A6 Shallow White gift box - The perfect finishing touch to your gift

A6 Shallow White gift box – The perfect finishing touch to your gift

Do you want to strengthen your bond with family and friends, but don’t know how? Get your hands on this classy A6 Shallow white gift box. 

In this blog, we will tell you about the importance of gift giving, why A6 Shallow white boxes are different from the rest, and their features.

Significance of gift giving

The gift-giving holds a significant role in our lives in many ways to show thankfulness towards someone who helped us in need of an hour or to express love toward our friends and family, to stronger our relationship with someone to appreciate somebody, to make someone feel special, to make someone happy, to celebrate anniversaries, and birthdays and lastly to apologize for your mistakes.

What is an A6 shallow white gift box?

It is a gift box that is shallow and white. It is a great gift box for those who want to give a small, but special present. It is a white box that is shallow in depth and has a lid that fits snugly on top. This type of box is typically made from cardboard or paperboard and is often decorated with a ribbon or other embellishments. This box is also great for party favors and the packaging of small gifts. It’s simple, elegant, and sure to please!

How to use it?

The box is very easy and convenient to use. You just need to fold the cardboard size according to the instructions mentioned in the pack. The lines of the fold must match with the lines marked on the cardboard to get a perfect shape, place the items you want to add inside the box and then close the lid. If you don’t want to use it after some time, you have another option of folding it. You can easily fold it and place it anywhere in a safe place for example, in your drawer or cupboard. You need to make sure that the cardboard sides remain straight to avoid any inconvenience.

Applications of shallow white A6 size gift box

These boxes have two main uses:

  1. For professional purpose

You can use it for your brands, as the packing of products creates a remarkable impact on the minds of customers.

  • For special occasions

This gift box is perfect to gift someone at their wedding, birthday, anniversary, or party.

GEOTOBOX A6 shallow white gift box

GEOTOBOX has a wide range of white gift boxes in different shapes like cubes, squares, hearts, and different styles. Our A6 shallow boxes are easy to assemble and use. The following are the features of our A6 magnetic shallow white gift box:

  • The per-unit price of our gift box is $2.79 but if you want to buy in bulk for example if you buy 25 pieces then the per-unit price will be $2.30. The price is inclusive of tax.
  • The box comes with a lid that has full magnetic flap properties that make closing and opening easier for you.
  • It has a white iconic tone which increases its beauty.
  • If you want to buy a carton of this gift box you will get 25 pcs per carton at a reasonable price.
  • When it comes to assembling the box, we know that customers always praise easy assembly products; therefore our boxes have foldable properties.
  • The magnet we use has a strong magnetic force, which is best to avoid breakage.
  • This gift box is lightweight which makes it easy to move from one place to another. The net weight of this box is 100 grams.
  • The outside body is 17.5*12.5*5 cm | 6.9*4.9*1.97in approx.
  • The inside area of the box is 16*11.5*4.5 cm | 6.3*4.53*1.77in approx.
  •  We provide different shipping methods for customer reliability and you will get your parcel in 1-3 working days.
  • We provide customization services to our customers in whom we allow you to choose the size, color, shape, style, and ribbon.
  • We also let you decide about the finishing and lamination you want for your box
  • We have different types of inserts like paper inserts, pet trays, and Fabric inserts.
  • The Box is made up of high-quality materials that pass through various tests before reaching customers
  • You can also customize your logo at the top of the gift box to know more about customization of a Logo click here.

Why choose an A6 shallow white gift box?

  1. This gift box has an ideal size that is A6 which is the most popular and reliable size when it comes to buying a gift box, postcard, or leaflet advertisement, because of the perfect size you can easily store anything you want, and you can add items like perfumes, chocolates, candies. As this box has a shallow surface which makes it more spacious and commodious.
  2. Who does not like to have a classy, luxurious gift box with an elegant Ribbon on the top to make their decoration racks attractive and appealing? This gift box has a classic and first-class look that will surely amaze its receiver.  
  3. As this box is made up of coated paper, corrugated cardboard, and greyboard which make it more durable than other boxes.
  4. The design of this box is unique and enchanting.
  5. It is ideal for storing small items.

So you can trust us with your big day to surprise your special one by buying this gift box. We are GEOTOBOX here to make your precious day more special for you by providing you with our best and quick services. We aim to serve you with the best quality products. Our white A6 shallow box will surely impress your better half and dearest.

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