triangle folded bag-style box looks amazing. It can be the best way to present a gift to your loved ones especially if it is a female. Choose a vibrant color to make it more attractive. Confirm the size of the box. Be careful while choosing the size because it must be appropriate for the gift item. This beautiful box looks a bit different in the folded shape. You need to unfold it to put the gift in. The unfolding is very simple but you can take assistance from the video tutorials if needed.

Hexagon Box

This deep hexagon-shaped box is another uncommon design for a gift box. It can be a perfect gift box if you have multiple gift items to put in. Choose a funky color and the perfect size for the box and get this amazing gift box ready. It can be a great gift box for a jewelry gift. Complement this box with silk fabrics attached inside the box. You can also put a beautiful ribbon made of silk fabric or any other material on the box lid. The businesses can design their logos on the box lid. The color, size, design, and pattern can also be customized to make a perfect hexagon box ready to present a gift.

Return Policy

Being a reliable and responsible trader, Geoto has a return policy. If you have received a product different than the ordered product, you can return it or get a refund. If the order is damaged or faulty, you can return it. To get a product return, you need to inform the supplier within 7 days of getting delivery. Also, keep the product and packaging safe to get it returned. The company also offers cashback. However, discounts and coupons cannot be pay-backed. To inform the company about the return, you can leave a message to the customer service or can send an email to the official email address of the company.

Shipping & Delivery

Geoto is a leading supplier of packaging and gift boxes. It delivers its products all over the world including China, United States, Australia, Canada, and other European countries. The shipment method depends on the shipment address. You can choose shipment by air, sea, or train. The shipment charges vary with the shipping method you choose. The air freights are higher than the train freight. However, the shipment by railway is limited to certain regions as per the availability and convenience. Once you make an order and complete payment, you get standard order delivered within 3 to 7 days.

How to Buy Gift Boxes from Geoto?

If you are a new customer, feel free to buy from Geoto. If you are reluctant, you can get samples. Also, the return policy of the company simplifies it for customers to get unsatisfactory products returned. It is very simple to make an order here. Follow the given steps and create your first order without difficulty.

Choose your Gift Box

The first step is the selection of the box. Check out the wide collection of gift boxes and choose an appropriate box. As you select a box you get all the information relevant to that box. This information includes the box shape, color, size, price, minimum order quantity, unit price, total price, and description. It also provides shipment and delivery details. You can check out FAQs for further information. At this point, you can ask for samples and get a custom logo design on the box.

Add to Cart

Once you are sure about the box, add it to the cart. Once you send an item to the cart, you can continue shopping and checking out more boxes. After choosing all the needed boxes and shifting them to the cart, go to the cart page. You will see here the detail of selected items with quantity and price. You can also make additions and remove unwanted items at this step. Once your shopping is final, proceed to the next level.


You will be asked to choose the shipment method. You will be provided with freight detail of every shipment method. Choose an appropriate method and proceed to the checkout page. Provide the billing information and make payment through any of the three payment methods available at this website. The supplier allows paying through PayPal, credit card, and direct bank payment. After making payment, checkout to complete the order. The company will send a confirmation email to confirm that your order has been received. The supplier starts preparing the standard box order and delivers the order within 2 to 7 business days. You can contact the supplier through email or chat support for queries or order status.

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